What is it that we think a Women still needs to achieve?

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A question asked on one of the forums. What is it that we think a Women still needs to achieve?

Personally I believe that Women have achieved everything that a Man has and much more. Yes, we may not be showing up in numbers, but we have surely.

You talk about one area of life where Women has not had her presence. Be it Space travel, Politics, Governing a Country. In today's time, a women's presence is found in all the facets of the society.

Women, have been the CEO of the companies as well as home makers, they have been into the field of Science, Journalism, Entertainment, Sports, Education, Culinary, Politics, Financial services and everywhere that we can talk of in today's time. Even physical laborious jobs which at some point of time the man believed that it is not possible for a woman to do it are now being done by women. A Women is a cab driver, a Pilot, an Astronaut. There is no area that a Women has not touched. We may not be large in numbers in every field but we do have our presence.


But the sad part of our society is that a women in many parts of the world is still underrepresented and still at many places she has to prove her presence. A women can be a home maker and at the same time a Leader of a Country. There is nothing that she still needs to achieve. She has achieved everything.

In my opinion there is nothing that a Women still needs to achieve but it is the Men who has to change their perspective towards the Women and stop underestimating their power and capabilities. May be they have this fear, that if they start giving us our due recognition their dominance in the society that they have established will get less.

I have no grudge on any man, this is a general behavior of a man that we are discussing in many parts of the world, and not all man are same. There are many who give equal position to their woman. In my home, I have 2 Man, my hubby and Son, and they are the type of people who have more faith in me then my self.

Underrating Women and denying her on many rights, this culture is deep rooted since the ancient times, where there were strong belief systems around women on doing certain things and not doing certain things, and the very reason behind it was to create a Male dominance society. Many culture still underrate their women, by suppressing them, not allowing them to function in the first place, because of these old rooted customs. It is a sad part to see many women still succumbing to the pressures of the male dominated society.

In my opinion, the one thing that every Women needs to achieve and gain back is her Confidence and nothing more. She has to start believing in herself and she has to take her own steps towards her own empowerment. She does not need to wait for any validation or any approval for her empowerment. And it is high time, that the men shifts his perspective towards women.

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The role of women is not only prominent in today's world but history is a witness. You can read the story of a prophet, a companion or a king. The role of women has always been prominent. The only difference is that in the old days women were respected but today Women are looked down upon

In some parts of the world there is still a lot of discrimination but still the overall mentality is that the woman is weaker than a man, this has to change in the society

Hazrat Ali, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was asked by a Companion when O servant of Ali (as) is weak and sinful.
So he said that when a servant begins to consider himself stronger and better than others

What a topic!!! Salute to women's like you who takes a stand and speak up for women's around the world !!!!

Thank you. We need to recognise our own power and stand up for it

Thanks for sharing your great work w/ a cloud nine joy style:)



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Great post i appreciate your good work done best wishes for you

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