Witness Voting Strategy and Update.

in witness •  4 months ago

I've decided I will no longer support witnesses that haven't created notable dapps. I've just unvoted all my witnesses and voted for utopian and busy witness only. These to me are notable dapps.

I will no longer support witnesses that are just running a server or doing some political shit to get votes. Hopefully others will follow this strategy.


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Thanks for your support while it lasted. It's sad to lose your vote, but I respect your choice. However, I don't think that creating DAPPS should be the only criteria for choosing witnesses. DAPPS are important, but they're not the only thing that drives the ecosystem. We all contribute in different ways to support and improve Steem. We need such a diversity for the platform to move forward. I hope you'd reconsider your position and reinstate your support for active witnesses.


As of right now I'm sticking with my strategy, since I have no fair way to judge who is doing a good job or not. My new criteria is if they have a dapp with over 50K alexa. Then I know at least they are driving traffic to steem.

Good strategy. I think this is the right way.

This is a bold move by you, I only support witnesses that has added values to this platform through their innovative application and services such as @yanapmatt who created https://steembottracker.com

Thank you for letting me know. There's many more witnesses who have created notable dapps than these 2.

Great as you are supporting only those who have a vision to take the blockchain forward like that idea