ANN : New 512gb full rpc node is now online + backup witness in Finland

in witness •  2 years ago  (edited)

I'm amazed at the sheer volume of requests coming in to my rpc server at as the network is growing.

To beter serve our developer community I've just launched a second full steemd node to take some of the load.

The specs on our new beast:

Location: Germany
Memory: 512 GB of DDR4 ram
Disk: 2 x 960GB NVME high speed drives in a Raid 0 configuration
CPU: AMD Ryzen with 24 cores and 48 threads

All steemd plugins are available on this node :

public-api= database_api login_api account_by_key_api network_broadcast_api tag_api follow_api market_history_api raw_block_api
enable-plugin = witness account_history account_by_key tags follow market_history raw_block private_message

As always, public performance stats are available at

I've setup an nginx proxy server in front of both RPC servers, that I'm using to load balance traffic between the two machines - this also allows me to restart individual steemd nodes without interrupting traffic.

Anyone who has tools/apps/bots configured to use is already taking advantage of the new server. I will leave both online for as long as the older 256gb node can handle the work (using zram, this could be a few more weeks at least).

As with the other machine, service is provided on a best-effort basis .

A new 64gb witness node in Finland

There have been many recent discussions about the steem networks over-reliance on hosting in Germany , so I have purchased and configured a new machine in Finland that I will be using for my primary witness node from now on.

The specs are far less impressive then the full nodes, and less expensive (thank god) :
Location:Helsinki, Finland
Memory: 64 GB dram
Disk: 2 x 240gb SSD's
CPU: Intel i7-7700 with 8 cores at 3.6ghz

My backup witness nodes and seedbox in Germany and USA are still viable at 32gb for a little bit longer thanks to zram compression, but they will also be replaced soon.

A quick note

Apologies for the lack of posting - please don't take this as disinterest or a lack of activity on Steem. I'm here literally every single day, I'm in over 40 different discord servers and working with multiple communities to help grow our network.

I'm incredibly proud to serve as the current #7 witness for the Steem network thanks to my 6140 voters!

If you'd like to support my witness campaign please vote for ausbitbank here, or here

Are you looking for a community to help guide you through your Steemy adventure ? Come join us in the PAL discord server!

#teamaustralia banner thanks to @bearone
Are you an Aussie ? Come introduce yourself in the #teamaustralia chat room!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Don’t overwork yourself or sweat the small stuff, your transparency and hard work is evident in your words and your reputation. You’re one of the most talked about and praised witnesses out there. As a minnow I hold you in very high regard as an ambassador of steem to the world stage. Much love and thank you for beiing here for us @ausbitbank

Thankyou for the kind words :)

May I ask why you are using RAID 0? Is redundancy not an issue? Just curious, sure you put way more thought into it that I did @ausbitbank :D

Hi everyone! pls do help to upvote this post for my friend's father's heart. They need our support right now..

Couldn't have said it better myself! Solid work @ausbitbank

hear hear.

What he said ^

I just want to thank you Sir ausbitbank for all your support given for me and the community I do appreciate it all. You are a great steemian with a heart of gold too. God bless you.

Love it! Just wish would use some more nodes as it is brutally slow.

I notice you are using NetData :)


That's a real beast of a node you've got setup there now! Nice work, and thanks for providing the services you do, and for free! Your RPC node has been super reliable for me.

Q: When you decommission your 256GB RPC node, will and both continue to function through your proxy?

Thanks mate, when I decommission I'll make sure to announce + do some DNS trickery so both addresses continue to work fine :)

Awesome mate! Thanks again.

FYI I had to decommission the 256gb box today, zram kept it running up till 374gb memory usage but it's hit its limit. DNS and SSL certificates have been fiddled with so both addresses will continue to work :)

Thanks mate. All systems purring away like nothing happened. Didn't even notice it go offline.

More nodes is always good news!

Thanks @ausbitbank for being a witness to this great community!

Yeah!!!!! way to be continually awesome @ausbitbank! I'm very grateful for everything you do!

Thank you for being such an amazing witness to Steem blockchain. Also, thank you for your support to dozens of projects/communities which are working towards progress of Steem.

Congratulations on these latest upgrades and developments. The confidence people show in you as a witness is well deserved due to your unwaivering support for the blockchain and its progress.

Thank you!

Wow, that's a really powerful node you set up there. Thanks for your contributions to the steem community, we're really fortunate to have you here 😊

Keep up the good work.

I know you might not having been posting much recently but can see you're pretty busy behind the scenes. It is noted and appreciated.

Wow, that's a really powerful node you set up

@ausbitbank cool. I have a question regarding the 3 day average USD/steem price that the witnesses provide. Do you know if it is possible to get historical data for June of this year? I'm researching a post.

Hi Peter! I'm not aware of any existing easy web tools to get access to this past data - however all the witness price feeds are on chain and could be collected with a custom script if needed..

