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🚨Mindfulness is the path to the deathless, heedlessness is the path to death; the mindful never die, and the heedless are as if dead already.

🚨Mindfulness is the awakening to the reality that from our words, thoughts and actions Infinite Energy flows, too, as one.

🚨WHEN DOUBT FILLS YOUR MIND, stop and remember that the answer is ready to be discovered. Your soul is your inner compass and when you spend time in solitude and contemplation, the answer will appear.

🚨We all have comfort zones for a reason. They are necessary for growing our sense of confidence and showing vulnerability.

🚨To stretch the shape of our comfort zones, we need to leave them. We need to explore the areas that are just past the borders and into the unknown.

🚨Life is truly beautiful and worth living. At times we may have difficulties along the way, but we also cannot know the good without knowing the bad.

🚨Be true to yourself; look at life as a blessing. Life is beautiful just like the one who created you and me. No one knows when he or she is going to leave the earth. Live your life and stop worrying about the past and the future.

🚨To live selflessly is to live in joy, realizing by experience that life itself is love and a gift. On the contrary, if you live selflessly, putting others before yourself, it is in this act that you find your true purpose in life and fulfil yourself on the deepest level. Think, for example, of Jesus.

🚨Perseverance is certainly one of the most essential factors in all success. Without it, great gifts, splendid talents, and fine opportunities are often thrown away; while with it, very moderate abilities with small advantages may rise to eminence.


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