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I have never liked interviews because they remind me of school exams. You have a limited time to answer pre-selected questions and your success or failure depends on whether the person likes what they hear or not. In most cases, it's not about your qualifications or experience, but whether the interviewer likes you or not. I was fortunate enough to have had some great interviews in the past and the most memorable one was informal, and after taking me to a cafe and talking about everything but the job, he offered me the job!

So today, I was reminded of the stupidness of conventional interviews as I was helping one of my students prepare for her interview in a few days' time. We decided to go through the common interview questions, but was reminded of one of them in particular that served no purpose whatsoever. Before we look at the worst interview question ever, let's look at other common interview questions;

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The worst interview question ever is...

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Before even answering this question, let's ponder the ridiculousness of it. Most of us, and by this, I mean everyone of us, look for jobs because we need it to survive. In other words, having a job will allow us to have money so that we can afford to live. So having a job is a necessity, and asking this question in an interview just shows you how dumb interviewers are who have never questioned the uselessness of such a question.

The real answer to this question would be, 'Because I need to pay my bills.' But because candidates are forced to lie, they will say whatever the interviewer wants to hear. Namely repeating what they have already said to the question 'What attracted you to this company?' The problem with HR employees and managers who don't think is that they go through the motions of interviewing and never really think about whether all these questions are necessary, relevant, fair or even sensible.

What do you think is the worst interview question?

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I hate those questions too! I also just want to be honest saying I need to pay my bills. It seems I can not be myself during job interviews.I feel I need to be like they want me to be. I had questions like: What is your favourite animal/pet? Do you still live with your parents? What makes you happy? Really annoying.

Exactly, they only want to hear the answer that will please them! What?? People asked you whether you still live with your parents and your favourite animal/pet?? 😯 Those are annoying and NONE of their business! Job interviews should be reinvented in my view!