Derange Visions Witness Update for the END of July

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All good things must come to an end


So I have been a witness here for the Steemit blockchain for the past few months and I have had a great time learning about the different aspects of the chain and the platform in general. While in my introduction post I said I was going to be donating plasma to pay for my server costs, the costs have began to far outweigh the rewards.

I have the utmost respect for the witnesses that are outside of the top 100 that continue to run their servers at a loss each month for the love of the blockchain. I have just had bills come up and need to cut back on expenses that did not make sense right now.

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Thank you all


I want to say thank you to all of those that have supported me with witness votes during this time. You all are awesome. I will not be going anywhere though. Now that the witness is going to be shut down, that means I will have more time for my "normal" posting and my contests.

Being a Steemit witness can be a full time job in itself and most people here on the platform take the witness for granted and do not even vote. If you have not voted for any witness yet, I would highly encourage you to go out and learn about the different witnesses that are out there and cast your vote for them because they are the ones that are working behind the scenes ensuring that everything runs and that you have an enjoyable experience here on Steemit.

Here are some of the witnesses that I am voting for and why:

@pfunk - Pfunk is a witness that is all about helping out communities. I am not even sure how many projects he is supporting now. He is the main sponsor of my Deranged Photography contests and is the main reason that I am able to keep rewarding the community while the market sucks so bad right now. If it weren't for his voting on my contests, I would have had to shut the contests down a long time ago, and for that I am truly grateful. His help to not only my contests have benefitted people from all over the world. He is my number one choice for a witness to support, so hopefully you all are voting for him.

@curie - This is one of my favorite witnesses on the list. They are the definition of community building here on Steemit. So many people struggle with getting rewards on their posts, but the people at @curie are searching out the great content on the platform and rewarding them for their work.

@adsactly-witness - This is the community witness for @adsactly which I am a part of. They are a community that is dedicated to all things crypto. They are welcoming and reward their members with different crypto currencies just for being active in the community.

@aggroed - Not only is he one of the brilliant minds behind Steem Monsters, but he is a very generous person. @aggroed has had my witness vote for a long time and will continue to have my vote. He is a great person and a valuable member of the platform.

@arcange - When you come across the many different phishing comments on the platform @arcange is one of the ones that is working tirelessly to combat the issue. He is working behind the scenes with account recovery and phishing constantly. To help him out, vote for his witness and DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS IN THE COMMENTS!!!

@ats-witness - He is one of the founders of BRO Sports, a huge supporter of @spl and many other communities here.

@ausbitbank - I am not sure what else to say other than @ausbitbank is a HUGE supporter of so many different communities with either large delegations or upvotes. He is one that really deserves your vote.

@c0ff33a - He is a rather new witness, but he is always supporting so many people. I am not sure how he has the time to read so many posts and comment, but when it comes to a witness that gets involved with the community, @c0ff33a is a pro at it. He vlogs during his car trips and they are pretty amusing to watch.

@comedyopenmic - This is the community witness that supports the @comedyopenmic contest. I am not sure if I need to say much else about it because they are doing awesome things for so many people with rewards and showcasing amazing talent.

@drakos - My pirate buddy here comes in and votes on posts out of no where and is a super nice person. His avatar is what sold me on him at first, but when I found out more of the stuff he does, he is actually a genius for a pirate. He is a huge supporter of Minnow Support Project and the creator of

@enginewitty - The one and only. Engine is the creator and godfather of the Alliance. He is an amazing person and has a huge heart. He is involved with so many things that I don't know how he has any family time. He usually has his daughter on the microphone with him as well. Very awesome person.

@followbtcnews - @crimsonclad is one of the people that maintain this witness and like so many here on the platform, she was one of the first people that welcomed me and showed me around. Since then, I have become a fan of her shows and the other stuff she does here. In my eyes, she could easily be the "face of Steemit". She is always working hard to ensure that things are running smooth, but still makes it a point to visit the million different discords she is in to talk with everyone.

@good-karma - He is the creator of the Esteem Application, which I use almost daily for posting. I have found this to be a lot easier and better looking than the interface. One of the good things with posting on Esteem is that if the post isn't a garbage post, you will most likely get curated by their team of curators and get rewarded for posting with them. @good-karma is pushing out frequent updates for the platform as well.

@guiltyparties - GP is always working behind the scenes to fight plagiarism and help out with the phishing that is going on. He is one of the main people behind the @steemcleaners team and is doing great things to ensure the longevity of the platform.

@jackmiller - Jack is a straight shooter and one that I consider a good friend here on Steemit. He has the best interest of Steemit in mind with the decisions that he is making for his witness and Steemit as a whole. In one of his recent posts he also just showed that he can't be swayed by money when it comes to his witness. I am backing him 100%.