Thank you @ausbitbank. I have not worked out how to pull it from the BC yet but I wrote some javascript to scrape it from steemd.

Keep up the good work. Minnows such as myself are very grateful for your hard work in developing the platform.

Even if you don't post often, we all know the good work you're doing here. You're a top quality person with a big heart.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm incredibly proud to serve as the current #7 witness for the Steem network thanks to my 6140 voters!

wow, that's amazing You're doing a great job @ausbitbank, I'm impressed and I follow your suggestiOn.
can you help me little bit, I want some favor can you add me on discord?

excellent post...thanks for being a witness to this great community!..
my dear friend @ausbitbank..

how much profit will I earn from this in a year?


Up and Happy 😁


I want to understand your articles but can you give us some lessons for beginner

a very nice post @ausbitbank, this is very useful for the crowd and especially for myself. I get a new knowledge from your article. Thanks for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful for your work ... :)


That's the boss himself. Been getting random upvotes from you on my posts. So here's me thanking you for all the upvotes.

Goodluck on your project. Make it as beautiful as you can. Best wishes and a great week ahead

Good work .....
Gonna vote you as one of my witness

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Wooowww @ausbitbank this is so amazing and innovative too...
I had heard so much about the P. A. L on the discord channel. I recently joined and I must say....
Thank you so much for the help you've given us minnows....
My steemit story has changed...

Keep up the hardwork sir... You will definitely be rewarded and yes I give my 100% support for you as witness

It's really an awesome news and also a beast setup by you because 512 gb ram is killer bro,Thanks for all your hardwork that you and your fellow witnesses are doing to make Steemit a better place for us,Thanks @ausbitbank

thanks for sharing! So many things out there to be happy for and about. Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post! Cheers

Great, it is very fast! :)

I just voted for you as a witness.

Thanks for your support :)

The best thing here is steemit There is cooperation and support among many members and this motivates me Find friends and friends I am here to develop myself Greetings to me Everyone

Amazing box, puts my little witness server to shame hahaha. Thanks for doing this for all of us.

Thanks @ausbitbank. The work you are doing is amazing. Thanks for all your support!

Thank you for making STEEM better and better ! Much appreciated.

No need for the apologies on the lack of posting front. You are a busy lad. Thanks for all your support and everything you do for this platform.

You deserve the #7 Witness spot (but in my opinion it should be higher ;)

I am new here, but i have watched my daughter's journey, you have been so generous, she thanked you a couple of video's ago, but i have seen all the support and generousity you have given on this plateform so i'm glad that you put a post up, so we can all get to say thankyou for all your support, I can't say to much about the article because i totally don't understand it lol, but my daughter has voted you as a witness and i will also vote you :)

Excellent work that you do and I am surprised of how much you know, I would have liked to have all that knowledge but I am not good for computing things, but this knowledge is important and more in these times of blockchain and technology.

I'm glad you spend time working to help Steemit and the small fish selflessly.

@ausbitbank for Steemit mayor!

I'm really pleased to see a post from you! because i wanted to personally thank you for your support and i voted for you as a witness as your are so supportive and you do so much for the community and i'm just so grateful for people like you to be here on Steemit Xx

Love it! Just wish would use some more nodes as it is brutally slow.

I notice you are using NetData :)

I love you 😘Thanks for being active in supporting the community. It’s a tough gig you picked up on, but we all stand outside ( waiting for you to post like crazy fans. :)

Excellent work, I don't know if this helps me in America but I would love it if steemd was not unavailable so often! Can you help me help some people in Venezuela get onto

Wow! it's a great news,
I wish you best of luck with this node,
Thank you for taking part in making this platform more great,

I think you are doing a good job. Please continue contributing to the community. God bless you

This is why I voted you as witness.
You've been tremendous.
👏 👏 👏

Good times are coming for the network and i believe 2018 will be a year of a huge growth! @ausbitbank ;)

damn, way to boss it. props man. so much fire.

Oh thats great contribution for steemit community and you did for free amazing.

Wow so great of you @ausbitbank. You deserve the votes you're getting. You must be busy helping and answering questions. Thank you @ausbitbank

proud of you :)

Nice! another developer for the good community. This keeps getting interesting as days pass by. Keep it up!

It makes a lot of sense.... Just what we need. 👍

Hey @ausbitbank,
You have been helping minnows grow, your delegation to MSP is helping 15k people grow every day.
Your dedication towards growing Steem platform is unmatchable.

Awesome work, that's a beast! I will be using it for sure. :)

I will to resteem your post

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Very good post, I liked it a lot, I'll follow your publications ...

512 megabits to run a node? I can afford tha...

