The Women of South Asia

in #womenrights4 years ago

The South Asian societies have some of the weirdest rules for women when it comes to social meetings and education. Men and women, both have equal rights. The society, however, is the entire opposite.
Before marriage, boys go out with girls, smoke, lose their virginity, do drugs and what not. Somehow, its all perfectly okay for boys to do that. I mean if they get caught by parents, its no big deal, 'because they're boys'. Girls, on the other hand: oh ho hell nah. See one of these girls doing that and you're likely to hear one of these statements:
I disown you
You can no longer acquire education
you are supposed to be pure and clean, you've thrown dirt over our "reputation"
is this what I've raised you like
and the list goes on...

An Asian husband wants a pure and virgin woman. He however, is the entire opposite. My point here doesn't go to the fact that women should be allowed for sex before marriage, drugs and all that shit. What i am trying to point out here is that just like the women, men should be equally harassed in a society if they perform all those that is prohibited and unacceptable. It should be equally 'a big deal' if they do all that when done by women is a disgrace.

Married men claim to be really religious, through and through. Forcing their wives and daughters to cover their heads and bodies, to not talk to men unnecessarily and avoid social gathering as 'to many men will be there'. They, on the other hand, go out for blow jobs secretly and stare at random women on the streets.
When it comes to education, they give their sons the best of the education, no matter how expensive it is. For daughters, the cheapest possible education where there are no male students because in the end, they have to get married and cook anyway.

Raising a voice for all those unheard, women will rise and there will be equality. Girls have the right to acquire the same education as boys. They have the right to work and they will. Men can change diapers and there is no shame. Men can cook and it is completely normal. Train your sons like you train your daughters. Both are equal, and these social injustices will not be tolerated. Fight for what is your right; die fighting for your needs but never die a slave. Don't stay quiet: use your voice, for every voice matters.

Feminism is about gender equality, not over empowerment of the women. I see my elders being unfair to their wives and daughters. I raise my voice when i can. i get scolded, hit and tortured but i will not stay quiet. I will raise my children differently and so should you. Saying it again:

Train your sons like you train your daughters


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