VYPS WordPress Plugin updated to 1.5.8

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VidYen Point System updated to 1.5.8 (Don't mind the addition of the 1!)

Long list of updates... The key thing you should be aware of is that we now have Dashed Slug's wallet integration so you can have users get payouts in crypto via points if you use his wallet. See below.


  • Revision of the VY256 hash to point method. I have always tried to avoid decimals but it was always pointed out to me that the current system still creates large amount of points and large amounts of digits on both sides of the decimal point get annoying. So going forward, by default the VY256 miner will show both hashes and points with the default payout being hashes divided by 256. You can change this ratio by hash=1024 if you want a scale. It will always round down.
  • Added ability to have custom urls for the miners. This is undocumented pro level. So feel free to ask me directly if interested.
  • Note: I feel the start up of the VY256 a bit clunky in feed back, but I need to get other opinions with the timer.
    Fixes to readme file.
  • Dropped the [VYPS] the plugin name to match the repository to see if that fix an ongoing statistics issue.
    Mobile view for the [VYPS-PE] with mobile=true makes it friendly with sites with limited width.
    Fix: Seemed to misspelled height with hight in some of the HTML tables. Corrected.


  • Retro-active version change due to WordPress Repository tracking issues. We now are version 1.0 going forward and we have always been at 1.0 not Oceania.
    [VYPS-PE refer=] fix. If symbol= is called it counts the input point as the refer reward and refer=10 will be the 10% of the firstamount= not the output as that will be in crypto not points and cannot be translated accordingly. Hopefully that will not be confusing.
  • Readme now has bullets.
  • Fix: Apparently, I did not actually include the vyps_is_refer_func() if you have been getting that error it was undefined.
  • NOTE: This update was made with 4 hours of sleep. Let me know if there are any bugs, grammar, or spelling issues.
  • Dashed Slug’s wallet integration. Added the ability to use the point exchange to trade points for crypto on Dashed Slug’s awesome wallet program. It is a rather complicated process and if you want to use it and cannot figure out how it works, you may have to contact me directly for support. I will make a video tutorial in the near future along with working on better documenation.
  • Modified wording as there will be a shift from Coinhive to other miners as they now cost $200 or more to use it.
  • Remember VY256 miner is free to use!


  • More referral system additions.
  • Added refer= to the [vyps-pe] system to where if they have a referral code entered it gives them points. This way admins can gate in earnings transfers through point exchanges. NOTE: This does not work on WooWallet transfers. Yet… There is a side plan to roll the WW shortcode into the PE one and use short code attribute to specify.
  • Created [vyps-refer-bal] which shows log of the points earned by users referrals. NOTE: This is not who has their codes, but had their code and earned them points at some time in the past. You will have to specify the pid= like you would in the public balance.


  • Update to the referral system. More difficult that I expected, but it does more checking and validation of codes and uses a hash system rather than the old method.
  • NOTE: If your users started using it (all 9 of you), then they will have to re-update the refer code. That said, the new codes are now and hereby forever the same for each user in perpetuity.
    It is also capitalization sensitive. Just tell them to copy and paste it. I am moving the refer log and exchange bonus to next version. I may allow for a GET update for the code from URL, but it is not that important compared to the other things I need to do.
  • Also, some minor wording changes to move away from the use of certain words to better words.

Download to free and open source copy of VYPS WordPress plugin here:


Otherwise you can download by searching for VYPS or VidYen in your WordPress plugin section on your site.

Any technical issues feel free to ping me on my Discord:


Also setup a Patreon for ease of development donations!





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