VYPS WordPress Plugin updated to 00.05.03

in wordpress •  7 months ago

A huge slew of updates!


-Addition of referral system [vyps-refer] shortcode to display and enter other user’s referral codes.
-To reward people for referrals, add refer=10 on the [vyps-vy256] shortcode to give a 10% point award when the referral of that user uses the miner.
-NOTE: I did not add this to other systems, as I would prefer to shuffle people into using the VY256 miner. You may reach out to me directly through the usual means if you want it for Adscend or Coinhive.
-Fixed the [vyps-xmr-wallet] order of operations.
-Naming convention changes in function (for those who use the GitHub). Invisible to WordPress repository users.


VY256 Miner focus:
-Miner (minor) counting bug with saying hashes mined but not mined. (I think I have it fixed?)
-Executive decision to remove the term “hash” to end user on VY256 miner and use whatever the name and icon of the point it pays out to since that is a known. I don’t think end users need to know what a hash was and since it counts rejected hashes off the server, they often earn more points than what shows up on MoneroOcean.
-Added a XMR wallet validation check. Your wallet needs to start with a 4 or 8 and be at least 90 characters. Yeah. I know legacy wallets may be shorter, but you should really be generating new wallets every now and then when they update the Monero CLI.
-Added a 0:60 count down timer so that people have a false sense of something happening when the miner revs up. -Unless they have a potato, it will show reward points way before then. It goes away as soon as hashes are worked on. Laggy but one day will have a real budget for resolving this.


-As requested. We are adding functionality for a pro-version to remove the branding on demand. Contact on Facebook for details as it takes time for Envato approval.
-This has little functionality except some built in ground word for new planned function for new functionality such as referrals and custom miner work.

Download to update found here:


Otherwise you can download by searching for VYPS or VidYen in your WordPress plugin section on your site.

Any technical issues feel free to ping me on my Discord:





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