I'm still a beginner in this platform ..
not quite understand the intent of the rpc server ..
but thanks for this info :)

Congratulations @ausbitbank!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 5 with $ 355,34

I like the usage stats. Not sure I will check them but if I need to I think that sort of transparency is important. That is something I can do on my own PC and why should we not have that as a community.
Also, I saw EOSocal post that they would be audit friendly. Another interesting decentralized idea. Well, keep up the good work.

Nice post, nice to meet you @ausbitbank

Cool stuff with the 512GB node + a witness node in Finland. 👍
Is the server in Finland via Hetzner?

Yeah, it's via Hetzner.. I'm still looking for more reliable hosts that will do 64gb+ boxes without charging me a fortune and requiring huge deposits or more KYC info then I'm comfortable with sharing.

I have been browsing the market when I was looking for possible witness hosting options and I remember Hetzner has this good offer in Finland. :)
Still need to convince myself to start my own witness though...

Love your work for the platform brother @ausbitbank I'm slowly learning about what you preach. On a slightly different note where would we be without our @centerlink system. Cracks me up every time.

just great post.your achievements is too sheared a awesome post dude.waiting for your next post.keep it up.

This is great news for Steem. Thank you for making Steem better.

Это отличная новость для Steem. Спасибо Вам, что делаете Steem лучше.

I am from Indonesia.

I really need input from you, because I am a beginner.

visit my blog and rate how my blog is progressing

Thx for your post.

I'm interested to setup a full node but finding an hosting provider wich deliver 512GB is not easy.

I see you are using Could your tell me what are you using for your new node ?


@ausbitbank... If anything, I'm way overdue in thanking you for all you do as a witness, your work with all the minnows and even for consistently supporting my posts. What the heck can we do for you, is the real question!

wow. . . posting your post very interesting my friend ,,, thank you, because seeing your post makes me more motivated .. good . . posting your post very interesting my friend ,,, terimaksih comrades ,, because seeing your post makes me more motivated .. good work.

Hey AusBanksy,

Greatly appreciate the second node, I am a user of your RPC node and think it's great.

I'm guessing this will be lost but figured I'd give it a try. You do some really amazing things for steemit and hence I feel you're a good person to talk to about our contest #comedyopenmic. We're in our fifth week now and I believe we've had a really positive impact in helping quite a number of minnows get attention and acknowledgement of their hard work.

The premise of the contest is anything funny is accepted and the stranger parts are encouraged. This week we are also running a 1 week spin-off #comedyopenmic-indonesia which will feature a separate contest for Indonesian speakers.

We would be greatly appreciative of your assistance in getting the word out.

Darth-Vader final flat with  chicken.jpg

And if not that's cool too. Put an entry in, we welcome everyone.




Do you wonder about the power of Steem? Not just it's monetary value, but as a tool to make change happen? I often think about that and the more I work on steemit, the more I see huge potential. I noticed you have a philanthropic side to you and you are supporting @dobartim . I think what he is doing is very innovative and shows there are lots of good people out there.

I am not really very good at programming or even dealing with the hardware, but I have skills in other areas. I have been on the minnow support project within the first week of joining steemit. I have met some amazing people, but never a witness.

I have recently started a very simple project on steemit. It is called 'Upvote a tree', where I donate 100% of SBD to the cause of reforestation here in Northern Peru. I actually plant the native tree saplings myself and I post videos about it on here. I have worked in the field of international development for over 10 years and I have yet to see anything close to what steem can do for the world. The principle of just a simple upvote, no mater the value, means it is participatory and driven by a growing community. I could go on and on about my thoughts and visions, but I know you probably get loads of messages and thank you for reading this far.

Kind regards,


Love it. And my votes for you as long as the servers get enough cooling :-) ... The right way

Alt Text

Hi ! I am new here!

i voted for you, and you can also do for me.

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)

little by little is completing the node, it would be nice to have 2 steemd since on occasions steemd is in maintenance .. 

and if I am sincere steemd I use it a lot to see who sent me 

comment and see percentage of steempower. a second alternative 

does not go wrong.

You can also check steemworld dot org for such information, if steemd is down

thank you.. my friend

My pleasure!

Hey @ausbitbank, we are a Stand by Block Producer on EOS - Its good to see the Australian community being represented. We would love to link up to talk about our current projects please reach out to us [email protected]

Thanks for reaching out - sent an email :)

Go 'straya. Where are you guys?

I'm glad to be a supporter, I think you've done a great job as witness and have risen in the ranks from 20 something when I first began supporting you.

progress is hindered by wisdom.

Introvert myself so I understand being comfortable being the scenes more so than in the spotlight, although as artist and musician something I need to wrestle with.

I support your work! :)

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4 times:
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by @ravenking semi- retired account cause I lost the owner key, I use it to hand out small votes and resteem content.

te damos nuestro voto

Incredible growth of Steemit. Let the successes continue!

Love it! Just wish would use some more nodes as it is brutally slow.