Inspire Your Co-Worker

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When you inspire your co-worker, it is easy to tell how far you have come and how far you are going. Inspiring someone can be a very rewarding experience for you and your co-worker. As a leader, you will understand that the key to inspiring others is not only to praise them but to let them know they are important and that you believe in them. These tips will show you how to inspire your co-worker.

Success is all about attitude. People must take some responsibility to realize their own success. If you inspire your co-worker to take charge of their own success, then you will inspire them to be successful themselves. Showing people how to take responsibility for their own success gives them the power to achieve the success they truly want.

Nothing comes easily, no matter how hard work and patience you might bring to the table. But when your co-worker decides that they will take on the challenge to succeed because they are inspired by you, then they will accomplish their goals much faster than someone who is not inspired by you. People tend to be inspired when they see their vision become a reality.

You do not need to announce your achievements to your co-worker, but when you show them you believe in them, they will feel the joy of realizing their hard work will pay off. People often don't take any credit for their successes. You can inspire your co-worker to share in the credit by asking them for a suggestion of something they did that helped them achieve their success. It is the only way you can motivate them. However, if you give them a piece of advice without any prompting, they will be very reluctant to help out in any way they can.

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone proud of what they have accomplished. Use a picture of yourself standing next to the person that inspires you. Using a picture to inspire your co-worker can work even better. For example, if you are standing next to a co-worker that inspires you to stay motivated through the struggles that life throws at you, take the picture with you and show it to them.

List all the accomplishments you have made so far during the day and right now, using a time clock that you can see in front of you. Write down all the names and faces of everyone that you encounter every day. Ask your co-worker to read out loud all the names and faces they see. What names remind them of you? What faces should they look for when they meet someone today?

You can find inspiration in other people by learning from their positive attitude. Your co-worker may have noticed that you are working harder than before. They may have noticed that your patience is being tested. These are just a few of the positive things that people notice when they see your positive attitude.

Remember that when you begin to inspire your co-worker, it is not enough to give positive reinforcement. You must get to know the person you are working with by encouraging them to be proud of their accomplishments. Show them that they can be successful even if they have a hard time expressing it. That's the secret to motivation and it doesn't require you to say anything.

Your co-worker will benefit from listening to your encouraging words because they have to believe it. Showing people that you believe in them is great, but let them know how they can become successful when they decide to take on the challenge. You can ask your co-worker to encourage them or let them know that you believe in them.

Work to understand how your co-worker has been inspired and tell them how proud you are of their hard work. Ask your co-worker to pick one day each week that they can tell their friends about what inspires them and ask them to be a "part" of it. Ask them to work with you to accomplish it together.

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