If You See The Flaws In Your Woman, Then Your Woman Is No Longer Happy

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"A woman is the driving force for every man. Without a woman, even Napoleon would be an idiot".
(John Lennon)

Almost all men, not to say ALL men repeatedly say that they don't understand women, that a woman does not know what she wants, has no logic and drama never ends. Today, I would like to state my opinion about such a male statement! Women are not made to be understood, they are made to be loved, and the more the more. Moreover, even a pregnant woman, with her hormones ups and downs, knows for sure that if she wants to eat marshmallow with pickled cucumber, then this is really what she wants, no matter how crazy it may seem.

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Let's talk about relationships, how they start and "into what" it turns after a while. Of course, the beginning is mostly fantastic for everyone: flowers, gifts, compliments, surprises. But at some point, relationship slow but steady turn into a nightmare.

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As usual, beginning is exciting, we try to satisfy and please each other, dress up, stand for hours (especially girls, though guys do it too) in front of the mirror, building the perfect image for our partner, making jokes and trying to be as attractive as possible. And this is wonderful!!! Who would like a person in a bad mood, who does everything wrong, or comes up with terrible intentions, not appropriately dressed and not happy with everything in the world? Of course nobody! Why, when we get to know each other better or begin to live together, it all disappears somewhere?! I often hear from men: "When we met, she was different, and now I don't even know if I want to be with her at all."

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I only know one thing: If you begin to see the flaws in your woman, then your woman is no longer happy. If a woman ceases to please you, it means that she has ceased to be happy. If you do not pay the necessary attention to your woman, she will lose her brilliance, beauty, and self-confidence.

A woman is a very fragile being, no matter how powerful she might seem to be. She is like a flame, if you don't add firewood, she won't warm you up at nights. A woman does not need much to be happy, but regular beautiful gestures. Everything is much simpler and indeed, not so scary. The most important thing for a woman is to feel loved. Everybody wants a loving, smiling wife/girlfriend to meet her man after work, who will not reproach anything or complain about how bad things are.

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It is not challenging at all, just to hug her or say how beautiful she is, and believe me, she will try to make you happy, even more. Thank her for a delicious dinner, because she wanted to please you, at least sometimes come home with flowers, just like that. The little things. Take pride in being with this woman. It's really not about money or impressive , it's about attention and care.
Before you decide that a woman does not fit your needs and wants, try to see If she is happy, and if she is not, you'll keep finding her flaws. Make sure to balance your relationship by taking the first step, give more, love more, care more. Change your attitude towards her, and you will see how your life will changes. After all, a happy woman is the key to a successful man!

Remember, a happy woman has no flaws.

By Solomia Kapasakaloglou

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