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🤨With the expansion of the Internet, more opportunities have appeared for the instantaneous transmission of information.👏 This contributed to and expanded the opportunities for the maximum transition of the labor market from centralized to decentralized. Now, this process is irreversible and is only gaining momentum.⚙️
✅A decentralized labor market has many advantages. Firstly, such a market allows you to gather independent specialists from all over the world🌍 and create their projects in a promising way. Secondly, it is a more independent process for both parties and less costly.⚖️ Thirdly, you work without any intermediaries.👥 Such contact saves time.⏳
🧐But how has blockchain affected decentralization? The answer is simple. Blockchain software has lived up to its expectations. The blockchain database stores data in blocks linked together in a chain.⛓️ This database mechanism allows for the open exchange of information within a business network. So technology has proven its reliability against outside attacks.⚒️ Therefore, any project that uses blockchain technology is guaranteed to protect itself, its team, information, and capital from outsiders.🤩
Today, the technology is used not only in the world of the digital industry but also in healthcare, cybernetics, and user identification. Even government financial institutions are moving to blockchain technology.😇
🥁The decentralized marketplace WorkQuest uses blockchain technology. Which makes it much easier for employees to work anywhere in the world based on smart contracts managed by DAO using WorkNet technology and the WorkQuest wallet.📃💼


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