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RE: Top 100 Steem Witnesses by Number of Votes!

in #witness3 years ago

This is INSANELY interesting! @jerrybanfield... done and dusted, you have officially got my vote!!!! #55.... pffffft! There is a song from the 80s...hehehehe

Own it :) hehehehe!!!

I got a leeeeeeetle frustrated today with, well, CHAOS! lol, so yes - hence my post...

Thought I would share....

oh... and one more "old school" song for you and your vote... hehe

Stay as awesome as you are!


@jaynie thank you very much for voting for me as a witness and sharing your new post with me!

I checked to confirm because sometimes entering a witness in the box results in an approval followed by an unapproval. Would you try it again and enter it once and then check at the SteemD link I just gave you to make sure the vote went through? This same thing has happened to me several times also which is how I thought to look!

@jerrybanfield just checking in to see if my vote DID in fact go through... From what I can tell it did...

Yes it is there now thank you very much!

good stuff :)

oh dear!!! on it.... will revert soonest... wonder what happened :/

@jerrybanfield Please check now... I voted again and if I check on the that you shared just now, it does show my vote... on my side anyway... can you confirm?