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Fellow Steemers,

The day has come when I formally announce my witness run!

I'm so happy and excited to get to launch this campaign. Together we can work on growing this community and helping the newest members become successful. We all want this site and platform to grow so that it's message can resonate across the internet and make an impact in your daily life. I value Peace, Abundance, and Liberty and with your help; others who share those values and learn those values will come here and stay here!

The world is run by immoral banksters that cause us all harm. Through spreading technology that loosens their monopoly on money creation we free ourselves from their shackles. It's imperative that we work together to spread Steemit to others and help this platform grow. That's why I'll dedicate my time, energy, and focus as a Witness to the growth of Steemit!

For many on the Witness list they see this role as programming new apps and widgets that give new features to the product. It's a wonderful contribution. This platform wouldn't be where it is today without it. However, at it's current stage and size the Steemit platform has evolved enough so that one new feature or tweak to the platform isn't going to cause a mass migration here. We're not limited by the tools at hand, but by the number of people who know how to wield them and why they should.

This platform's message will spread by rallying our community around new people, showing them the ropes, and rewarding their success. It will grow by reaching out person by person to bring new members into the community. They will stay if they can find a way to start with nothing, connect with others, and grow their audience and their accounts.

The next stage of Steemit rests in the hands of educators, sales and marketing, and our community outreach. As a teacher, as an educator, as a communicator, as an activist, and as a passionate advocate for Steemit I know we can spread our message and our platform. I know if we do that then we can build a better world.

For those that can envision a better world filled with Peace, Abundance, and Liberty I ask that you upvote and resteem this post and you vote for me as witness!

Sincerely and gratefully,


How to vote for witness

To vote for me as a witness click on the link below my handle

Then scroll to the bottom and type "aggroed" in the box.

Blog posts that give further detail to the run

For a blogging sample please go here:

For a growth initiative please go here:

For a Witness Mission Statement please go here:

For a Witness Problem Statement, Vision Statement, Initial Witness Plan, and Stakeholder Involvement write up please go here:

For a sample on economic decision making as a Witness please go here:

Server info

4 cores of a Xeon E3,
8gb RAM,
200GB disk,
1gbit/s network,

located in Germany - hosted by @Privex Inc.

You can find me hanging out on steemspeak, a discord channel that many steemers use to text and talk to each other-
I can also be found on steemchat as @aggroed. If you have a post to share give me a good sentence or two of why you think I’ll like it.

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Fuck Yeah! Stoked to have your support!

if have one question : What do you think about the following idea:

  • 20% of the new created steem is distributed to all verified participants as an universal dividend 50% as steem dollars 50% of as steem power
    this would encourage new users to join and help to establish steem as currency.

Unclear how to do that. Though it's similar to a lot of my first plans in the space. Bots are too powerful that way.


the problem are not bots the problem is the verification. It could be done this way:

The same way we elect witnesses we elect sentries that take care of the verification. These sentries can then vote in or out participants from the universal income list. The verification itself could be done through video chat and / or local meetups. For example to be verified one must get verification from two verificators that are drawn independently. Optional we could also require a security deposit for each new participant. In case of cheating 50% of the security deposit is destroyed, 50% is given to the one who found the double account. This would economically solve the problem of double accounts.

Super awesome post! I'll be here with you and other helping each others free ourselves from those bankster or warlord's shackles or however people call them. Peace @aggroed!


I'm really grateful to you. It's hard to find the words. I know a lot of my success is because you're supporting me. So, thank you, and thank you for spreading the message of peace, abundance, and liberty with me!

You got my vote as a fellow truther!


That's awesome! Thank you so much!


Just don't forget me when your famous and powerful : )

Go go go @aggroed!! Supporting you as witness and all the magnificent things you stand for. Let's wake up the world together. Glad to have you as my witness.


Thanks @everlove you're awesome!


As are you @aggroed. Like attracts like!


Thanks for your support Everlove!

Voted, upvoted and resteemd, good luck my friend!


Thanks boss!

well spoken, sir!

Its good that more and more of users are contributing to the growth of steemit.

Great job!

Congrats and good luck!

Very nice announcement.
RESTEEMED, VOTED and following.
Appreciate the support @aggrored.
Helping Othetrs To Help (others) 1 By 1.
STEEM on my friend.

Voted! I blame @steemitqa for the next words on the page -- to the moon!

I've gained a lot of knowledge following your blog. The passion that you post with and the sincerity of your message are enough for me. You have my vote.


Awesome! Thanks!

Just now someone told me to learn more about witnesses.

I really don't know much. But I do know your good intentions and share the same value as you do.

Voted you as my first witness.


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 6.56.14 PM.png


Wow that's awesome! What an honor!

Good luck !

I voted for you.


Thank you!

I advocate for the same values as you do and I don’t want to get rid of SBD too. Could you explain me how do you want to further support educational project? That is the field that I want to be engaged in too via Steemit. I think though that it is not possible without the implementation of something like this. If you give me at least a tiny brainstorm on “how you want to improve education on Steemit”, you will not only motivate me, but also earn my shitty witness up vote. Have a nice day buddy!


