MAKING STEEM GREATER - @therealwolf is now a Witness!

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My name is @therealwolf and I am running for Witness!

Vote for @therealwolf as Witness (via active key)

This post is my Introduction as a Witness and is split in multiple parts:

1.) Introduction
  • Who is @therealwolf?
  • Quick Facts about me (incl. Story about my Name)
  • My current Projects on Steem

2.) Witness Requirements

  • Developer Knowledge
  • Why am I running for Witness?
  • My Vision for Steem

3.) Witness Proposals

  • Proposal 1: I will create and work on Projects that improve the Steem Ecosystem
  • Proposal 2: I will support positive Contributions to the Steem Ecosystem
  • Proposal 3: I will support new Users on Steem and will help them to understand the Steem-Ecosystem better
  • Proposal 4: I will take part in important Community-Discussions & Decisions

4.) Final Words & Witness Vote

1.) Introduction

Who is @therealwolf?

Exactly 160 days ago, I decided to do something, which completely alterred the path of my life.

I found out about something called Steem and decided to create an account on

And to be honest: that was one of the best decisions of my life.

I've been trying to build multiple things on the net, since 2013. But I never had the feeling of this is it until I found Steem.

As you might know - I'm a developer. I'm currently developing for @utopian-io and my own project (@smartsteem). Wrote my first code in 2010 - but never was really good. (funfact: I always thought that I simply weren't able to code complex things). Until I found Steem.

I trained myself to write Javascript, NodeJS and VueJS in 3 months - because I had ideas in my mind that I wanted to realize - but for this I needed the Skills.

Additionally, I see myself also as a developer of business ideas. I like to tinker around here and there - and be creative and disruptive.

And for me - Steem is the perfect playground to build amazing things!

Now, before I go on to the next chapter - a few more quick facts about me:

Quick Facts about me

While I have been doing nearly nothing else than working on Steem and my own projects for the last 5 months - there are a few things that I like to do in my freetime (or before I became addicted to Steem):

  • Dancing Salsa (I'm a pretty good dancer - true story ;D )
  • Cooking & Eating (Mostly healthy things to keep my energy high )
  • Netflix & Amazon Prime for relaxing purposes (Checkout out Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix!)
  • Casual Gaming (CIV, Northgard, Stronghold; Strategy - but I mostly don't find the time)

Quick Explanation of my Name

The main reason I chose @therealwolf as my nickname was due to my first interest in CryptoCurrencies and my goal to blog about those topics. Additionally, one of my favourite movies is The Wolf of Wall-Street - which is why I named myself Wolf. While the interest is still there, my focus has shifted - however the funny thing is:

The name is still somewhat accurate of me. While many users on Steem are using discord groups to get to know each other and network - I often feel a bit overwhelmed with all that chit-chat and prefer a lone wolf approach. But - one of my goals is to be more active and helpful in the social area - so if you are german - you might find me on the D-A-C-H Discord Channel or in the #witness channel on

My current Projects on Steem

Right now, I am working mainly on two different Projects.

  • Developing the Registration Module for @utopian-io (you can check it out at and the Contribution Posts on my profile). Utopian is an amazing project and I'm very glad that I can give my part to help it succeed and will continue to do so.
  • Developing and Managing my own project called @smartsteem (incl. @smartmarket) which are basically services to increase the value and visibility on posts through Vote-Buying - but with the big difference to other services that @smartsteem also has a whitelist and that @smartmarket sells Votes from Users.

However, there is a lot more on my mind that I want to focus on - with the goal to improve the Steem-Ecosystem.

2.) Witness Requirements

There are currently Witnesses popping up left and right. And even though I don't want to be one of many - I had the wish to become a witness for about 2 months now and decided that now is the time.

There are different Requirements for a Steemian to be a successful Witness which are split into different topics.

Developer Knowledge

First things first. Part of the Job of a Witness is the running and maintaining of a Witness server.

This can be outsourced, but I believe that a great Witness should have at least a good basic knowledge on how to maintain and keep the server secure, while also making sure to not miss any blocks.

While I am not yet as knowledgeable as @gtg, @someguy123 or @jesta in this area - I'm still pretty decent and above average (due to my work with smartsteem), but my goal is to have a similar competence as the mentioned above. Until then, I will work hard and won't shy away to ask for help if it is necessary.

