Witness update #2 - 150 Blocks later

in witness •  8 months ago

Empowering Curators, Community Leaders, and Minnows. Valuing engagement and positive interactions.

In this update:

Welcome to the 3rd post from the @steemcommunity witness.

If you are visiting our page for the first time and would like to find out more about our project, please take a look at our initial contribution:

Introducing @steemcommunity - A Witness Project by @abh12345 and @paulag

We would like to begin by sincerely thanking everyone for the early support that we have had via comments and votes for our witness.

Thank you!


Server update to v0.19.3 / 0 blocks missed

Just a couple of days ago, the server was patched to the latest Steem version - v0.19.3. Whilst not a critical patch, this one was important to us as it was our first.

The node is current running with a 100% success rate in the 9 weeks of its life.

Witness Rank & proxy votes

At the time of writing, we have just crept up to 'Active Rank' #89, which we are really pleased about and means we are, on average, currently mining 3 blocks each day / every 24 hours.

@steemcommunity currently votes via proxy to @abh12345, which holds almost 800 MVESTS. This is around the 30th largest vote on the Steem blockchain, and aims to support a variety of witnesses, from development, to curation and community.

@curie support for the Engagement League

Recently, @curie selected @abh12345's Engagement League as an initiative to support in regards curation and engagement. The project is in its 10th month, has attracted over 400 registrations, and has given out well over 400 STEEM/SBD since its inception.

Thank you @curie, and all accounts involved in the Leagues for your support.

@pennsif - A dollar a day

@steemcommunity recently opted to support the 'A dollar a day' initiative created by @pennsif, which aims to gift worthy charitable projects on the Steem blockchain.

'A dollar a day' current supports at least 12 projects, and recently surpassed $1000 in donations.

@noblebot / @ivoted

Two new projects @steemcommunity has been supporting via advice, testing, and delegations are @noblebot and @ivoted.

@noblebot is scanning the blockchain for account keys in an attempt to beat 'black hat' accounts from doing the same. @noblebot will, if successful, change the owner key of the account (if it is the owner key that is broadcast), or move the funds to 'savings' while the account holder goes through the account recovery process.

Just the other day, @noblebot saved 90 SBD from being lost.

@ivoted is a new initiative with the goal to encourage Steem account holders to learn about witnesses and cast votes where they see fit.

The account will support Steem account holders who write posts relating to their newfound knowledge, or votes cast in relation to witnesses.

@steemcommunty has recently delegated 150 SP to help support this project.

Follows/votes by @steemcommunity

The @steemcommunity account is relatively small at present, but we hope in time it will grow steadily.

The aim of the account is to support community accounts, and the articles that are resteemed by these accounts. Content will be voted on an ad-hoc, manual basis.

Please let us know if you run a community account and would like a Follow by @steemcommunity.


@steemcommunity currently delegates to (via @abh12345 and @paulag) @comedyopenmic, @curie, @dustsweeper, @friendsofgondor, @ivoted, @minnowsupport, @spaminator, @utopian-io, @youarehope, and a host of smaller personal accounts - without fee. We hope to give more and expand this list as time goes by.

Thanks again for your kind support and for your time today,

Asher and Paula.


Useful links

Steemitguide: What is a Exactly is a STEEM Witness and why every User should Vote

Seriously, what is a STEEM witness? Why should I care? How do I become one? (Answer)

Steemcommunity Discord: https://discord.gg/Ycb4PTU

(Including #blockchainbi and #culturevulture)

Where to vote: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

How to vote for @steemcommunity



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You are doing just great! Keep it going!
@abh12345 you know what community I am goong to put forward. Don’t you?

Yep, the @sbcbot!


Sports betting, an old favourite pastime of mine :D

I do have a special place in my heart for this community, although gambling is something I try to avoid these days! Happy to help where I can though, cheers!


We know you do Asher! And we do appreciate it a lot!
Gambling, besides for a few lucky ones, should always be a hobby! It should not hurt the home account one tiny bit! Fully agree with that!


Very true. I'm like this with anything though - my restraint levels are low!


Thanks so much for supporting us from the very beginning !
Note this : http://ivoted-steem.info/steemcommunity-creator-of-the-curation-and-engagement-leagues-and-witness
If you want me to add informations, or a custom introductory text, please let me know.

My projects

-- Steemactivities, the tag that rewards athletes

-- @ivoted, the witness voting incentive initiative


A pleasure.

That looks great, thank you for adding our profile to your site!


I appreciate your comment, I have an active friend that is running a jogging/walking contest, and i will be letting him know about your steemactivities tag.

The @ivote is a good initiative and one that most people in the platform should follow and be informed.

I am part of the @promo-mentors community and our aim is to mentor, encourage and retain Steemians who were brought over by the @promo-steem movement or just anyone that is new to the platform and needs help in being mentored and know the ins and outs of the platform so that they become well adjusted Steemians.

We have an encouragement boost vote that we give out to people who attend the mentor workshop and is seen by the mentors as someone who is trying their best and would like to encourage to keep on Steeming.