Yeah, I think marketing and sales. We need a series of memes that help explain this place in 2 seconds. We need to attack reddit, facebook, youtube, and everyone else that's censoring and not paying.

I think a coordinated campaign to target people could help. Maybe take 3 days in July where we all go out and try to convert a few people would make a difference. It's more fun done in a group.

Just two ideas.


Personally, I feel that the most effective campaign would be for each individual to achieve some sort of success here and then use any other social media site to announce that they are leaving that site and focusing more of their time and energy to Steem. Then invite all their following from the other sites to move over to That was my plan all along. I just haven't had the success yet because I'm just new still and no whales have pushed me up. However I have tried talking to all my friends in real life to at least open an account here. I may have convinced one of my friends who doesn't use social media at all that was considering purchasing some Etherium to buy Steem instead. Some of the things coming down the pipe make Steem look very favourable indeed.


yep. After I campaign a little I'll make some memes that are meant to hit weaknesses of other platforms that folks can share while bashing pro-censorship corporate social media.

Being a minnow, I greatly appreciate any and all help getting better established. There seems to be a bit of a learning curve in what it takes to be successful, and I'm eager to learn. Thank you.


That's the mission! Please vote for me as a witness to better help me help you!


roger that!


GREAT STEEM (work)!!!!


Support is a click away my friend.
Following, voted.
1 by1.

nice...your post deserve resteem and upvote...keep steeming...

I am sorry but what is 'your handle' and where can I find it. like to give you my vote but don't know how, blush blush

upvoted,resteemed ,and will vote for you shortly!...may take me a couple of
So thankful for the People like you who are a major force in this coming paradigm shift!

It sounds enticing, but i wish you would be more focused on what to do and why it's a good idea. I wish all witnesses well, but in the end we deserve the best solutions, not the best politician.


There are more specifics in the posts below that give a detailed mission statement, problem statement, vision statement, plan, and sample example.

Hey man, your second link isn't working. just thought I'd let you know. Great post! Voted for you.

Got voted by each of my accounts.
4 times:
by @mysticravenpro my music promotion service help artists get exposure, FREE I charge nothing. Run by just me.

by @Ravenking13 My Music Blog where I post all my new tracks and music production videos and blogs.

by @ravenking23 where I have my Writing/Art Blog, I share my hobbies there such as silversmithing, tarot reading, writings, and much more.

by @ravenking semi- retired account cause I lost the owner key, I use it to hand out small votes and resteem content.

good luck! wish you all the best


Thanks a ton!

Great job, more initiatives like this and all the best

Thanks for the message on steemit chat, switching my witness vote from Dan to you as Dan left.

congrats, building this community is key!

Congrats! i will vote for your witness.


Thank you!

All the very best of luck @aggroed

I hope you are successful, voted and resteemed


Thanks boss!


My pleasure 👍

Hi @aggroed :)
I like what you are doing for the community and I'm sure you will help develop the platform in the right direction.
You got my vote


That's awesome! Thanks a ton!

You've got my vote!


Thanks! I need it!

You got my vote! Upped and Steemed

No steem?

Gave my first vote to @aggroed because you deserve it. You've been great when it comes to supporting newbies!
Thank you for your work!

Can you tell what is the role of the witness and how to become one!!

Voted you up! You are already at no. 27. How many more votes would you need to acquire the no. 1 spot?

Sorry, you asked me to resteem & upvote this post but I'm too late for it!


It's stake weighted. I need a few million dollars worth of steem power to get me there.


I see.

Hmm I read it's only a few million dollars. I hope that you will soon make it there. Best wishes!


I upvoted I am new here just of today @jacoblayan

Very well said mate! I have voted, up-voted this post and followed. Good luck to you. :)

Very nice,,,

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Many blessings for your efforts and projects. Pece, Light and Love be with you!!

Nice job me.

I vote you as witness and following you...

Hey man, just came to say that I voted for you! :)

Reading this got me excited to vote for you. Great job @aggroed!

Done! Wish I could vote for you more than once ;)

I just voted for you :)

Love everything you stand for and the fact that you're an unfucker supporter seals my vote :)

he votado por ti @aggroed sigue así tienes mi apoyo

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)


Voting is very important. It keeps bad people outside of our network. And honest hardworking people like aggroed , in. If you want to know why voting is important for all steem users, you can look at EOS's launch. A few centralized heavy hitting accounts took control of the network. And started running their own code. Also drakos wrote a guide, to help people understand. Last, I agree aggroed is an good guy to give your vote.

Well, I will vote you!. You have my support. Good job!!!

hah now i need to know what is a minnow.

there is no need to make bankers to the enemy. they have their agenda and they think they do something good, otherwise they would not do it. We think the same and want to make something good. maybe in 50 years if steemit happen to dominate all, new people will come to challenge that monopoly. So better we focus now on what we want to have and not what we want to fight against.