Technical specs of my Witness Server:

  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 2x240GB SSDs
  • Intel Xeon CPU E3
  • 1 GB/s Network based in Germany

For those of you who don't get what the above means:

It's pretty good. I will however upgrade the RAM soon, due to the minimum requirement of RAM rising fast.

Since I'm also planning on hosting a SEED & RPC Node - I might do this in one step.

Why am I running for Witness?

Now, that we got that cleared up - the most important aspect for me is that..

Witnesses are able to BE THE CHANGE that Users are wishing for in Steem.

The job of a great Witness is to make sure that the Steem ecosystem stays healthy and for this - one important aspect is the commitment to Steem.

Which can be simply put into: investing heavy into Steem - to have an incentive to keep the ecosystem healthy. Similar to how proof-of-stake (POS) works.

I'm 110% commited to Steem!

I have currently around 14.000 Steempower which calculated to USD is around 84.000$. (at the current price of 6$ per Steem)

While this is a drop in the water in comparison to people as @freedom - for me, this is more money than I ever had in my entire life. (I've made 90% of this amount through my work for Steem and by this, I understand the value of the Ecosystem)

And I am not planing on powering-down any of it!!

I've lived multiple years on the poverty line and while I hope this never happens again - if it would, I still wouldn't power down, because I believe 110% in Steem!

And this is not some mindless gibberish filled with greed. I truly believe in the technology and the ecosystem and I want to be a part of it!

2 weeks ago, I've created a post called I think I'm in love with Steem where I talked about the extreme usability of Steem. (The post was very spontanious, so don't expect too much of deep subjects)

And the more time passes, the more I realize how Steem is the underdog of CryptoCurrencies.

Just recently, Weiss Ratings rated STEEM with a B- which made it one of the top 5 of all rated Currencies.

Ethereum, in comparison, received a B.

I truly believe that Steem will revolutionize the World - and I want to be a part of it while also helping it grow into the right direction.

My Vision for Steem

Whenever I'm currently meeting a friend or someone I know - one of the first topics I talk about is Blockchain and especially Steem.

Some of them might not like or not understand it, but I just want to share my knowledge and help them, because Steem will be huge.

Right now, most blockchains are struggling with simple problems, like: transactions per second, transaction fees, scalability and most importantly: use-cases. (What do we need 5 different Bitcoin Forks for?)

Steem - might not be perfect - but it has all those in check.


Transactions per Second? I'm not completely sure on how many exactly, but Steem is currently only at 0.13% workload.

Transaction-Fees? 0. There is a minimum amount of 0.001 Steem that has to be transferred - which is 1 Steem Satoshi. But nothing is lost while sending.

Scalability? Transaction-Workload is currently below 1% - even though Steem processes 2 times the Transaction amount of Ethereum.

And the most important part: Use-Case

What good are 10 different alternatives to Bitcoin as a Currency, if they are currently not getting used? In comparison, Steem is not only a currency but also a utility and has over 60.000 active Users daily. (Source)

The biggest reason why Ethereum got so big, was due to ERC20 Tokens. And now with Smart-Media-Tokens just around the corner, Steem will draw more and more attention.

Am I saying that Steem is perfect? No. But is Steem pretty darn good in comparison to other Blockchains? Oh yeah!

Ok - but what is my vision?

To answer this - let me quote something @ned said in a recent interview:

In the next 5 years, my vision is to have 100.000 Entrepreneurs building Apps and Businesses on Steem. - Ned Scott

How awesome is that?

My goal is it to build at least one, but preferably multiple Apps / Businesses on Steem - and to support Users who want to do that as well!

Ned also said that Steemit is simply the first example - and I completely agree with him.

In my vision, Steem will become the crypto-currency & building-ground for a whole generation of Social Media.

We have already amazing projects like @dtube (youtube), @utopian-io (github), @dlive (twitch), @chainbb (phpBB-forum), @dsound (soundcloud), @dmania (9gag), (facebook), @zappl (twitter) next to Steemit. (Here is a full list made by @adept:

Some of them are better than others in my personal opinion - I especially like dtube and utopian but I feel that everyone is trying their best to use the existing framework that Steem gives to build something.

And this: is simply amazing!

But there are so many ideas that are just waiting to be build upon Steem.

And I want to help!

