Is the saying a Job is a Job inspiring to just do it?

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Hi All,

I would like to share some views I have about the jobs we do, the big ones the small ones and the temporary ones, I believe they all matter.

Going to work is for all of us tiring and not fulfilling, do we do it just for the money or is there any other things related to it? When we begin to work, we do not have any experience and although we might think we are able to get this job position or that one we can't really get anything, We want to get a job we love straight away, but what I think is it is important to go across a couple of jobs and learn the foundation skills that they have within them even if it is simply being a bartender or picker and packer, every job requires durability and thinking. To be honest, I was surprised how many people are actually also in engineering when I begun to work, and I was happy that we are all on the journey to make our lives better through using some time to be there for others and getting some reward for it, I think of any job as " If I wasn't there, these people could have not been served or else treated well and wouldn't have remembered me" When working wherever, it is so nice to just keep a smile on your face as you are there for people.

Wherever we go there will be people, wherever we are there are people working, there are people who would love to have our wages and our time. When we drag about going to work, wanting to spend it without earning that's a loss of time, and once we work the hardest times it'll get more rewarding with time with consistency, The money comes it is saved then invested and slowly everything goes into bigger numbers and you will feel grateful you went in the first place. Positivity and durability!

I went for a night shift last night, it was a 12h shift, it was just packing and picking at #amazon, it was pretty cool, just packing things into envelopes or boxes and scanning, everyone was romanian, and I felt very foreign I live in the UK, yet what I realised in there everyone is equal and we are just all people wanting to get somewhere in life, what we do with the money is what is most important, one will go spend it all on booze and clothes, and one will save up until they can invest. It isn't about where you work or who with, it is about the aims we have after we spend our time earning.

Working as a bartender and waitress, helped me understand the hardship they go through and that their job is really tough, since then I always looked at them differently when they serve me. it is nice to be there for people and smile and make sure they are well.


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