Best type of notifications

in witness •  9 days ago

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 16.22.57.png

Sorry about my image editing skills.

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As you asked so nicely......


I will spend the rest of the afternoon staring out of my window watching the world becoming a better place before my eyes :-)


You can revoke it anytime if you don't see any change :) Thanks!


You're welcome mate :-) You have until 4.15pm ;-)

For some reason, I think that you mean it.. :)

I will post about the witnesses I will vote and why (hopefully in a few days) and I will be very happy to include you in my list.

Even if not for anything else, I have been (and still am) one of the users of which .. rocks!

Thank You!

Palaşım için teşekkürler;) her paylaşımına yorum ve begeni bırakıyorum bir birimize destek olamamız şart :)

You do realize, that anybody can use steemd or any other blockchain explorer, to figure out, who voted there for you?


yeah, no need to publicly announce a voter though :)