Open letter to all witnesses and to all of you others in Steemit

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First, I want to tell you a little about what witnesses
do for all of us on this platform

Without them the platform would not work, there are those who make sure we can post, comment, give our vote to others, receive Rewards and Author Rewards, but everyone knows it, right?

I want to give honor to the work all witnesses do for us

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This information is taken from

On the Steem blockchain, witnesses serve a role of validating signatures and timestamping transactions by including them in blocks. A block is any group of transactions (posts, votes, transfers, etc) which update the state of the database. Each time a witness produces a block, they are paid for their service. If a witness fails to produce a block, then they are not paid, and may even be voted out

Witnesses are generally expected to manage a reliable block producing node, implement a failover system, maintain a public seed node, tune blockchain operating parameters, publish correct price feeds, author/discuss improvement proposals, review code changes, and to be active. Some contribute to core repositories such as steemd. Some fund the development of other apps and infrastructure projects. Top-20 witness pay is $1,200 per month (approximately) based on the current feed price.

Every round of block production begins with the shuffling of 21 witnesses: the top 20 witnesses (by vote), plus one randomly-selected standby witness. Each is given a turn to produce a single block at a fixed rate of one block every 3 seconds. If a witness does not produce a block in their time slot, then that time slot is skipped, and the next witness produces the next
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So I urge every witnesses to tell us why we should vote for you

I mean It is our duty to vote for witnesses here in our community as we vote for our politicians in the real world.

When we vote for a witness, we must know why we do it.

Tell us about what you have done for the platform, many of you have created great tools for us to use

Also, tell us a bit about what you are thinking about,
how the platform will evolve in the future.

Also want you to tell us a little about the flagging / downvote because it can be painful for many who do not get an answer as to why it happens because it seems that the flag is being used for some other reason than what it is intended as

I want to add all the witnesses here so they can capture this and give us answers to which of them we should give our vote to

the 100 listed Witnesses

1 @good-karma 2 @roelandp 3 @yabapmatt 4 @blocktrades
5 @themarkymark 6 @gtg 7 @someguy123 8 @aggroed
9 @timcliff 10 @smooth.witness 11 @ocd-witness 12 @therealwolf
13 @anyx 14 @thecryptodrive 15 @curie 16 @followbtcnews
17 @clayop 18 @ausbitbank 19 @cervantes 20 @jesta
21 @drakos 22 @lukestokes.mhth 23 @steempress 24 @actifit
25 @emrebeyler 26 @pharesim 27 @bhuz 28 @riverhead
29 @liondani 30 @pfunk 31 @steempeak 32 @reggaemuffin
33 @stoodkev 34 @abit 35 @busy.witness 36 @steemhunt
37 @arcange 38 @wise-team 39 @blockbrothers 40 @xeldal
41 @utopian-io 42 @kevinwong 43 @holger80 44 @ihashfury
45 @aizensou 46 @jackmiller 47 @helpie 48 @firepower 49 @guiltyparties
50 @neoxian 51 @c-squared 52 @coingecko 53 @steemgigs
54 @fyrst-witness 55 @delegate.lafona 56 @steemed 57 @dragosroua
58 @justyy 59 @c0ff33a 60 @mahdiyari 61 @teamsteem
62 @netuoso 63 @ats-witness 64 @crowdwitness 65 @ura-soul
66 @nextgencrypto 67 @oflyhigh 68 @adsactly-witness 69 @quochuy
70 @proxy.token 71 @furion 72 @stem.witness 73 @partiko
74 @steemitboard 75 @qurator 76 @klye 77 @oracle-d 78 @bobinson
79 @dmitrydao 80 @ro-witness 81 @patrice 82 @steemychicken1
83 @cryptopassion 84 @yoodoo 85 @enginewitty 86 @b0y2k
87 @dsound 88 @bitrocker2020 89 @joseph 90 @chitty 91 @jerrybanfield
92 @complexring 93 @liberosist 94 @danielsaori 95 @wackou
96 @lux-witness 97 @roadscape 98 @steempty
99 @steemcommunity 100 @krnel

here you can vote for your witnesses

Bildet er tatt av Felipe Blasco fra Pixabay


Witness Voting

You can vote for a maximum of 30 witnesses.

