I was reading about witness and why they're important for our platform - Now i upvote for one of them

in witness •  2 years ago  (edited)

Looking for a witness i found 3 of them because i liked their ideas and the way how they support people, and reading a lot of content i selected  steemgigs as witness and the main reason was after read the support that give  mr @surpassinggoogle i really liked his work in our platform and it was my choice so you can choose who you want but try to upvote for  whichever you want but choose it, because they're very important for our platform.


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Oh oh I tell you that the choice of your vote can not be better !!
Steemgigs is the best of all. @surpassinggoogle is a leader steemians, his witness also runs a public node, and has giant projects for steemit. In addition a wonderful human quality.

Thank you,

Thanks dear @samic as i said i saw some options and the best in my opinion was @surpassinggoogle, i visited the facebook page but do you know if they have a telegram channel or maybe a group ?

Well said!
He. Deserves it

I one hundred percent concur with what you just said.
One unique attribute I have learnt about @surpassingoogle is his benevolency and generousity. Always selflessly helping and promoting newbies on the platform. From my observation, he is a man of love.
Thanks alot @surpassingoogle

Yes @surpassinggoogle was the best and he is so very kind person and also inspired us to post our individual story in life @teardrops thank you so much sir.

Supported! 100%

@surpassinggoogle is a wonderful choice, and one of the witnesses which has my support.

Just in case you don't already know, you can place up to 30 different votes, even for witnesses not appearing in the top 50.

With as little as 4% of the user base exercising their votes it is important to get more users taking part in the process. 🖒

@surpassinggoogle is the best, his platform is amazing, he supports other steemians and help them to earn and have a self confidence to write and post. Thank you!

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You made the right choice in who will you be one of your witness. @surpassinggoogle deserved all the credits for being kind hearted person for steemians.

Great.... I love it

I haven't voted for any witness yet. I'm pretty new to steemit but I will try to document myself in the future and pick the ones that I see most fit.

God bless you all for supporting steemgig.we do appreciate but will love it more if you can also advertised it to as many of your friend and steemian to develop and rapid growth of steegigs. My boss @surpassinggoogle really appreciate you guys.

really intersting. good post