Workaway is back!! Get 500 SP delegation for 4 Weeks

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You post your own content?

You dont upvote yourself excessively?

You have big goals for steem and in it for the long run (therefore you power up most of your earnings)?

You are willing to work for your and therefore other steemians success here?

You dont spam comments?

You have nothing delegated to any bots?

You are willing to resteem this post?

Then you might be perfect for my workaway. I will delegate 500 SP to your account for 1 month to help you kickstart your journey here.

I want to support people who are willing to work for their dreams and have a similar view on steemit as me that this is a community project and we win or lose togehter.

All you have to do is to comment here and give me an idea what you are all about. There will be a "workaway" every week so if you dont get chosen this time you can try again next week.
An upvote is appreacited but not needed but I will ask for a resteem of this post if you want to particippate as I want options.

If I feel you are fucking around with that or I only see you upvoting yourself, remember it is still my SP and I wont feel bad getting it back and giving it to someone else.

The winner will be announced around next Monday.


If you want to help me out a little give that ad a click.


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Hi @flipstar

Super opportunity you give here to someone who wants to use your 500 delegated SP with reasonable intentions.

I have played a little with the idea of something similar


Maybe we can team up somehow?


Yes, it is possible for that in the future


You got some ideas?

I actually saw this at @felixxx's page and thought it was his
I resteemed it anyway

are we allowed to recommend?

@lenasveganliving has been hosting and supporting food posts non stop despite her small SP aside from posting mouthwatering food posts!


Oh my gosh, thank you so much @englishtchrivy; you are so sweet for thinking of me. I really appreciate it 🌸💖🌸


I hope you get it :*
you deserve it
good luck and I hope @flipstar grants you it
you may thank him instead


Yes that would really help. And of course I will thank him, but without you I wouldn't know about it.


I will delegate later to you today.

Congratz! Hopefully you can put it to good use.


I enjoy it the most when people recomned others.


great! thanks!

Hey flipstar,
thats a really nice idea. I want to show you @steemillu. It's a kind of an online magazine and the authors write very nice articles weekly in one (and from this week in two) big post(s). I have a small part... the horoskope.
Here is the newest edition. I know its german, but maybe you wanne also support the german community.

Greetings and have a nice day :)


Ich schau es mir mal an.

Ich bin mir noch nicht sicher ob ich eine "Organistation" diesmal mit reinnehmen möchte oder ob ich einzel accounts und "gruppen accounts" trennen möchte aber wie gesagt ich schau auf jeden fall rein.


Haja schauste mal, wir freuen uns über deinen Besuch :) Falls du Kritik oder Feedback hast, immer gern raus damit!Hab noch ein schönes Wochenende!

I don't really know if I am still eligible because I am currently delegating to @steemchurch to help sustain the community.
If I can still delegate out of my little SP and still curate quality posts on my feed, if I could have 500sp then all the motivational writer around me that are getting wearied will be made happy and their contributions will not cease.
I have been on steemit for some time now and I strongly believe that contributing to the society is a must for me.

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I think @steemchurch is no bot right? I will look into it :-)


@steemchurch is not a bot. It is a community that sees to the proclamation of the gospel on the block chain.
It will be a honour to have 500sp to help other minnows and empower my own initiative.

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I don't know if I would qualify being a community account. The main goal of this account is to help redfish and newbies grow through games and contests. I mostly resteem those games and contests that are fit for the smaller accounts, but I also try to do a curation post once a week, featuring posts that use our #newbiegames tag.

I'm running this account on my own, which leaves me not a lot of time to host my own contests and games - most of my time is spent on my personal account - so although the account is a couple of month old, it doesn't have a lot of SP.
It would be great if I could reward (our) contest- and game makers with a (bigger) upvote for a while.


I will have a look :-)

Happening @flipstar :)

  • You know I post my own stuff and consistently put a lot of effort into my work
  • I only upvote myself when I post, usually once every 2 days (overall 4.03% self-vote at time of writing)
  • I've been on steem for almost a year, I've never powered down, and I've put more $$$ into the steem ecosystem than I have taken out
  • I've put a lot of effort into becoming successful on steem and supporting authors I believe deserve support, but wish I could reward them more.
  • I don't spam comments
  • I delegate to @utopian-io, @curie and @comedyopenmic
  • Resteemed



Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Goodmorning from My corner of the steemisfere, you got your work cut out for you! Some great entries. This is fir individual accounts and every week, maybe you could think about the option for a community aswell, just a suggestion because I am a community lover. Goof luck choosing the best of the best and ThAnx for the .
Love Britt from Holland


Yeah I think this will be the thoughest one to choose yet.

I will probably switch individual accounts and community accounts every week. Not sure yet though...

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Hello @flipstar, I have been hosting the #fruitsandveggiesmonday contest over a year and I always need all the help I can get, lol. This contest is very popular especial among new foodies who like to share their culinary skills and meet new friends while they are doing so. We are one big happy family and our door is always open for new members 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇

Thank you so much for your generosity, we need more people like you here on Steemit.