@noblewitness - This is a collaborative witness between some great members of the platform. @anarcho-andrei, @gmuxx, @rhondak, and @sircork have all been doing great things with their own witnesses prior to consolidating them all into one. Now as a team they are able to work together and be more efficient.

@ocd-witness - is the witness account for @ocd which seeks out people contest and curates curates it. These types of initiatives are great for sustaining the community here on the platform.

@patrice - She is a member of @steemcleaners and is fighting the good fight along with the rest of the team.

@pjau - Pjau is another member of Steemcleaners and is a very undervalued witness. I am not sure if it is because @pjau is not playing the game as far as seeking out witness votes, but he is constantly working with Steemcleaners and deserves your vote because he is helping to ensure a smooth experience here on Steemit.

@qurator - Qurator not only upvotes its members daily, but it also curates content and rewards people.

@steemcommunity - This is a curation community witness headed by @abh12345 and @paulag. They are all about growing curators and educating minnows. Very awesome initiative.

@steemgigs - This is the witness of @surpassinggoogle. Terry is one of the most giving people I have ever met. He is the creator of @ulogs, which give people the opportunity to post about their day. He has done a lot for so many people from all over the world and continues to get people to engage on Steemit in different ways.

@stoodkev - I don't think many people know who @stoodkev is, but he is the developer of the Steemplus plugin. The plugin is pretty awesome and I can tell that some hard work went into it and he updates it frequently.

@themarkymark - he runs the @buildawhale bot and is a member of the veteran community. He is also a very active member of the platform.

@yabapmatt - He is the other genius behind the phenomenon that is Steem Monsters. The Steem Monsters game is going to be huge for the platform and both @aggroed and @yabapmatt have already been rewarding people for their involvement for helping to create this game world. They are really letting the Steem Monster universe be OURS, which is amazing.

So Now What?


Well, I will be going back to trying to post more of my photography content and getting more involved with video. I am trying to get a regular video cooking series in, which I should have a little more time for editing.

I am also going to be able to devote more time to my photography contests. Being a full time student, running my own businesses, Steemit and family time, it has been hard to fit everything in. It should be a little easier now though.


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Dang, it sure is a tough slog, at the moment, as a witness. I really do appreciate all the work that goes on behind the scenes by the witnesses. Great write-up of all the other witnesses too. Best wishes on the cooking vids. Like other things in life, you never know until you try. Maybe another opportunity will open up to run a witness in the future.


I may do the witness thing again, I dont know. But for now i will concentrate on helping the community in a way I know how.

Sorry to hear that, mate, but you must put your family first and if running the witness is compromising your life in any way, then your decision is sound.
Blessings on your next endeavours...

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy




Thanks Nathan. This will give me more time for fun stuff anyways. It is going to be good all around.

You were one of my witness votes my man! But totally understandable. I look forward to seeing more content of yours. Good luck! Will definitely take a look at the other witnesses, I have a few votes left I believe. Can't wait for more cooking vids! haha


Well, I will finally have more free time to finish editing my video. I have had a completed episode for a while that is about halfway done editing. This semester has been busy. I wish that there were more hours in the day to get all the stuff I need done. Hopefully I get the next Deranged Eats up soon. It will be a more healthy episode, lol. It is a Keto Diet friendly episode.


Yeah you are one busy dude! Cool can't wait to see the next Deranged Eats video. :)

Sorry to hear you're stepping down, yet it certainly seems like a decision wisely-chosen. I appreciate your thorough run-down of who you vote for and why. Thank you for taking the time to compile such a thoughtful list. :)


You are welcome. There are some amazing witnesses on this list. I am looking forward to having some extra free time now though.

Really very sorry to see you having to shut down, but I am sure everyone understands that the cost of renting a server capable of running a Witness are far more then you will ever see back in Steem Power unless you are getting very close to the Top 50.

Thanks for the mention, I appreciate that the compliment

He vlogs during his car trips and they are pretty amusing to watch.

You forgot to mention I drive on the wrong side of the road while doing it!

Looking forward to joining in more of your awesome contests.

#thealliance #witness


I couldn't have done it without your help. You were a life saver during setting up my witness and during the whole fiasco we had when we had to update. You deserve to be higher on the list.

I have lived in places where people drive on the other side of the road, so I am used to that side you drive on, so it isnt that big of a deal.

Sad to read but you do what is sensible for you. It takes courage to try things and also takes courage to admit they did not turn as expected, maybe it simple was not the best timing and you can retry in the future. Hugs.


Thank you. I appreciate the support while I was trying to be one of the cool kids.

