Block-Buster Witness Update #11

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What has @Block-Buster Been up to?

So sadly we have dropped to the 90th spot on the witness list. We will not let this discourage us from continuing in our plan to support artists here on the platform. We have a well oiled machine on our hands and with the rise in Steem price our support is even more effective. We have had discussions on hiring a developer to do some work for us but @bitcoinparadise is just a genius and has been doing a great job maintaining the witness. We have big plans for the future but they require money. Slowly but surely we will get there.

P.S. Still haven't missed a block!!!!!

Witness Statistics

WitnessRankMissed Blocks
@block-buster# 900


Supporting @fivestargroup and it's Community Discord server

Latest info on the FSE server by @bitcoinparadise

To vote, use the link above, and go to the bottom of the page, and enter block-buster into the box and click the VOTE button:


Cheers guys! Working hard, nothing will stop any of us! Keep it up, and everything will pay off sooner than later. Steem up !!