3.) Witness Proposals

Proposal 1: As a Witness, I will create and work on Projects that improve the Steem Ecosystem

This is my personal biggest goal as a Witness - to focus my time and energy on Projects which are improving Steem. As I previously said - I'm invested heavily into Steem and I want to see a healthy growth!

I'm already working on a new Project, but it is not yet ready to be shown to the public.

Proposal 2: As a Witness, I will support positive Contributions to the Steem Ecosystem

I believe that ones own stake of Steempower can have a tremendous positive influence and I want to use it to support Users who are actively improving the Ecosystem.

Additonally, I will also take part on improving the Ecosystem with my Contributions

Proposal 3: As a Witness, I will support new Users on Steem and will help them to understand the Steem-Ecosystem better

More and more People are are coming to Steem, often from other Social Media Sites.

As for example - already influencial Youtuber who are starting to create Videos on dtube.

But the thing is - dtube is not simply a copy of Youtube.

It has a similar look, but under the hood it works completely differnt.

My goal is it, to make the transition as easy as possible while giving them all the needed information they need to be successful on Steem.

Proposal 4: As a Witness, I will take part in important Community-Discussions & Decisions

Last but not least - I will also take part in Discussions & Decissions about important Topics regarding the Steem Ecosystem - as for example the Discussion about the SBD Price Peg.

I believe that it is extremely important for Witnesses to take a stance in these Discussions while also being authentic and keeping integrity. I wouldn't change my Opinion, simply to get more Witness Votes. However, I want to keep an open mind to new ideas and are able to receive and think about them.

Now - as a quick teaser of my thoughts about the current SBD-Peg Discussion:

While I am in agree of the need for a SBD which is pegged to the Dollar, I don't believe in enforcing it right now - but I would like to create a seperate Post about it.

4.) Final Words & Witness Vote

I've taken quite a lot of time writing this Post - because I want it to reflect how much Committment and Love I feel for Steem.

But I wondered when it would be a good time to post it. I wondered if it would be better to let a few more actions speak first, before I create my Proposals.

However, I believe that I have many Qualities that are needed for a Great Witness and would be grateful if you would vote for me.

Would you please vote for me as Witness?

Vote for @therealwolf as Witness (you need your active key)

You can also vote for me directly through steemconnect

Now, if you are not yet sure if you should vote for me. I'm (nearly) always available for a chat on discord / Otherwise, please follow me on Steemit for up-coming Posts & Projects :)

Thank you so much!



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Exactly @jsteem! That is one of my goals! Let's make Steem even greater.

Would you Vote for me as Witness to support me in achieving this goal?

Vote for @therealwolf as Witness


Where can we find more information about Witnesses? What are the jobs and responsibilities?

Congrats man Iv'e been following you for a while and I know you can bring the community only benefits as a witness.


Thank you @bitton. Appreciate your comment!

It would mean a lot to me if you would also vote for me as Witness!

Vote for @therealwolf as Witness


Will do!


Appreciate that @bitton!

Wow, I felt it deep in me when I read some of your posts, comments including smartsteem project that you will be very successful here. I will give you more than 100% support if you need it...Vote and personal advise.

Just voted for you now, because I believe that you are motivated and have a good plan for steem ecosystem!!!!! Also following you now and added you on my in order to stay in touch and send in my support....

Wow du kommst aus Deutschland? Können wir reden? steem chat?....


@charles1 - thank you so much!

Ja gerne, ich kann dich ja mal anschreiben.:)


Sehr gut....

This post is so good

Sorry that I missed the opportunity to vote for you as a witness. I'll be following your lead here on Steemit from here on out!! Congrats!

Klingt nach nem guten Plan! Stehst du dann bald vor unserer Tür und sagst: "Guten Tag! Mein Name ist @therealwolf und ich bin von den Zeugen Steemits und würde mit Ihnen gerne über @Ned sprechen!" :D


Hahaha, musste schon leicht auflachen. So ungefähr! :D

Finde ich super. Passt auch zu dir meiner Meinung nach.
Bin überzeugt du wirst ein guter Zeuge :)


Danke dir! :) Ja das hoffe ich. Viel vorgenommen, aber habe es auch vor durchzuziehen.

Schon lustig dass Witness als Zeuge übersetzt wird.