It would be appreciated if you would follow our trail and be part of our encouragement to Steemians.

@promo-mentors see itself as a community for Communities as we are open and would like to continue providing mentoring to people through our mentors who are part of curie and OCD.

More than that we have an initiatives program that we support advocacy and initiatives of people.

Now I also handle the account @giftinkindph who is committed to create a sustainable option of funding it's charity activities using the gift economy of the Steem blockchain.

Post earnings that is made will be used for its activities but a portion will also be used to continually power up and support manually curated posts in the charity and upfundme tags.

All it's SP delegation is from me and I am a believer of doing something first before I ask other people to delegate and believe in our vision.
We are in the blockchain in the long run and believe in humanizing the Steem Blockchain through humanitarian efforts.


Hey Mav

Yes @promo-mentors is certainly an account @steemcommunity will follow and try to support.

Could @giftinkindph benefit from @pennsif's project?

Thanks for supporting @steemcommunity, glad to have people like yourself here.



Yey!!! Thanks Asher that would be awesome for the promo-mentors

I think Pennsif has seen my project as he has upvoted the posts from that account.

What you and Paulag is doing is pretty awesome and is for the future of the platform.


Thank you, we are trying our best :)

Thank you for supporting @noblebot and other projects. I highly appreciate it.

There is a small typo in @noblebot's name 6th list item.


A pleasure! Glad to see @noblebot has been successful in action already, well done to you.

And cheers for the spelling correction, I had spelled the name wrong throughout at first!


I hope one day we will have 100% success rate.


Yes me too!

Seems like great work you are doing. I voted for your witness.


Thank you very much @katharsisdrill! Very kind of you :)

Thank you for being part of so many good community building projects; it's something Steemit definitely needs to balance out the "purely tech" witnesses. Keep up the good work!



Cheers @curatorcat :D

While a witness needs a decent level of technical knowledge, it's nice to be able to contribute in other ways too.

@abh12345 and @paulag I only recently discovered what you guys are doing with the @steemcommunity witness and I think it is really great and one of the most undervalued witnesses i've seen on the platform.

@abh12345 - though we disagree on some things you've shown that you're open minded and willing to engage in respectful and constructive discussions which I think is one of the most important traits for someone who takes part in running a community-based, decentralized platform like Steem.

You can count on my witness vote (for what it's worth) and my support for your projects where I can!


Hi Matt

Thank you for the witness vote (which is worth plenty to us), I had seen it but not crossed you in conversation to thank you as yet. Thanks also for the promotion of this post :)

Just to be clear to others looking in, I don't have a personal disagreement with you, and I am aware of your use of personal stake and @postpromoter gifts which is/are widely distributed and frequent. This is not true of all Bot owners and so you are setting a good example here.

Thanks also for the constructive discussions that have taken place, I've learned plenty during this time, and will no doubt learn much more as things progress.



that you very much. I have been away on holidays so i'm sorry for the delayed response. All votes matter.

I would also like to second what Asher said, its fab to see these gifts from bot owners.

Thanks for the update @steemcommunity.

I'm very glad to hear that it all seems to be going well for you. Onwards and upwards! 😍


Thanks Gill!

Yes things are moving a long steadily, we are happy with progress so far :)

You already have my witness vote for all the good work you do. Keep it up


Yes and we're very grateful for a vote from one of Steemit's good Samaritans :)

Cheers @steevc!

hey guys, how's it going?

does anyone know how much steem ned owns? i was reading the following, https://steemit.com/smt/@roundbeargames/why-steem-is-centralized-yet

does anyone find that potential concentration troubling ?


It's true that ned/steemit hold a majority share, but I think a the article (despite the last line) is over-inflammatory, and it looks like an EOS shill.

Personally, I think the majority stake needs to be owned by steemit inc at this point.


interesting, thanks for your comments

Glad to see this update! Slowly but surely going up in ranks. :) After the dreaded missed block encountered by many accounts during the spam attack, happy to hear about the server update and having 0 missed blocks in the past couple weeks.

Great work Asher and Paula!


Thanks @beeyou

Yes we are slowly creeping up the ranks and doing better than I expected there.

It'll take time, so we'll just carry on what we are doing and see what happens :)

Three blocks a day, eh? Pretty cool. So is not missing one. That's even cooler. :) So is being witness 89. Moving up the ranks.

Well, you two are involved in all kinds of things that I didn't even know existed, but the ones I am aware of all sound good to me, so keep up the good work.


Yep 3 a day seems to be the average at present, probably close to monthly costs (excluding time of course).

Although ideally, we'd like to keep the SP earned in the account and use it to vote.

Yeah lots of things on the go, and lots of time spent. I should really try and get a post done on my account today :)


I appreciate the update, reading the comments I found a new tag for a steemit friend to possibly look into @sebbbl's Steemactivities. I would like to thank all the respondents, the comments of post are a great place to find those hidden gems.


Thanks. This makes me think we should use signatures in comments more often. Thanks to @stoodkev's Steeplus Chrome extension it's easy now.

I am your new follower hope have a great jounery with you.

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