I will have a look :-)

And probably take part next monday myself :-)


That would be awesome! Thank you so much 🍒😊🍓

Hey @flipstar!

I’m a photographer and homesteader and as my username states, I post gardening, food and photography :)

I always seek out quality content on Steemit to inspire me so it would be useful to have the extra SP to upvote more of these interesting posts!


I will have a look :-)

Good Guy @flipstar! Darf ich auch? Spaß...aber schick mir mal WiFi Signal nach Australien.


Schon angekommen? Hab gleich 2 geschickt!


Beantwortet das deine Frage? 😏


Hello @flipstar

This is amazing... I have been particularly saddled with so many activities that I almost wanted to give up on steemit. But I'm a fighter I didn't give up. People like you are the reasons why we want to stay on the blockchain.

I'm a firm believer of the Steem blockchain. Few months ago, I organized an offline football competition in a prestigious university that had hundreds of youths on participation. The competition was basically to promote steem and on board new members.

We succeeded in registering over hundred of them but my challenge over time has been SP.? MOST of them have thought about giving up due to low post payout, I've tried to support many as much as I can. I hope that the 500Sp Will help me support many as well as other newbies on the blockchain.

If we can encourage newbies then we are building the future of this block chain. I hope you can help me realize this dream.

Here's is the link to the sports competitions I had

I'm also a Co founder to the @backtoschool project that aims at bringing many children. And youths back to school due to funds challenge. We've held out reach programs in many schools and organizations and have helped students pay their tuition fees and also thought them about crypto and steem blockchain. These and many programs have I been a part of. I hope to continue doing more if you help me with this delegation.

Do check out the @backtoschool account for details of our outreach program


Sry I keep the answer so short but I will have a look :-)

That's how you do it... building that community! :)


Win together die together...or something like that

Very cool initiative @flipstar! I'm not eligible myself as I currently do support a number of projects here on Steemit such as @qurator, @qustodian, @minnowbooster and @steem-plus using delegations but I just thought I would stop by and say that I think this is a great idea.

Depending on who receives your delegation, I think it could especially help out promising newcomers here on Steemit or for those individuals who produce high-quality content but who have a hard time getting any of their content noticed by others. I know for myself personally it was very hard sticking with Steemit initially when I was receiving so little in rewards on my posts, but over time with the help and generosity of others in this community like yourself it has been much more worthwhile!


Thank you :-)

Yes I hope to get some people more motivated with this.

Thanks for the nice comment :-)

Well, I'm not eligible for my personal account. But I would like to suggest the community curation account @classical-radio. We support the posters at #classical-music as well as jazz and folk. It's a small community, but we try our best to keep things going in this crypto winter!


I will have a look :-)


Thanks! Always nice if some help is around!

Man did you mean "for 4 weeks" in the title? It doesn't make sense like this haha :D

But great initiative! We do win and lose together indeed. Choose wisely, ideally someone who has RC problems.

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Yeah :-)

Let us see what we can find here. Some good choices this time it seems

You did it again. Nice action.
Resteemed :-)


Danke dir

i just love to steem ;)


I know you do :-)

hi @flipstar,
Thanks for this opportunity.
I joined steemit May this year but I wasn't active then a friend put through in August and since August till now it's been an amazing ride.
A few weeks after I understood the importance of sp I changed my post settings to 100% power up. Though I dont have the money to invest now, I know I can work hard on here and be significant.
Steemit is an amazing community with different opportunities for everyone.
I found out about clean planet on steemit and it has open my eyes alot to waste management. Cleaning the environment and making it a better place. I'm an active member of clean planet community and the project is all about cleaning the environment and reducing pollution. You can check my blog to see some of the video I made while cleaning the environment.
I'm a Christian, I blog about my faith also.
I was part of the media crew that covered steemit in Nigeria where we promote steemit and get more people to understand what steem is all about.
I understand the power of community and how we all need each other to grow.
Once more thank you for this opportunity, it's amazing.

Hello @flipstar, in my steemit blog, I have written about several topics, but now I have focused mainly on scientific dissemination and writing short stories of fiction.

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I am @desmoniac, a steem lover and an advocate of steem..

I initiated the backtoschool project on the blockchain because of my love for steem, this project aims at helping less privileged Steemians funds their tuition fees in the very little way we can, therefore we support them with upvotes and steem to help them achieve their dreams... We are a team of well meaning Steemians with low voting power and this project has faced a great deal because of this.

With your 500sp,i can easily support those that feel we have turned our back on them using my own personal account.

This 500sp will go along way for them.

Thanks in anticipation and I do hope to start up a project of this nature when my sp grows big enough.

I wouldn't want you to delegate to the @backtoschool account since it's not a permanent Delegation, so kindly delegate to @desmoniac... Thank you!


He. Is the project still active? The last post was already a couple of months old


The project is still very much active...
On boarding of new Steemians and helping them out with curation on their post is active, because we have a whatsapp group for community and post promotion, but the field work of going to schools to create awareness has been suspended for now due to lack of sponsorship and funds.