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in workholiday •  9 days ago

I’m still working. Some. But as I happen to have this view for the coming 2 weeks, which, mind you, is significantly different compared to Netherlands, I am obliged to get the most out of it :)

👋 from Asia.

Can you guess where I am at?DFB9E84C-0DB4-4A81-89AE-10E596FB28A0.jpeg

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Enjoy these 2 weeks @roelandp!
Don’t work toooo hard ;)

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Nice @roelandp. I hope you guys enjoy your time away. Those winter trips help us keep our sanity. Our next trip is to London in early May, then possibly Amsterdam in the fall.

Summer in Siberia?

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Hmm... is this a clue where SF4 may be? I wouldn't complain. I'll just need to get a head start on adjusting my body clock. Enjoy your trip.

I’m bad at guessing, but I’ll give it go..

Langawai, Malaysia 🇲🇾

Hi @roelandp. You are probably away from computers while traveling on vacation. When you get a chance could you please take a look at your wallet. There is a Steem Torch Experiment transfer. Would you be able to pass the Steem Torch to a next user so the experiment goes on?​ Thanks.


i dont need a comouter when using https://steemwallet.app


Steemfest 4 - Asia? Oh boyyyy 🔥🔥🔥

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Enjoy your time at Koh xyz in Thailand

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I was going to say Canaries? But now I think somewhere around the Gulf of Mexico...


Let me guess from asia. You are presently at thailand

Philippines, somewhere in Batangas?

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usually beaches like this are in Thailand, you must be there

Looks like Thailand ^^ Koh Samui?
Enjoy your holiday Roeland.

I’m reading the tags below your post and am thinking: SteemFest 4 will be HOT, even compared to the FIRE one!

Enjoy! :D

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I think you are in Thailand!

Have a nice holiday’

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Hoping it’s Malaysia but think it is Thailand

thailand? enjoy your stay

Have a great time in... Indonesia(?).

I may not know exactly where in Asia that you’re, but my joy remains that you’re reaching out from there!

That’s the spirit of oneness in Steem ecosystem.

Enjoy your trip @roelandp

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Nice photo!
Samui Thailand?

Lekkerder dan die code oranje hier, fijne vakantie
Gr. Britt

Hmmmm not sure which country in Asia would have that breed of pink flamingo. Just going to have to take a guess at Thailand! Have a great break.

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Based on the colour of that sand, and the island in the distance, I have no clue hahaha :P

The thought of SF4 in Asia is exciting AF though!

Where ever you are - I am jealous. Enjoy it buddy

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Looks fantastic @roelandp, enjoy!

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Que imagen tan bella, de repente me sumergi en ese inmenso mar saludos con cariño, te invito a mi blog amigo para que puedas disfrutar de mi trabajo. Exito.

Que imagen tan bella, de repente me sumergi en ese inmenso mar saludos con cariño, te invito a mi blog amigo para que puedas disfrutar de mi trabajo. Exito.

Steem up... I can say same then :)) " Can you guess where I am at? " :))

On the beach, of course, where else? 😀
I'd say Maldives.

where are that place..so nice place this nature..