Remember to use your voice for
the one you think deserves it

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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thank you for your great description @👍

long to read,
but hope everyone takes the time to read the entire linkend

@whatsup is correct in that assessment. I've talked to several personally and they've even said they could care less about their voters or who votes for them.

I've personally been running a small community for 2 years now called @thealliance. We've gone through growing pains being a smaller community with no true whales swimming with us, but we are all still here and we've watched and helped countless people go from plankton to dolphin in those 2 years. Myself included.

I became a witness because i believe community is the bloodline of this blockchain and feel it has major potential to become something fabulous - with the proper guidance. I don't think a lot of the now consensus witnesses have that same attitude. Should people vote for me? Well ya because -

Thanks for the great feedback, I want to check it out @enginewitty

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Excellent post, it's important everyone not only understands they should vote for a Witness - but also they understand why they are doing it. To me it is important to vote at least a few Witnesses - because for the Top Twenty at least they keep this place running day to day. I actually use all thirty of my votes, and will regularly adjust them according to what I see being done (or not for that matter). Of course we see some leave and their servers stop producing blocks, which it often seems painfully slow for people to unvote for them.

Why Vote for @c0ff33a as a Witness? I joined the Steem Blockchain March 2017 and have run Witness servers since May 2018. I now run two Witness servers, primary and back up - and they consistently process transactions and blocks when required - during HF21 / HF22 I was able to maintain running with minimum downtime thanks to installing the patch within half an hour of it being released (and I had to wake up in the middle of the night to do it). As far as running servers go I believe I am solidly reliable, quickly updating to the latest versions of the software.

@c0ff33a Witness is also joint team with @derangedvisions, who can answer any questions required but I will say he runs @derangedcontests with a price fund straight out of his own pocket. He also has a big @creativecoin stake and is an active curator over there.

As for myself, what I have always done since joining is stick to that Proof of Brain theory Steem is built on - reading and rewarding posts on content value - and leaving comments. My curation rewards are not great because I also support the smaller accounts that get few rewards, I have always felt that for the Social side of the Steem blockchain to grow it needs all accounts to feel appreciated - or there is little incentive for new ones to join.

I have given delegations of Steem Power to various communities over the year, and ran a competition with @welcomewagon to support their new accounts with a small delegation. I am repeating that this week with @steemterminal to help support the new users they have - it's not a massive delegation but will help them maybe get a little more curation rewards and support the posts they like better.

I have also never powered down, Witness server costs are funded out of my own pocket - not that the block production rewards come close to covering it at the moment. And I have been actively investing in more Steem to grow my stake.

I like to think that I am quite an active Witness, and a vote for me is helping toward everything I do around encouraging people and communities to grow.

great feedback @c0ff33a

thank you for what you write 👍

Thank you for creating a valuable and engaging post, and your continued support of my Witness.

Weren't you also one of the Stewards of Gondor chosen by @fulltimegeek to receive a moderate delegation in order to better distribute Steem through upvotes and engagement?

Yes you are correct I did get what was a quite sizeable 5000 Steem Power as part of that inspirational project by @fulltimegeek for a number of months. It was one of the many factors that led me to be a Witness, and it has in many influenced how I interact on Steem Blockchain and why I always try to give back to others - as well as delegating to people too.

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I am happy to note that you confirm my assessment of that experiment as an example of how to reverse the problem Steem has with user retention and put upwards pressure on Steem price.


I would agree, I think everyone who received that delegation has gone on to do great things on this platform in one way or another and become valued members of their particular communities.

Hi @xpilar. @c0ff33a alerted me to this post and I'll briefly share my witness activities under the @untersatz account. I run this witness with my friend @organduo. We are a pretty new witness (rank: 101, active: 88) but we'd like to think we are pretty active in the Steem community. @organduo runs two popular contests called the Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest and the Secrets of Organ Playing Contest—the latter to which brought me to Steem in the first place...I'm an organist. I also have an IT background, so naturally this platform intrigued me! We've contributed a lot of little things here and there, but the one I'm most proud of is the @giphy bot and a variety of blockchain bot commands. Some for curating (like @alliedforces curate) and others for checking account information (witness-vote-check, blacklist-check for example). You can read our most recent witness report if you're interested :) I hope you can consider voting for us at Thanks!

