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in witness •  10 months ago

I realized today I should be resteeming my Witness Update posts from my @lukestokes account to this account so people can easily get up to speed with what I've been up to as a witness. I'll try to do that from now on. Here are my previous witness update posts:

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Whoops. I meant to decline payout. No need to vote on this. Will burn results to @null.

Hey Luke,
I will Follow, Upvote and Resteem you after this comment. Here's wishing you all the best to you and yours in 2018!
Danny Zale ~ @factcheck

waw! You have not been using this account for awhile as witness. Ama look up above links.

I recall that I used to ask about what witness is all about, hehe!

Actually, I am trying to know more about the first 50 witnesses, so I can decide where my votes will go to. This curiosity led me to your blog.

Also, I want to start checking up on my followers, to encourage them in a way that I could, then report their progress and provide support.

I hope that you will support my initiative. Thanks.

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Hi @lukestokes.mhth I can see your effort and hardwork that's why I upvoted you as one of the good witnesses . I hope you can also support us also.

@transparencybot gets delegation from you & other steemians under false pretenses that it up votes posts that do not use bidbots and have quality content yet it up votes it's comments and @coleman 's other accounts. @coleman also built his account up and reputation utilizing bidbots just a few months ago and now is a hypocrite and ridicules others with spam posts for doing what he did. This platform is already transparent, this bot is spam please consider taking your delegation back!

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Greetings, @lukestokes.mhth,

Please pardon this 'off-topic' comment as coming from a Steemian who cares deeply about the platform and its future success.

I'm here to ask: When do you plan to adopt Steemit condenser version 19.10?

I encourage you, as a "Top 20" witness, to lead the way. Please update your witness node to 19.10 at the earliest possible opportunity, so that its much needed and long awaited features might be released as soon as possible for our use and enjoyment.

Thank you kindly in advance for your prompt action in expediting this matter.

Your fellow Steemian,





Sorry I missed this reply. I don't monitor this account as much as I should, I guess. I was actually one of the first witnesses to produce on 0.19.10. The reason I switched back to the previous version is mentioned in the release notes of 0.19.11. I found and reported a bug which was causing me to miss blocks. I was ready to compile in the fix, but with the last week+ of traveling I was doing, I decided to wait until a full release was issued. I was one of the first witnesses to run 0.19.11 on my seed to check stability and then upgrade my producing witness to it. My backup is now on 0.19.6 in case an issue comes up and I have to downgrade again, but so far today it seems to be running well on 0.19.11.


Hi Luke, and thank you kindly for your comprehensive response.

My concerns were strongly addressed by witness @timcliff, who went above and beyond to create an immediately effective workaround that has enabled me to begin editing old posts as I have the opportunity.

Your responsiveness is also appreciated.

Kind regards,

- @creatr