VYPS WordPress Plugin updated to 00.04.15

in wordpress •  7 months ago

Mostly graphical updates as got new artwork in from harveydentmd...


-Updated VY256 miner to animate when start button is clicked.
-Various wording fixes. Proofreading. My one weakness.


-Added new VY256 miner graphics. Now goes into rotation between mail or female. See VY256 Miner shortcode page for options.
-And a ‘Powered by VYPS’ branding. If it bothers anyone feel free to ask for a pro version or you can edit it our yourself (it is all open source you know)

Download to update found here:


Otherwise you can download by searching for VYPS or VidYen in your WordPress plugin section on your site.

Any technical issues feel free to ping me on my Discord:




(New graphic in miner rotation! Plans for Halloween version soon.)


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