Joint Witness Update: @Anyx @Guiltyparties @Patrice

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As many of you already know, several @steemcleaners members run witnesses. This is a joint witness update for @anyx, @guiltyparties and @patrice. @Pfunk is also a witness and member.

For the last month we've focused on fighting phishing on the STEEM blockchain. We dedicated countless hours to routing out and neutralising the threats and to providing victims with assistance.

Development of Reporting Mechanisms

  • We have leveraged our existing website and both our chats (Discord and to gather and evaluate reports of phishing links and infected accounts.

You can report phishing in three easy ways:

  1. Submit the Abuse Form
  2. Contact us on Discord
  3. Contact us on

Development of Anti-Phishing Tools

  • @guard bot was developed to unfurl short-link URLs and seek out links to known phishing websites. This development was undertaken as a response to the criminals' use of shortlinks akin to The @guard bot unfurls these links, seeking out those pointing to phishing websites.
  • @mack-bot was adapted to flag phishing comments of accounts placed on the Phishing tracking list. The tracking list is updated when a new infected or spawned account is discovered or when a victim restores their account.
  • The goal of these anti-phishing tools is to flag and hide malicious comments while doing minimal damage to the infected account.

Discovery and Neutralization

  • Both infected accounts and accounts created purely for phishing have been systemtically identified and flagged to hide their comments. This was done manually through the @steemcleaners and @spaminator accounts and automatically through the @mack-bot and @guard accounts. For this, we leveraged a variety of monitoring mechanisms and reports by our fellow STEEM community members.
  • A Phishing Master List was created and is being regularly updated to keep track of the current wave of infected and spawned accounts and to be used as a reference going forward.
  • Numerous requests to registrars and hosts of phishing websites have been made by our team and a portion of these websites were taken down as a result.

Future Plans

  • We are actively working on various methods of organising and retaining historical data on phishing and other related attack vectors. One of these methods is the aforementioned Phishing Master List.
  • We are persuing speeding up discovery of phishing links and other malicious attack vectors.
  • We will be employing reporting mechanisms that filter information based on "abuse types" with notifications to members of the @steemcleaners team.

Recovery Assistance

  • We are available in both Discord and to assist phishing victims and have done so by walking them through the password roll-back process, helped them edit comments, and worked with them every step of the way.
  • On average, we have spent 2-3 hours with each individual requesting our assistance.
  • In cases where accounts sustained irrepairable damage, we helped victims restart anew by creating new accounts for them free of charge.
  • We are actively seeking volunteers with high-reputation and high-SP (Dolphin and Whale) accounts to upvote recovered phishing victims in order to help restore their lost reputations. Unfortunately, we are unable to use the @steemcleaners and @spaminator accounts for this purpose. Please let us know if you can help!

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  1. Introducing @Guard: A Proactive Measure to Limit Phishing on Steemit
  2. Phishing: Attacks and Recovery
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What a wonderful job, I didn't know they had so many defensive measures to avoid these problems and to solve them.

Especially that you show step by step how to act in situations like these.

This is hard work, great update.

I have helped a couple accounts scammed lately by sending them to you guys and you have helped them quickly, very good work.

This is why I gave @patrice a witness vote months ago, watching her work and that is only the bit I saw.

She is great!

Someone called @gmrbotswana has raped all my posts with a -10 cents downvote, can someone help me stop him?


I might know someone interested in that activity.

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I've only been doing a bit of this work— helping people change keys, edit comments, and get new accounts— but it is really tough, and in a lot of cases, really sad. Thanks for stepping up. I don't think it can be said often enough; we need more and more accounts to actually care about each other here on the platform, but until we have that, the burden is heavier on the few that take the weight on their shoulders.

Thanks for all the hard work @steemcleaners and crew! As Steemit gains popularity, I fear these sorts of incidents will only get worse.

Have you at all been in touch with and/or vested @quochuy who has allegedly developed a Chrome extension to alert someone of a phishing attempt in real time? He posted on one of my warning posts about a week ago.

I am not a very large account, but I would be quite happy to give a few upvotes to verified victims of phishing attempts.

Thank you for your support👍👍👍

wonderful community and good post..
thanks for sharingo

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You weren't flagged by Steemcleaners.


Yes but I have been flagged by the blocklist but can not chat to him.please help me....kindly


That's not a Steemcleaners account either unfortunately.


Help me please

Dem peoples gots my vote. :)

Fishing them phishers.

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This is a nice community service

Great work man!