Great Job my friend... Hope the better time will come around and we can see you back as a Wittness again ;)

Oh noes! So sorry to hear this. But as somwonwlwse said below, maybe in the future you could team up with someone else to have a shared server.

I must thank you though for suggesting these witnesses, there are. A few who I have never heard of and think I will do some research on. Thanks my guy xx

Sorry man. It's tough going at present for sure.

Thank you very much for the positive mention, hopefully things will pick up and you can be tempted back in.

Sad to see you leave the witness chair. I totally understand the cost, luckily I'm not in a situation where it matters to me. Hopefully you're not quitting discord though!!!! 😁

Thanks for the mention, but you are right, I'm not a politician, I'm not good at asking for votes, I want people to vote for me because they want to, not because I keep nagging at them lol and I'm terrible at writing posts. Haha, but my witness has been running 3 months now, no blocks missed. Hey look at me, I'm advertising myself. 😂


Ya, you are a solid witness and a good dude. Hopefully you are able to get some more votes. You do a lot for the community as a whole that goes unnoticed and you deserve some reward for it.

Enjoyed your breakdown of the witnesses you vote for and why. Glad things are going well but I am sad that you had to step down from being a witness. It is no easy task and not very profitable from my research.

Also, I am really excited about your podcast project with @kaliju. Been letting folks know about it.

I was not aware that @themarkymark was a Vet.


Thanks for all the support @sgt-dan. I need to get recording with @kaliju on the next episodes for the podcast. That project is going to be a lot of fun. I had just barely found out that @themarkymark was a vet as well. He is a man of mystery.


Is he on our @chairborne list. Never mind I will go check.

Thank you very much! It was really good for me personally to watch/read your process of becoming a witness. It has been a very big question mark for me and watching your experience just proves to me that it is no where near a possibility for me. I can't see myself doing the legwork to be known. I'm not outgoing enough to be a good witness and the financial burden at this point is crazy. That is why is kinds sucks we can only vote for 30 witnesses as I would love to vote for more that are doing good for the platform, who are not just the top 20 but the lower ranked, those who add major support to Steem. Thank you for the effort!


Thank you. It was a pretty exciting venture while it lasted. It is a lot of work to get set up and going. If I were in at the beginning it wouldn't have been too bad, but there isn't much I can do about it now.

Great job and thanks for explaining why you're stepping down. I think you made the right choice. There are a lot of other ways to contribute to the success of the platform without going into debt doing so. If one of our other Veteran Witnesses needs a hand in the future, maybe you can team up and make it work that way. You were doing a great job, it's a shame that you can't even break even without many rich and powerful friends..


Thanks. This decision should open up quite a bit of free time for me to be able to concentrate more on my posting and responding to people. Most of my days were spend on discord trying to network with people to get votes that went nowhere. This will be a lot better for the community.

I'm sorry it didn't work out like you had hoped but I am very happy you are not leaving , leaving.

You always have to do what is right for your family and yourself and it looks like you are.

Thank YOU for all your hard work and frustration you endured for all of us.



It's all good. This decision will give me more time to do what I want to do anyways. The whole witness thing ate up too much of my time.

That is a pity as this community grows day by day and needs more people like you, witnesses with a great heart.


There are some great ones out there. Hopefully I i highlighted a few for you here. Thanks for the support.

Sad to see this man, but am glad you are still gung-ho for the chain. I have had to adjust a few things to make more time for others recently too. Long as you keep STeeMiNG oN fam! That's all that really matters. Got my support for whatever it is bud.


Thanks man. I am not going anywhere. Just going back to my roots.

Oh, man. Sad day, but I get it. I think you're the first veteran witness I voted for. You certainly have mettle and work awfully hard at what you do. I'm sure you'll succeed, on Steemit and elsewhere. We'll miss your witness.


I appreciate it. This decision will give me more time to concentrate on my community building aspects now.

I'm sorry to hear about this, but you're not the first who makes this decision based on the costs of the server - a Witness team seems to be the way to go ATM, and yesterday I read a post that showed me how in the future the dApps might run witness notes with a person as their spokesman/woman - it made sense to me, but we'll see where it goes :-)

The vote I casted to you will now go to @pfunk - I love to support witnesses who support communities, they are what make this blockchain unique and worth investing in. Through my vote for @pfunk I'll support your contest as well, so it makes sense that your witness vote goes that way.

Good luck with all that you do to support the community and be proud that you tried! :D


Thank you for voting for @pfunk. He is probably one of the most supportive witnesses on the platform.

I like how you included the list of witnesses at the end, with a paragraph about each! Very useful info! We shall miss your witness, but glad to hear that you and @coff33a will be partnering!