Steem and EOS Witnesses are overpaid, Top EOS Witness is making ~$300K a month to host a new blockchain lol

in witness •  4 months ago

Yo Steemians,

Check out this link which shows the current rewards for EOS blockproducers, . As you can see the top block producers is making 1185 EOS per day lol. That's about $300K USD per month. This is a brand new blockhain lol.

The payouts should scale with blockchain size. Do you think google pays the same for hosting today as it did when it got started?

Also would you vote for a senator or representative in congress today if they were making a million+ a year in salaries? I know they have side deals etc, but that's a different discussion.

Steem witness payouts should have been in SBD and scaled with blockchain size. Overpaying blockproducers is a good way to take away trust from investors in the platform, or prevent them from investing in the first place. Who would want to buy into a platform where this buddy buddy system is taking rewards away from the people steem needs which is the content producers.

It is what it is, doubt it can be changed now.


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Then there is people like us struggling to make a living .

Not only that, but the #1 EOS BP is a centralized exchange :-/

If this is the true, that means this system wasn't decentralized enough, we are the one abusing government of tyranny and dictatorship. Why won't we see reason to make an enable environment for us all, that's, if the money they were paid wasn't used for the upfilment of these platforms. But, If they are working tirelessly towards make this platform a better place for us all then nothing is too much for them to earn. There are a lot of app these witnesses have put in place for us all to enjoy.


I don't agree with nothing is too much for them to earn. The money is coming from somewhere, it's not coming from trees.


yes, you are right. I now see reasons why they should consider the masses and try to do things most of the time from their pockets since steem does reward them. What do you think could be done for witnesses to make a rethink.

That's absolutely absurd. I still can't fathom why EOS is so overvalued right now as a new coin that hasn't proven itself at all.


One "conspiracy" shows a ton of suspicious as hell wallet movement that makes it look like they churned with their own ICO funds to boost the price up.

$300k a month would be someones whole life savings......

Sometimes I really wonder I wish I would have been tech geek like the ones are getting paid load some ;)

dammm that's a lot of money looks like EOS is gonna overtake everything