Viel Erfolg, schön geschrieben - ich hätte noch eine Witness Stimme übrig glaub ich. Gut, dass du darstellt inwiefern Du die Community unterstützen magst. Als Salsa Tänzer hast Du eh einen kleinen bonus :-)


Danke dir @uwelang! Salsa habe ich echt lange nicht mehr getanzt (6 Monte ca.), vermisse es aber schon ein bisschen. Die ganze Zeit ist irgendwie in Steem geflossen. Aber hat sich auch gelohnt würde ich sagen :)

Extraordinary know that it is now testito of Steem, I met him from his beginnings in Steem with @smartsteem and his contributions in Utopian and by all the good contributions that contributes to improve the Steem community. Have my support as a witness and continue learning here in the community Steem all success in this new trip as a witness


Thank you @vidafitnessfeliz - smartsteems no°1 fan :D

This is quite a long read but I am glad I read it word for word.
I joined Steemit December 2017 and is yet to fully understand a lot of the things you mentioned @therealwolf, how do you intend to educate us to be better Steemians.
I still don't dont fully understand what a Steem witness does. Can you explain with illustration or relate it to another field please?


Hey @emjoe,

thank you for reading everything - I know, it was a lot. But I felt that anything less wouldn't be enough.

Don't worry, it takes a bit of time to grasp everything but I'll try to explain to you (in a non-technical way)

Steem works with a system called DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake - which is an alternative to e.g. POS (Proof of Stake) or POW (Proof of Work).

For this DPOS - you need Witnesses who are operating a Witness Server that produces blocks.

Let me quote this wiki article:

A Steem Witness is a person who operates a witness server (which produces blocks), and publishes a price feed of STEEM/USD to the network. Witnesses' computers in the Steem network have a job that is to make 'blocks' and add them to the blockchain and also to store the complete blockchain data. These blocks contain information about posts, comments, votes and currency transfers.[1]

Actually, I think it is best if you read the article: before I repeat everything.

Now - this however is only the technical part. Witnesses, in my opinion, have also another important role - and this role is to be the Voice of the people.

But I think I said it best in my post :)


Thanks @therealwolf, I will make out time and go read through the link. I now understand steem witness as tutors in Steemit community. Your manifesto looks good to me
I will try and keep up with your post for more enlightenment.
Thanks, you will make a good "voice of the people".


Glad to hear that!

haha running for witness! I like this post, cool concept I like the way you've explained it


Ah, thank you! @kaizenokami - I like your name :)


thanks man! Always good to see another wolf on top of the game ;)

Hey awesome man. To the next level🚀Good luck for your projects too mate.☄


Thank you Mr. Expensive Taste :P


Well, good luck man! I voted :)


Thank you @adonisabril! Have seen that! :)


Hope you crack top 20!

The passion you have for the Steemit community glows very bright in this post . I have recently just started with Steemit and wish to one day have as much drive and excitement about the platform as you do!
You are right in saying how amazing it is especially how obsessed I've become in reading others thoughts on here .
You've got my vote for what it's worth and a new follower ! Good luck!


Thank you @dmetz!

Just came here to say that Stronghold is amazing.

The royal treasury is overflowing sire!


One of the greatest Games of my Childhood!

My favourite units were als the archers on horses. So versatile!

gute sache, lieber @therealwolf! ein weiterer deutscher witness, das find ich klasse und nen platz für dich hab ich auch noch bei den votes, sodass ich dich gleich hinzugefügt hab. wunderbar! lg


Danke dir @pawos! Schätze ich sehr :)

@therealwolf Finally voted your witness for your cool nature and ethical work. Really love your work toward our steemians community. Thanks for such a great support from you.


Thank you @errajesh - Appreciate that!

I love your vision for Steemit, these are some original ideas and I can see you have passion for it. You just added another follower, I'm looking forward to see how you will make a difference in this community. Keep on doing your thing!


Oh thank you for following me and your nice feedback @realcryptokev!

Wirklich gut geschrieben! Wünsch dir ganz viel Glück als Witness und werde das auf jeden fall weiter verfolgen! :) Super das es mehr deutschsprachige gibt!


Vielen dank @misomaniac! :)

I heard some one at my job mention smartsteem, not sure if it was the same as what you spoke of, also shame on me for never watching wolf of walstreet im going to go watch it right now lol!

Yeah def a long read but worth it, looks like you put alot of time into this and it seems that you will be just as dedicated to Steem as this post if not more.

