Paradox of employment or a "disease of time"

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During the long holidays, which in Russia are traditionally delayed, we often think about the question: how to relax, to easily get back to work? After all, employment again, in a sense, becomes a symbol of status (even though you work at the factory, sitting in the office "from call to call" or fashionable "freelancing" day and night).

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In such periods there is a curious paradox: even those who hate their work, feel already after several days of "nichegonedelanya" more unhappy. It is clear that researchers have long determined that idleness in high doses does not help the body to relax or reload, rather it is necessary to change the way of activity.

If you recall the most common side effects of unemployment, it is just a feeling of depression from loneliness and social isolation (a rare "man-holiday" is ready to overcome it on their own). And as psychologists would say at this point, it is immersion in solving complex problems, intellectual puzzles, the need for regular interaction with colleagues/clients and brings some emotional relief.

Theory of the Leisure Class, described by the sociologist Thorstein Veblen in the nineteenth century, has long lost its meaning. If earlier, expressed refusal to work was often a sign of the highest material achievement of man, but now, the demonstration of their free time rather indicates serious difficulties.

Elite of society ceased to show ostentatious and idle pastime. The vast majority of successful people spend a lot of time in solving work problems, and creating an image of "visible employment" has become a real trouble for modern management.

You must have noticed that even colleagues who are constantly around complain to others about how much they are loaded in solving the global problems of the organization (but we all see and know). To brag about his employment, was more important to demonstrate ambition through the luxury, time became a more important indicator. Studies only confirm this, employment in contacts with friends and family is a priori perceived as confirmation of success (relevance to society).

Checking every ten minutes mail, and talking where only it is possible by phone, many, only represent level of the solution of problems of state importance, and social interaction increasingly rests on the plan of coordination of the dense schedule of a calendar of each other.

Feeling at ease from hard work, people will only triumph the results of progress — thought 100 years ago. However, today, we live in a society where being publicly "busy" has become very important, and the understanding that such free time — is perceived quite differently. Probably, therefore, many people are ashamed, often indulging in the opinion of others, even though the most famous discoveries were often made during periods of idleness.

Every year I notice how people "hurry to live", all possible and utopian processes try to optimize, and the account goes already for seconds. In addition to the ephemeral achievement of status, over-employment generates dependence, and multitasking becomes the highest value in the labor market. According to experts, the tendency to permanent employment has psychological roots, and the so-called "disease of time" is just beginning its development in society.

Of course, reasonable employment is at times more interesting than idleness periods, because it is in such conditions that we have to develop self-organization, take perfectionism into account and increase personal efficiency. You will not get bored, there is no time, and the value of a simple rest, silence and "informational detox" — is erected in the highest good :)

Only pity is that life is more like an old joke: everyone thinks that the time will come, and time only goes away...


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