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Before we even get to start talking about WorQuest DAO, we need to establish what the general perceptions of DAOS are. Often described as a kind of crypto co-op, a DAO is a new kind of organization🏢 using blockchain⛓️ technology. It's usually a group of people who come together for a common purpose, such as investing in start-ups, managing a stablecoin🪙, or buying a lot of NFTs. DAOs are defined by ConsenSys as “governing bodies that allocate resources💎 and ensure the long-term success of projects they are associated with." Members run a DAO once it's been formed. Often, the tokens🪙 come with certain rights associated with them, such as rights to manage the treasury or vote🗳 on certain matters.

Let's touch on why the WorkQuest DAO isn't a sham now that we have explained the general overview. Due to the DAO's community-governed nature, no single entity will have control. Furthermore, since they are decentralized, they will be reliable and secure🔐. The WorkQuest DAO can be joined by anyone by purchasing $WQT tokens🪙. Aside from our referral program, we will cover pension plans👴👵, savings products💰, staking and liquidity pool rewards, and insurance plans. If you have a say in how WorkQuest works, you can make sure that unscrupulous individuals aren't left in charge. A lot of positive things are in store for us. As soon as WorkQuest launches, we expect the ball to start rolling. 😎

Check us out here 👉🏼


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