Ok, truce, now that all the serious stuff is over, i have to leave this post with a joke of course... if you are the real wolf of Steem then where is the wolf pack! howwllllllllll ok that is all. :)


Thank you @truce!

I love the movie - but not the end :P

And this is our wolf howl:


I swear im watching the movie right now lol

welldone @therealwolf you seem to have a great set of skills and hubbies really cool bro
nice penchant for the movie "the wolf of wall street" really great entertaining and educative movie for great minds
nice works you got going bro @utopian-io and @smartsteem and @smartmarket love your wonderful enthusiasm and coding skills would love to learn under you
great configuration you have for your witness server but you could still up your game to put you in the forefront you know
great insight and beliefs you got for the steem community way to go and i share this belief with you 110% no backing down on this one bro #steemit is nextgen cryptocurrency and social media community
great analogy on the pros and cons of steem and as you rightly out it steem is pretty darn good in comparison to other blockchains
great and wonderful vision you got going bro and like ned scott rightly put it in the next 5 years or less a lot of #steemians would rise up to coding of so many different apps that the numbers would even far exceed the 100,000 ned scott predicted
your witness proposals are really sweet and intense love every single one of them to the very last word in them
and finally you sure deserve to be a witness and have my vote all the way bro much love @therealwolf

great job till now and good to know that smartsteem is from you. Hope you do great contributions to this wonderful platform in the future.

Kommt total ehrlich, überzeugend und glaubwürdig rüber. Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut. Und ja, Durchhaltevermögen wünsch ich Dir besonders.


Vielen Dank :)

Hi there! I am new steemian. I read your proposal for witness. I like it the way you described it. I also like smartstreem. I am a new user for smartsteem as well. In my view it is one of the most interesting and genius ways to buy upvote. I especially like the way it votes as multiple individuals, and without leaving a promotional comment.

However, I was wondering, in your witness proposal, there is not too much content regarding how you are going to help new users outside your project. I know smartsteeem itself is beneficial, that's why I am a user, but if you elaborate more on that it will he helpful.

The other item is, how will you personally fight spam, and low quality content on the steem platform? What is your proposal for that? I have been using steem for only 3 weeks. I have only 18 posts so far. To me that is a lot. But I see people have hundreds of posts during that time. Several people (some with very high steempower) post only a picture and 100s of people upvote it. How is this fair? Then there are users who post completely non-sense post and pictures multiple times a day, for what?
Nobody votes them.

I believe in this platform. I have invested my hard earned money into this, as you can easily see from my profile. I am willing to invest much more time and money if I see more serious people like you show their support to the new users. I like new users and investors to feel at home, feel protected, supported by you and your peers.

As a witness how are you going to address these items?

I do not know if you will see this post of not, but hoping you will.

Posting the same comment here, as I think it belongs here. But this is a old post, so I do not know if you will read it.

Honestly i have not read such an interesting introductory post like this since i joined steemit!you are really the realwolf,i strongly believe in you that,you will accomplish this great vision you have for the steemit community,more grease to your elbow and thumbs up!!!

Voted you @therealwolf ;) and thanks for being so awesome with smartsteem


Hey @deborism,

thank you ;) Really appreciate it!

What is your stance on the SBD peg?


Good question @bulleth.

That's what I wrote above:

While I am in agree of the need for a SBD which is pegged to the Dollar, I don't believe in enforcing it right now - but I would like to create a seperate Post about it.

I think there are good reasons to bring it back to 1$, but we are not yet there where this would bring more value than what it would destroy if we would force the peg.

Forcing the peg would bring down the growth and reduce the motivation from small and medium Users.

Would be mainly beneficial for companies or businesses on Steem. But these will come later in my opinion.

You are my idol The real wolf. Keep on Keeping . Keep posting

I will do the same like you described in this post, i hope you will make the right decision. Wish you good luck.

@therealwolf congratulations for what you are doing on the steem blockchain for @utopian-io and your own project @smartsteem and @smartmarket . Also for all the goals you placed for your self, and for being able to train the needed skills to code in 3 months.

Regards, @gold84


Hey @gold84,

thank you, really appreciate your comment!

If you'd like, I would be very grateful for a Witness Vote from you :)


@therealwolf I just upvoted you as a witness! You are currently #49 and I believe you will be a top 30 soon. All your efforts will pay off.

