WIWContest Week 2 - Wednesday Flowers "Blissful Vibes"

in wiwcontest •  11 months ago

wiwcontest photography hosta flower.jpg

White flowers always speak to me of innocence, purity and blissfulness. This Hosta blossom is shimmering in the sunlight, radiating it's glorious essence for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you to Diane @dmcamera for creating this wonderful #wiwcontest .
Here is a link to the RULES

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That is true always love white flowers.


I think white flowers are my favorite. They are just stunning. Have a great day @bigbear


You to my friend enjoy a wonderful day.

white is a sign of peace my friend.


I agree, a peaceful color white.


that must be my friend.
my friend there is a new post, visited yes.

White soul - amazing fllower


Thank you very much @dobartim have a wonderful day.

It is totally innocent 😇 flower:-) I love the quite royal color. :-)


This one is on my favorite Hosta, which I never remembered the name of. It is very fragrant.


Oh how I would like t smell it now ;)) Beautiful

those petals look so smooth


They look like shimmering silk in the sun for sure.

This flower has such a purity and freshness. 🦋


Thank you Ally, I think so too, white flowers remind me of pure innocence.