Wiwcontest Theme For Week 27 – Smartphone Funkyedits- entry 1

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This is my entry for the contest. This was a photo I took recently whilst on vacation. We were sitting in a restaurant having dinner in Calafate, Patagonia Argentina when I spotted this car outside. So I quickly snapped this shot with my smartphone. My camera was at the hotel, its heavy to carry around everywhere, so the smartphone had to do. As this weeks contest calls for a funky edit this what I did with it. There are two different versions here of the same photo.


photo by @claudiaz

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Animation By @zord189

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The car is so cute!! Hahaha


I could not resist taking a photo, thanks for visiting


You are welcome!

@claudiaz, you're great. I love your contest for simplicity. I have not participated yet. Where do you owe the rules to participate in your contest?


this particular contest is not one that I run. Have a look at @dmcamera profile she runs these WIW contests and this is my entry for that contest.


thanks for your answer @claudiaz


you are very welcome

Great examples for the wiwcontest!

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Super Photo :) Cool edition. Nice car :)
Best wishes


thank you so much appreciate the feedback and the visit

nice and unique photos @claudiaz

A rare subject coming in B&W shows its past glory. The theme rhymes with the subject very well.
You got my upvote @claudiaz

Congratulations @claudiaz on your win in the wiwcontest with the first version of this edit!

Congratulations @claudiaz. Great edit. 👍


thank you so much @roxy-cat