I am finishing Chapter #9 of the 11 chapter full steemit guide, and I will let you know once its ready between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. @lukestokes @blocktrades @steempower @teamsteem and many others have been supporting it, and that is helping the chapters to be reached by many more hands.

This 11 chapter full steemit guide I created has the aim to help new visitors, minnows, new users on steemit to understand as much and as fast as possible, everything they need to know about Steemit and the steem blockchain, and thus help them make their way on the platform.

Regards, @gold84

what is my benifit to vote you for witness ? sorry i dont know much about witness ..i am new in tjis site .. @therealwolf


By voting for a Witness you make sure that the right people are running Witness Nodes and make the right decisions for the blockchain.

Honestly we need more people like you who feel so strong about the Steemit community and platform. I like your blog and the info you share. Keep up the good work.

I did approve you for witness @therealwolf Although I do not understand so much of this. But I understand you are doing something good for Steemit. I am not that good to write English, or the best to read, but get to speak in advance. I did follow you as vell an i did resteem your post.


Hey @healthproducts,

Thank you so much for the vote! Don't worry - your comment is great! :)

You make me laugh about "Quick Facts about me" hahaha...
Is this enough for a witness?

  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 2x240GB SSDs
  • Intel Xeon CPU E3
  • 1 GB/s Network based in Germany

Until now, I can't understand the simple way of being a witness. The only thing I know @therealwolf is to help to introduce steemit to people and how it works and how did steemit helps people.

Just last day I explain about wallet and block trades in Our Meet up here in the United Arab Emirates, while my wife explains how steemit works, curation, curie etc..

I will include you in my vote as a witness to my last chapter of my blogs!


Hey @kennyroy, thank you so much for voting!

Yes, that is enough - the most important part is actually the RAM right now because this is filling pretty fast. But I'll make sure to keep upgrading :)

I voted for you as a witness. I appreciate all that you do for this community.


Hey @pangur-ban,

thank you! Really appreciate your vote!

Hello Wolf!

Just came by to tell you that you already have my vote and that I wish you the best my friend :)


Hey max,
thank you - really appreciate it! :)

@therealwolf I just added your name to include the progressives on steemit, I voted you as a witness and I'm proud I did.



Thank you @franklan3386! Really appreciate that :)

Voted for you as a witness! Great post. My only concern with you so far is the SBD peg. That requires a moderate level of centralization and defeats the free markets utility in pricing Steem/SBD if it can be manipulated by some central authority. Please reconsider your thoughts on the SBD peg! :)

Congrats on my vote. Seems your in the top-50 for witnesses now! Congrats again! Also, I'm a user and big fan of SmartSteem. Love the project and everything you've done! Keep up the great work!

Excellent to see your progress, however , don't have a clue why you denied me to be whitelisted? what is the rule here??
Just wondering because there is not place where I can read about smartsteem. Is it based on assumptions?
Just upvoted for visibility,it would be nice to get a little info, thank you!

Boss @therealwolf you are useful on this Platform.
You are my role model.
God bless the works of your hands and bless you richly


Glad to hear that Mr. classic717 and thank you for the blessings!

Thanks for the great post and the time it took to create it.
I joined steem about a week ago and I'm still learning the true potential of it. At first I thought it was just another social media website and now I don't know how to explain it lol.

I struggle now because I see "regular people" make alot of money, I see kids in Uganda supporting themselves etc. In addition I've seen whales quit corporate jobs and go all "steem" and share their power to help others. - (How do you explain something that's the opposite of everything you've experienced in your life?)

As I read your post I realized you are 110% into making (whatever this is) better and back that up financially with your steem power, time and knowledge.

I'm going to continue to figure out what this is lol but in the meantime YOU HAVE MY VOTE BRO!



Haha, nice photoshop skills ;) And big thanks for the Vote!

Upvoted and will vote for you as a Witness. Saw another close Steemian use your smartsteem service and can't believe what results he is getting in terms of SBD/STEEM. Looks very interesting, but will do our due diligence and have a think about it.


Hey @travelling-two, thank you so much for voting!

Yes, it can be really lucrative to use smartsteem's services. Especially Vote-Selling.

Of course - take your time :)

@therealwol I have just voted you as the new icon on the block ( witness).
A patriotic philanthropist with unsurpassed innovation and skills,keep up the good work, more grease to your elbow,thumbs up.


