How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin

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Learn How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin using Yoast SEO plugin. WordPress SEO settings can be easily simplified with the Yoast SEO plugin. As it has enough settings that can help you with the keywords, sitemap and many other small settings that are to be done with the SEO. So you should check out the video that can teach you how to use Yoast SEO.

Check out How to setup Yoast SEO Free WordPress Plugin.

The plugin will teach you how to optimize your blog for the Google and Bing. It not only shows you the google preview for the snippet but also for the Bing as well. There does not have any Duckduckgo optimization so that seems to be the only issue.

It can show you internal linking. You can also find out broken links and other SEO reports through it's premium version. You can also learn how to handle the breadcrumbs and also see the content readability as well.

There is also option to check out on the duplicate content. And that should show you how to optimize on the content errors and the visibility. I mostly used the free plugin so my experience is pretty much limited with the free features. In case of the paid or say premium features, things would be rather different.

Also you can Check out WP Engine blog if you want to learn more about such type of the WordPress SEO and other WordPress specific issues.

Check the video below. I am sure you will find that helpful.

That’s all, you have successfully learned How to use SEO in WordPress.

Do let me know if you like the video and the tutorial above. I'd love to hear more about that from you. There are many other tutorials and tips to check on below link.

You can check out WordPress Themes and Tutorials.

We hope this article helped and I hope you like the tutorial explained above in the video. If you have any specific questions. Then do let me know in the comments. I'd love to check out some of your suggestions.

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