Witness Update - Joining Witnesses with DerangedVisions and running steady on v0.19.10

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It has been a few weeks since my last Witness update when I announced I had moved on to experimental version of Steemd v0.19.10. I'm pleased to say since then my Witness server has been running smoothly, with all blocks dutifully processed when requested. To ensure the optimum operation of my server I have multiple terminal sessions open all the time on the Mac Mini I use at home as a media server, I can access this from multiple devices at any time and instantly see at a glance exactly what is happening.


This week I was sad to read DerangedVisions would be shutting down his Witness Server , I am always excited to see new Witnesses launch it shows how much belief people have in this platform and of course every new server is greater stability for the blockchain. I gave him some helpful tips while he was setting up his Witness server, and I was the first vote @derangedvisions received as a new Witness.

Very quickly he went far above me in the Witness ranks, @derangedvisions is very popular in multiple communities, his photography contents are always packed with entries, quite rightly so as the winners are always rewarded generously. The Witness votes he received were hard earned, because those people could see how much work he does for communities on Steemit helping to encourage and retain accounts of all sizes.

I feel that we both share the same enthusiasm for this platform, and although we display it in different ways - we are both devoted to encouraging and growing accounts, supporting people by sharing our upvote far and wide, leaving encouraging comments and generally building great communities. While we were discussing @derangedvisions shutting down his witness server - we both realised that all the work he had put into it over the last few months could still be utilised - by combining and becoming a Witness team @derangedvisions supporters could continue to support him by moving their Witness vote from him to me.

As a Witness team I will handle the responsibility of taking care of the Witness server, and all Witness votes for @derangedvisions should now be placed under my account c0ff33a , the higher up the Witness ranking these take me the more often our Witness server will be called to resolve blocks and receive producer rewards. Every Thursday evening (his Witness server was cancelled last Thursday) we will look at https://steemworld.org/@c0ff33a Witness Details and split the 7 days rewards in half, I will then send @derangedvisions half in Steem which he can either power up or use to contribute to the costs of running his photography contests.

To quickly switch your Witness vote click below to remove your existing vote for @derangedvisions

And then click below to vote for c0ff33a instead

I have already received many new votes from existing supporters of @derangedvisions , and thanks to you all our ranking has moved even higher up the Witness list


My goals as a Witness remain to support people creating quality content, increase visibility by sharing content - that is entirely why I resteem so many posts, to give content the opportunity to be seen and enjoyed - so many posts have the potential in them to be very highly rewarded - but because they are hardly seen it never happens.

All my own Steem Power is delegated out to people and community projects, to retain a reasonable upvote value I pay for 3000 Delegated Steem Power. I am keen to manually curate when I have time, appreciating posts in person is an essential foundation of this platform - alongside leaving a comment that is relevant to the content and post creator. When I am not able to vote in person, SteemAuto will kick in and ensure my account supports many people (164 and growing) alongside also following the #thealliance trail.

With HF20 and Hivemind community literally just around the corner, we all have alot to look forward to. Now more then ever it is essential we stick together, support each other and keep trying to retain as many people as we can.

In my next Witness update I will cover exactly where my Steem Power is delegated to, supporting people and communities.

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I am looking forward to the future of our partnership. Top 100 is just right around the corner. Big things are coming.


Sometimes I think it is even harder to get people to unvote a shut down Witness then it is to get them vote an active one! You only have to look at the @noblewitness team who still have hundreds of votes on their personal accounts despite being shut down for months now and clearly advising their followers to switch votes to the new account.



I have heard some accounts (and witnesses) prefer to keep old votes (or not fill their quota) on purpose...........

We got you fellows for sure! We gonna work to get you guys up in to the top 20!


Thank you very much Sarge I appreciate that, my only goal is to support people and great content in any way I can - and I'm quite sure @derangedvisions matches that with added vigor - he is also active in many different communities to myself which makes us an ideal team.

Happy for both of you! Great witnesses! Good job!
Here is my #SublimeSunday post today (and please read the final part about the Hall of Fame!!)


Thank you very much, I am behind on posts again but will try to catch up very soon.


You are the most adorable slow I've met so far :)))! Cheers, my friend!

great to see you two great Steemians team up. You both are a credit to the platform. Thank you for the shoutout for @ramblingradio and PYPT


Thank you very much, I try my best and @derangedvisions is legendary - exceptionaly driven he put’s 110% into everything its an honour to be working with him.

I don't vote for anyone, but you :-)! You got it!!!

(Because at least once in a while you came to pay a pity on me, lol..)


Thank you very much, certainly not pity though I enjoy your posts and would visit even more if I had the time - just so many people and posts to get around every day!

I appreciate the vote though very much thank you, and now you are also voting @derangedvisions and he does fantastic photography competitions with big prizes - well worth joining in.

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