Really appreciate that @fatogunalex! However, I can't see your vote.

Maybe you can look over it. Thanks :)


@therealwolf please below my vote. image


@therealwolf please below my vote. image

Good luck man for your projects, I voted!!


Thank you andrea!

@therealwolf, your enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring. You got my vote to be a STEEM witness. I'm looking forward to seeing you accomplish great things!


Thank you @aemelius! :)

you are great post share...l interest this...The passion you have for the Steemit community glows very bright in this post . I have recently just started with Steemit and wish to one day have as much drive and excitement about the platform as you do!
You are right in saying how amazing it is especially how obsessed I've become in reading others thoughts on here .
You've got my vote for what it's worth and a new follower ! Good luck!


Thank you @minirul22! :)

steem to mars steem to 1000usd :)

Long live @therealwolf ,you're in love with steem, and I am too. Good luck of being a Witness I'll be voting you.


Hey @joshvel - thank you! However, I'm not seeing your vote on your steemd profile


Oh yes I've voted to the maximum I'll have to remove a vote for you to replace it...


done my friend, I already voted you as a witness...

Hello, I really enjoyed your post, aaaaaaanddddd I voted you for witness


Hey @heremonium,

thank you!!

You got my 1st vote - read the full post :) - I have been telling everyone about steem and SMT as well - was finally able just now to access utopian (kept getting an error the last couple days) and am now trying out smartsteem. Happy to support by getting the startup and developer community in the MENA region active, will need some guidance from you guys on how best to do it. #bpostive


hey @ttalk,

thank you - really appreciate your vote!

Thanks Wolf for sharing very informative n constructive stuff , keep it up


Hey @ehujra, thank you for the comment! If you'd like, I would really appreciate your Witness Vote :)

Ich hab eben erst gesehen, dass ich whitelisted bin auf smartsteem. Da kommt Freude auf. Hat lange gedauert, aber ich finde es klasse, das dies manuell geschieht, und nehme das dann auch gerne in Kauf.

Sehr gerne habe ich soeben meinen Witness-Vote für @therealwolf abgegeben. Viel Erfolg und beste Grüße!


Hey Oliver,

vielen Dank für deinen Vote! Schätze ich sehr :)


Ich habe zu danken. :)

Congratulations and well done. You are a self taught developer and dedicated to Steem. I also want to learn how to develop on Steem. I think I will vote for you.


Hey @svkrulze, I really appreciate that :)

Wow!! @therealwolf, I am so inspired and motivated by your post. I can see you have actually seen the rough side of life and the impact the steem ecosystem has had and still having in your life. I definitely will support you too as I'd love to learn a lot from your journey. Following! And your @smartsteem project is awesome. Being white-listed and beginning to enjoy the benefits of that. Keep up the good work, behind you 100%


Hey @delphia16, thank you so much for your comment and your feedback to @smartsteem. Appreciate that!

Quick question - did you vote for me as Witness? Because I'm not able to see the vote.

If you want to vote for me, I would really appreciate that!



I'm voting for you because your name has 'wolf' in it and I'm weird like that. ^_^


Hey @wisewoof,

hehe, thank you very much! :)

@therealwolf man your post was incredibly easy to read and informative. I just voted you as a witness. I really hope you get it because you really seem to have a passion to make the platform a better place. Also congrats on your steem power and all your web achivements! AMAZING real wolf.



Hey daniel, thank you so much for voting. Really appreciate that!

I approve @therealwolf. You are the man 💯🍻


Hey @hungryhustle, thank you so much for voting!

Two (2) biggest mistakes in life that immediately come to mind!

  1. Not buying Bitcoins in 2010

  2. Not buying more Steems when it was $0.07


your post about steem is very good, and I am interested to continue to support you follow you, good luck continued steemit.

haha running for witness! I like this post, cool concept I like the way you've explained it. good Luck man

It must be and feel unbelievable becoming a WHALE...

We hope you are going to be the best witness

Hi @therealwolf!
I used this second account @bellabarceta because I have no more bandwidth on my first account @ronel because I delegated almost all of my SP from that account @ronel to @smartsteem. That was my big mistake and maybe because that was my first time I delegated SP. I have no idea of thinking it ahead.

I just wanna ask a favor if you could cancel my delegation manually from that account @ronel.

I would delegate again if I could generate enough SP to sustain my bandwidth.