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.

Thanks for the great feedback,
I want to check it out @contrabourdon

I have to admit that chosing who to vote for is not an easy task.
I remember (no, I'm kidding, I looked it up right now on the blockchain) my first set of witnesses I voted for was:
@pfunk, @arhag, @witness.svk and @smooth.witness.
I just knew that they are knowledgable, active and working for the sake of the platform.
Of course: Trustworthy.
That's the most important thing for a witness, but I can't tell that I knew that about them at that time. Trust comes with time.
(They were just bunch of people I've met on the Internet)
While two of them are no longer active I'm happy with my choices.

Back then it was easier to chat with witnesses on a (formerly, #witness channel and get a better idea on what they are currently up to or if they are still alive ;-)
We are (some of us) still there, but that place is no longer that crowded (people tend to use various discord servers, and/or other communication channels).
I'm still there, helping @followbtcnews with maintenance, my main thing is security/infrastructure wizardry, I'm creator of Steem Pressure series:

supporting service providers, exchanges and Steemians in general... at Steem.Chat's #general

I'm not a frequent poster so it's very easy to go through all my posts and see what I was or am doing.

Future? SMT, Communities. It's hard to predict our future, but it's definitely exciting.
(I'm more of a fan of technical side of things: so I'm looking forward at performance improvements, lightweight nodes, etc.)

When it comes to votes, whether up or down, it's not something that's related to a witness job. When we are upvoting or downvoting we are wearing our user hats on. Like everyone else.
Sure, votes (whether up or down) can be abused, and if they can, they obviously are. As we mentioned that multiple times, changes to protocol is not enough, change of culture is also needed.
Bullies or psychos are heavily outnumbered by sane and good people, unfortunately, the former are louder and more annoying.

Thank you @gtg for your feedback

Congratulations @xpilar!
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Easy answer:


Hierarchy of Needs - Abraham Maslow

thank's for your feedback @dr-frankenstein

!witness-vote-check xpilar

@xpilar, these witnesses you have voted for have retired (or are running a zombie server):

blueorgy, krnel, teamsteem

You have 6 witness votes left to use.

You are voting for: abit, aggroed, arcange, ausbitbank, blocktrades, blueorgy, c0ff33a, fyrst-witness, good-karma, jesta, justyy, klye, krnel, neoxian, nextgencrypto, patrice, pharesim, roelandp, steemitboard, teamsteem, thecryptodrive, therealwolf, timcliff, yabapmatt.

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Most of them don't have any reason to care whether or not most of us vote for them. You might get some responses from those below the 50 mark and a couple who are concerned about community votes, but for the most part there are a handful of people who's votes can move the witness list.

The witnesses do not answer to the community, they answer to the stake.

Thank you for your feedback @whatsup

See my reply below

It should be 3-5 votes per account, though that won't gain any support from the current group of witnesses because it could negatively effect them.

Waw! It's a big list of witnesses

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Hi @nevlu123

yes, and i hope more of them will answer here

i only care about those who are active and play a big role in the community and who can understand all steemians feeling

Thank you @blazing for your feedback

why jerrybanfield is still in the top 100 witnesses. I think he left working on steemit. I did,t even saw his post in a year.

Hi @wajahatsardar

I think that account was taken over by someone else

maybee. I started using steemit by watching the video of the jerrbanfeid on youtube.

he made several great video about Steemit

There are several Top 20 witnesses that post just about every day (and get their witness buddy's votes) along with collecting their witness inflation. Sounds a bit like double dipping to me.

Don't forget also SPS funding.

Are there some that do the above and also collect from the SPS as well?

I know that the work of the witnesses is indispensable for the platform, although I know little about their functions, I know that voting costs nothing and is very easy... I voted for several witnesses but my favorite is @neoxian, his work, his desire to help you grow and your contact with people makes it my favorite!

