Where were you the day the blocks stopped? Witness update

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So what happened?


As you may have already heard, a user by the name of @nijeah started to power down last week with negative vests.


So when the transaction started to process, the system caught it and began to bug out and all blocks stopped. Our team of geniuses at Steemit and the amazing technical witnesses began to do their coding wizardry and worked on a fix and in the wee hours of the morning the patch was pushed out to all of the witnesses.

I started my update this morning before I left for classes, but as @drakos states in https://steemit.com/witness-category/@drakos/the-negative-vests-incident, I was also one of the unlucky ones that had to replay. At least I was able to start the replay and then head to class, which I was only an hour late to.

After class I headed to the plasma center to make that witness server money (every Tuesday and Friday). I got home about 2 in the afternoon and then was able to get the server fully finished updating to 0.19.5.

In the end it was a good ending


Out of all the chaos that came with this event, there was one good thing that came out of it and that is that we have learned that there was a hole that needed fixed and it was fixed rather quickly. There really wasn't any damage done and everyone's money is safe. The system caught this and knew that it wasn't ordinary and did what it's supposed to do and shut itself down.



Please consider casting a witness vote for me if you like what I am doing for the community. I believe that this is an amazing platform and I have seen it change people's lives. I want to do my part in ensuring its longevity so that it can continue to help people all over the world and reward talented and creative people for what they are doing. You can vote for @derangedvisions here or go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and write in "derangedvisions."


Thank you for taking the time to read my update blog. Make sure that you are voting for your Steemit Witnesses. Every vote is important!


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Great witness report! Thank you for your work and dedication. Voted!


Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

Please consider casting a witness vote for me if you like what I am doing for the community.

One of my witness votes is looking for a home. My new criteria is that myself and the witnesses that have my support are on the same page in terms of non-proof of brain mining/upvoting/downvoting or counterfeit steem as coined in a recent post of mine, whose link is included below for your reading pleasure.


It is my feeling that one solution to help to abate non-proof of brain mining would be to have the option of a decentralized anonymous CAPCHA scheme. This idea was explored in a more recent post if mine, whose link is included below for your reading pleasure.


Would you be willing to support a decentralized anonymous CAPCHA scheme?


While I am not a big fan of voting bots, I do not think that they are going to go away. There is too much money in the top being made on them and I do not think that enough people will stop using them for it to make a dent in their profits. I do not view the trending page for the very reason that it is not a true representation of what should be trending content. It is just sad that so many people think that the only way to make it here is to use voting bots and make rich people even richer while gambling their money away. I am also not sure how using capchas would really slow anything down with the bots. The people that are determined to make money with that system will find a way to work around it. It would be nice though to see a real proof of brain here on the platform, because then Steem Cleaners wouldn't be so busy.


My feeling is that if the CAPCHA proof of brain rewards were greater than software non-proof of brain rewards then users would be encentivized to use the CAPCHA system.

Thanks for your feedback.

Voted for you as a witness some time ago. Thanks for the report. All the tech stuff way above my pay grade, but grateful that the glitch or whatever it was was fixed and the platform can keep humming along.


Thank you. The dev team did an amazing job identifying and coming up with a solution and then getting the patch out to all of us so we can get our witnesses all up to date. It is actually pretty awesome to think of the scale of this and how a community of worldwide witnesses and developers were able to come together so quickly and get a problem fixed. Not many projects are able to do that.

Only an hour late for class😹 Thanks for all your hard work! Did you even sleep that night?

I was right here trying to open steemit again and again and getting irritated