Thank you!

YEAH! That is what we have to achieve, to make Steem grow as a community of users in search of growth.


Dear @therealwolf please attached my vote for you be I g a witness, you deserve it.


Steemit to the Sun dude!!!!...for real!!!!... Am looking forward to your tried to vote for you but don't know how still a dang it anyway...hahaha!!! have my 100% support!!!
Help me make great content so I to can make some dough like you too...hum???
Just know I'm your #1 FAN!!!!
Help me understand all that jargon you said too!!!!!!

I am still fairly know here going do some more research on the steem dollar. thanks for the info


very nice information thanks for share

Support for new Steem users will help to better understand the Steem
I agree with you Steem is the perfect place to build incredible things!

Nice :)

Hmmm great explanation and you seem to have a great passion for Steem. I particularly like the great original content on Steem, hope it goes well for you bud, hopefully I can come along for the ride

@ therealwolf interesante tus propuestas, exitos. Tienes mi voto para testigo.

welcome on steem it steem to the moon

I am brand new here werewolf and just got my account tonight. Im a retired collection agency owner. I have alot of respect for developers and programmers. I did my homework and think you made good decision 160 days ago. Steemit is only at the beginning. I feel big things happening here in this space. Hopefully you and I both made good decisions. I think so.![bull.jpg].

that's awasome @therealwolf
thankyou so much for sharing this.

nice to know your blog,
iam a biginer steemian from Indonesia.

hope you will visit my blog, help me and coach me in improving my @steemitilmu account.

see you at

When I used @smartsteem for the first time, I thought the bot hasn't voted as there's no comment.

Not commenting by some voting bots, to me, is awesome — we can surprise a new Steemit user (a friend, for example) without letting them know that it's me who sponsored their upvote. It would be fun to watch the excitement on their faces.

steem moon is best i thing Good time com for steemit $ soon bitcoin is one and steemit number 2.

Good luck

this Is a really great idea. I want to be a witness to. how much energy does the server use ?

Thanks for sharing!!

Am happy we have a STEEM HERO who is willing to give up his daily activities just make steem a better place for us steemian , i will be very happy to see you achieve your Plans/Goals and you can count on me @jamespower #steemGOgreen

Me gusta tus propuestas en relación a esta comunidad, por lo tanto cuenta con mi apoyo. estaré pendiente. éxito!

I voted for you mostly because of Proposal 3 , I am new and I am in the limbo. good luck man!

Great Step Buddy
Keep it up

hi @therealwolf you seem very detailed person, I like how you introduced yourself and your interest as well as your purpose, I'll be voting you up as a witness thanks, and congratulations

He can Javascript, NodeJS and VueJS and the most important language, bodylanguage salsa! :´D

You eat, cook and think healthy, you got my vote!

Congratulations @therealwolf!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 5 with 943 upvotes
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Congrats @Realwolf
This was quite the long but convincing read , I am glad I read the entire post.

Ambitious people are what make good communities great.


I'm still pretty new to Steem and not really sure how Witnesses work, but you seem like a genuine person who wants to help others so I shall vote for you!

That's a really persuasive pitch to secure votes for witness! I appreciate your well thought out goals of what you plan to do with your ascension to grade witness. You get my vote for witness!

in steemit we can learn at the same time can add insight by the way we get to read many articles best friend in steemit,
hope we all hope steemit progresses and thrives around the world

I´ve liked so much reading your post, actually I´m very inquisitive for knowing more about being a witness on Steemit, what should I have to be a witness? What is it all about? And other kinds of similar questions. However, your post has cleared several doubts I´ve been having since several days ago. The section of your post I liked most it was your vision for Steem, when you say "Steem will be huge" Do you think Steemit would be able to provide users a different earning money way much better than the traditionals? Best regards.

Here is how you make steem a fair place again. Look into the matter.

Just voted! :)
I'm new to Steemit, but people like you who are welcoming and encouraging make me happy to come back to it. I hope you will continue to maintain such an awesome platform as witness!

It is such an inspiring thing to see young people going all the way on their personal projects through Steemit. It is such an amazing sight, such a wonderful thing to be a part of. Congratulations to you, @therealwolf, for having the initiative to commit further with the site and the community by going deeper at it becoming a witness! Hope you're able to make it.

What do you think is a reasonable bias percent, currently?