Thank you @anasuleidy for your feedback

@giphy curate 100

Upvoted 👌

Powered by witness untersatz!

thanks @giphy

Thank you for the information you shared. previously I did not know the witness duties for this platform. now i know it. and I also want to know why we have to choose them as witnesses. I hope one of them answers our question here.

why don't you run for witness? I totally agree if you are a witness. because in my opinion you are a very decent person to be a witness.

Hi @aulia1993

Being a witness is not in my interest, but thank you for your trust in me

I like the witnesses who do weekly or monthly witness updates, it shows that they care! As for voting, I vote for the ones whom I like their services, like @good-karma's eSteemapp & @dragosroua's

By the way, Utopian stopped being a witness, I wonder why they're still in Top 100.

It's a 'roadblock'.

That's why I wrote the !witness-vote-check ahmadmanga so they anyone could quickly alert people to who they are voting for and if the witnesses are still active.

@ahmadmanga, these witnesses you have voted for have retired (or are running a zombie server):


You have 9 witness votes left to use.

You are voting for: adsactly-witness, aggroed, blocktrades, busy.witness, coingecko, curie, dragosroua, good-karma, helpie, isnochys, klye, noisy.witness, ocd-witness, qurator, smooth.witness, steemgigs, steemhunt, steemitboard, themarkymark, therealwolf, timcliff.

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Thank you @untersatz for your feedback

Thanks for the great feedback,
I want to check it out @ahmadmanga


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thanks @shadeserver

Thanks for sharing information

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you're welcome @csharma

Thank you, You have represented one of my thought about flagging.

thank's for your feedback @happyphoenix

It will sound good when the witness answer and talk to us. Then we know about their struggle to make Steem more survive. So important are witnesses that we really need to know their position and position so that we can better understand the role of witnesses. That way there will be better communication between Steemian and witness. I believe that the witnesses have, are, and will always fight for Steem's stand in the criptosphere as it is today.
Certainly not a young thing for them and of course we feel that the value has not moved from the basic position.
For this reason, it becomes urgent when witnesses see themselves and speak clearly.
Even though there will always be people who think that witnesses don't care or care less about us because they care more about ownership and authority
But I am sure someday they will stand up and speak a loud.
Thank you @xpilar
warm regard from Indonesia

thank's for your feedback @rokhani

my pleasure @xpilar


Hi @xpilar! includes a summary of my witness. Check this out!

Thanks for your information @emrebeyler, I like what you do for the community

Thank you 😊

30 votes are too much... To only 21 witnesses than control the blockchain!

Hi @sm-silva

Yes, that's right, but you can always vote up to a maximum of 30

Yep, it should be 3-5 votes per account.

I hope to read about the work of one of the witnesses, we must thank them so much for what they do.

Hi @solangeh

hope they stand up for us and tell

Thank you for touching this topic, because although it should be a topic of general dominance, I really don't understand much about it.

Hi @jdbs
We have to wait for the answers from witnesses,
they may answer so everyone can understand

Good creation

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thank you @golden.future

I know that some of them compete, to give my support, to feel that they are more real and we import them steemians, because we are all important for the operation of the platform.

that sounds great @elider11


Hi @xpilar! I would like to briefly respond on behalf of @curie community witness.

Curie's mission since its start a few years ago has been discovering talented authors, empowering quality curators, and building communities. Curie's core operations have been always been quality curation.

There main Curie curation that goes through curators finding quality posts and submitting for review, getting reviewed and being approved or rejected. Curators get rewarded for their efforts with the finder's fee and approved posts get approved. We have developed a system that has proven to work for years and built an open-source tool for this purpose.

Curie also supports building communities and upvotes with a smaller percentage of certain regional and category-based community curation. Also, Curie has been supporting various community projects.

Among the latest changes to reward talented authors, Curie sends back part of the Curation rewards to authors as SP.

Curie has also developed and maintains a curation/filtering tool

You can also find Curie's whitepaper here:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

thanks for the feedback @geekgirl

Like what you do.
@curie is now voted as a witness by me

Thank You @xpilar!

You have some great points here