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RE: How to deploy a Steem Witness node by Docker?

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Hey @ety001

Since tonight I have had a problem with my witness node.
The server was not accessible for some time and apparently there was also a problem with the database during the restart:

62147ms database.cpp:192 open ] args.data_dir: /steem/blockchain args.shared_mem_dir: /steem/blockchain args.shared_file_size: 68719476736
62158ms chain_plugin.cpp:608 plugin_startup ] Error opening database. If the binary or configuration has changed, replay the blockchain explicitly using --replay-blockchain.

I'm going to try a replay_blockchain first. That will probably take a little while.
Or would you recommend downloading a current block_log right away and using that?


I suggest you remove all broken data and then downlaod the block data with status data and restart the witness node.

Download only block_log and replaying it by yourself would take a very long time.

Thank you. I better load the steem_witness file from your server then.

Edit: I got it. I removed the data in the blockchaindirectory and restart the node with the new data. Thank you again! :-)

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