Why is it necessary to have goals?

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If you've been in the workplace for at least four years, you've probably seen life as a game of cards, a good hand can be broken, a bad hand can also be played "wonderful chess", in the final analysis, a person's future is not our usual sense of "good" / "smart" decision.
Speaking from two friends, it should also be your friends.
Friend Alice has a good academic background and is a master's degree from the top schools in China. After graduation, he has been stepping on the pulse of the times to make investment. He worked as a product manager in the hot years of the Internet. At the end of 2017, when the block chain was hot, he also got on board and started the block chain community. In four years, he has three frontiers. Yep, he was labeled the "smart man" of the times, but he said that his heart was deeply disturbed, feeling that his life is going downhill, so far has not stood on its own, all by a passion and young capital in the rush.
My friend Bob wasn't brilliant, and he never thought he could do anything earth-shaking. So far, that's true, but in the last year or two, he's been touched by the fact that he's changed a little bit. He's the kind of person who's desperate to take the road he's taken after graduation, and step by step. Over the years, I was a little surprised that he was able to get so many invitations from the headhunter and get basically 50 W + a year's salary. I could feel that he was getting more and more frustrated.
Everyone has his own rhythm of life. But it is undeniable that the gap in life is also constantly widening, in fact, the ultimate source of great differences, often at the beginning of a clear goal such a small point.

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