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RE: 19.2 Update + New Backup Server + SteemJ Progress! Witness Update #2!

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The Witness' path seems to be full of excitement; may be I will look into how to buy and set up a Linux server as well... Anyway, appreciate that you share your contagious excitement with us and give us in this way a portion of this excitement for ourselves.


Learning the linux box was probably the turning point for me.. Always was a nerd and firm believer that if you want to learn something bad enough you will. Good luck on your sysadmin adventures!

Thanks for encouragement, still didn't decide though... :)

youll find it more efficient to just rent a server and be able to click a button to upgrade server hardware , @klye knows hat im talking about


wow someone just delegated me 7,638 Steempower so my Upvotes are now worth 50 cents so I just pushed your comment up to $2.38 so now you can tell your friends you made $2.23 offa single steemit post wiuth just one word!
$ 2 per word is pretty good XD

@cryptoeera thank you for your thoughtful comments on hundreds of the posts I have authored including this witness update! With over 10,000 Steem Power, your vote makes a big difference for witnesses! Would you join us in voting for witnesses today at by making individual witness votes or setting a proxy to handle all voting because our witness votes are the most important we make on Steem?

Jerry, my research regarding witnesses is very limited and I sincerely don't know who deserves to be at the top. I also still am not sure how secure is Steemit because of this witnesses thing and what is the level of the platform's decentralization because of them...

@cryptoeera thank you for explaining what you are thinking about witness voting! The easiest way to fully participate is to set a proxy to someone we trust because the proxy then makes all the votes on our behalf at The proxy can be removed at any time when we decide to do our own research.

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