Steem Witness Forum- Show starts in 2 hours

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@andrarchy, @roelandp, @timcliff, @lukestokes, @anyx, @followbtcnews, @elear, @swelker101. Should be an awesome show.

We'll kick off with an update from @andrarchy. Sounds like there is lots to talk about as Steemit is revamping the blockchain and focusing on scalability. These conversations with just me and @andrarchy tend to go for 30-40 min.

Then we'll give an introduction to each of the witnesses on the panel.

I'll ask some open ended question about the state of the network and some of the biggest needs on it.

Witnesses can talk about some of what they are working on.

There may be time for an audience question or two and then we'll wrap up with some closing thoughts.


Show starts in two hours. 11am EDT. 1500 UTC

It's hosted in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel home of the Minnow Support Project

To join the show please join the MSP-Waves Audience channel or go to

Steem Monsters

I'll have a major post coming out this week regarding We're (@yabapmatt and I) ready to formally announce the launch of the alpha for the game. I'll launch a post into trending later today to let folks know about it.

Steem Monsters is a collectible card game built on the Steem Blockchain with RPG aspects. You purchase cards, which primarily consist of monsters and summoners. Summoners call forth powerful monsters to fight for you in the tournaments that could grant cards, steem/sbd, and upvotes. There are multiple tournaments a day with slightly varying rules.

(under development) As your monsters and summoners fight they will level up. You can speed this along by combining cards of the same type to level up faster. You will be able to trade cards between players. We'll take a small cut of that trading action, but we'll also use the money to increase the reward pool on tournaments.

Monsters will have four key stats- Attack, Defense, Speed, and Health. These attributes will allow them to battle once per day sometimes in teams to crush their foes. As they level they'll gain unique skills like slow, void, and poison, which will increase their suitability and their lethality.

The game records your actions through the blockchain itself. I'm hopeful this will turn into one of the most highly used apps on the entire chain. Should be fun.

Please check us out at


Here's the video recording!


Excellent. Kettle and dressing gown are both on and warming up, looking forward to a listen. Appreciate what you do, mate.

I am a fan of the dressing gown :D

Thanks Matt. Hope you thought it was a good one.

iam also fan

I would really love to listen to this, i had a chat with a friend of mine and he believes the witnesses are not doing enough for the community, maybe this will shed more light on it

Well, some of them are doing a lot of things for the community, but they are just a group of people...

Am not going to miss it,
@aggroed you have been awesome to me personally, just wanted to say thank you

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I am not able to watch it. My internet is very slow. It has problems with discord chatting, love, youtube etc. I wish you will have a great showm

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

Monsters, dragons, steemit, beer and a lot of fun! I have joined and I am ready for battle. Let the magic spread and my MONSTER be the most powerful of them all.
I will be looking for the pre-sale to end and the HUNGER GAMES to begin. Great idea!!!


It was an awesome exprience

Hey, @aggroed how are you?

thanks for upvote

Where can I listen to the latest Steem Witness Forum?

Wow there's a lot of exciting things going on with the steem blockchain and the platform. I saw a post from about 4 days ago by @steemitblog about all of the scaling upgrades and planning that's going into preparing the platform / wallets / rewards payout options for the launch of SMT's. It's an exciting time to be here and I have a feeling we're gonna see some brighter days in regards to the price of Steem in the coming year.

Many of us have been anticipating HF20 for awhile but I'm glad to see the team and witnesses are taking necessary time and precautions to make sure we don't run into any unnecessary problems (like the huge transfer fees we saw with BTC awhile back).

Thanks to all the witnesses for what you do and know that your hard work is much appreciated. I wish I'd made it home in time to listen in on the witness forum but I was stuck at the repair shop getting some studs replaced on the wheel of my car and just now got home.

I'll be sure to be on the lookout for summaries of this forum in the coming days. That's cool that you teamed up with Matt for the steemmonsters project. He's a great guy and a very active witness. I cast my vote for him pretty early on in his time here on steemit and I'm happy to have used a witness vote for him (and you as well).