Tool box Tuesday. Moving next door.

in work •  12 days ago

How nerve-racking! My toolbox and all of it's contents up in the air on a forklift😨. My livelihood. My everything.

Action shot! Me standing on a forklift with my baby.
Yep, I've moved my box to another shop. Well we merged businesses actually so I keep my seniority and holiday time.

On another note, make sure to vaccinate your kids so they don't wind up like this one...

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@edthecanadian I love how you often pop in unexpectedly and bust out awesomeness. ❤️


You should see me in real life😉


You mean you do more than defying death by taking action shots of yourself riding a toolbox that's riding a forklift?!?


Ha ha yeah, I'm quite a square actually.

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Hope the new merger goes well :)

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LOL... chicken #ssg insiders joke!!!

Anyway, it would be completely nerve racking to see all of your stuff that is so much part of you get transported in one wife had her piano hanging from a crane to be swung through a second story window! She wouldn't be taking photos... so I did!


Wow that would be a frightful sight for any musician🎹🎹

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