I am ridiculously humbled!!!! Aggroed- Witness 18!

in witness •  9 months ago

This is easily one of the most meaningful days of my life. It's up there with earning my PhD, my wedding, and the birth of my kids. I'm incredibly touched by the support I've gotten from the whales, dolphins, and minnows that put me here. I have over 900 votes now, and it's growing daily. Today, for the first time I hit the top 20 witness list.

I've run for public office before. I received 6,000 votes in my race. I lost, but I learned a ton doing it. I really love public service, but I couldn't be happier or more excited to do it for Steemit. This place presents unparalleled opportunity to change the world around us.

Steemit teaches peace on a daily basis.
Steemit creates abundance at a click.
Steemit promotes free trade and free speech with every transaction and post on the block.

This place is incredible, and I'm so happy to have found a digital home here.

I'm the founder and general manager of the Minnow Support Project. My mission since day one as a Witness has been to promote Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. It's a learning process, but I try to execute to the best of my ability on that mission every day. I want to see this place grow. So, through my professional career on college campuses I'll pitch journalism and communication professors to share the gospel of the Steemit blockchain with the next generation of college educated youth. I want to help grow and maintain minnows on the block. So, I'll continue to support MSP and the community members to form deep connections, encourage posts that spread our values, and quicken the journey from minnowhood to whalehood.

I'm so grateful for the support, and am excited to use this position to continue growing the Minnow Support Community with new bots, new curation teams, new training teams, and our own Radio Station (mspwaves.com). I'm looking forward to continuing to foster relationships with the other witnesses to find overlap in our missions.

I'm deeply indebted to the Minnow Support community as a whole and especially the Witnesses and moderators that help keep the lights on and the wheels spinning.


Jr. Witness and Honorary Witness


Medal of Honors Winners

MSP Delegators

This project wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the generosity of so many community members who share this vision and mission. Thank you for the support we have. It's amazing to see nearly 400 people delegate their steem power to this project and it's remarkable to have extremely generous supporters like @benjojo, @justtryme90, @neoxian, @eturnerex, @timcliff, and @v4vapid.

A great mentor

I've been extremely fortunate to get some invaluable mentorship from @timcliff. I'm extremely grateful for his counsel and know I wouldn't be half as far along without his guidance. Thank you sir!

We do our best work collectively and collaboratively

We all go to the same moon, and I'll do my best to help steer us there.

I'm incredibly grateful, truly humbled, and ready to continue serving this community.

Thank you and many blessings of peace, abundance, and liberty to you and yours.


Whale Witness Voters

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Congrats to you,
and thank you for your support thus far as well. I believe I voted for you; but I can't prove it..

I don't understand bots very well. I approach this more from a client / user perspective; social and user interaction, experience. But I'm an avid crypto guy too. UI engineer, 20+ years on web/ javascript.

Any guidance in the future, I would appreciate, and I will start to read your blog more often now; I hope you will do the same; I could use some direction at this point. Cheers!


My direction is simple. Help other people. It's easy to do on the platform and it pays dividends with friends, connections, and community.


exactly what i discovered from day 1!

Congrats for reaching that aim! :)


Thanks jaki! Thanks for your support on my Witness!

Congrats @aggroed! I can't imagine how awesome it must feel!

Thank you for all the hard work you're putting into Steem.


Thanks teamsteem! It's been fun working with you up to this point, and I'm looking forward to a long future of collaboration!

Thank you for everything you've done for this platform! I am excited to be following you :).

This post has been resteemed by @netuoso courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Be sure to go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses, scroll to the bottom of the page, and vote for @netuoso.

i don't know you had a phd, all i knew about you was your incredible ability to share complicated information in a wise compassionate way, that won my vote! plus you have a lovely wife and kids, it's all about family <3


Yeah. I was a high school teacher and professor for just shy of a decade. Always teaching what I've learned. Thanks for your support! You're awesome and it's great to see you active in the community.


I have my little art niche and help minnows communicate in a proactive way through interaction on my comment threads. I figure if we all did this steemit would become a portal to a positive future. I delegated some of my SP to help the creative community at large with you because of your awesome ability to touch many. I don't have the talent or energy to do that. Together with the help of your bots this will form a very positive online community!


Do what you do best and trade for the rest. I never have enough time to curate. That's why I'm happy that some of the mods have chosen curation projects for their community service project.


I agree!

For those curious about my own delegation I put over a third of my stake into msp-lovebot to support the moderators that run the channel.


That's a pretty cool website. Where can I find it?

Grats on sub 20 witness bud


Funny you should ask. It was made by @netuoso and can be found here: https://mspdelegator.herokuapp.com/delegators


Yep, we minnows aprecciate that a lot! thanks!



One of my favs. Thanks!


Ditto... One of my favorite scenes in movies...

Robin Williams was one of our Best...

Thank You SCG... Hope You're having a Good Weekend...

Cheers !!

@aggroed, leaders have followers but great leaders create and lead leaders... With one look at your roster of outstanding leaders, no doubt Steem is going to be written up in history books as an experiment that changed the world! 🤣 Just added my witness vote for you. Thanks for everything you do!!!


You get a follow for that. Thanks Karen. Here's to that vision!


OMG! Now, I'm humbled. I always thought you were like Oz... the mysterious man behind the curtain. Had no idea you were such a nice guy. LOL. Thank you for the follow. :)

Thank you for sharing here so that I get things I do not know about the witness now I know to be, thank you banya for you I hope you can always make a useful post for us, congratulations to you for the achievement that you can on this post

Wow @agrroed your getting strong everyday, and I like how you describe steemit from a simple thought to a very meaningful words, i just doing such thing like this kind of platform about 2 months and during that durations i've learned alot of things about how life begin to just a piece of work and become an incredible artwork. Hope that i could reach the same as you do or as you have right now sir. Thank you for this inspiration message to us sir.

All you said is absolutely true. Steemit has changed our lives for better. And congratulations for your wedding and im glad that you are happy. You have a great family. Best wishes to all of you. I appreciate every single thing that you do for us in this platform.Thank you! ^_^


Sure thing.

I'm stoked to see such active microcommunities in PAL like team Fili. You guys are great, and I'm glad to see Steemit reaching non-English speaking countries. Keep it up!


Yeah. Team fili is really growing and we are still recruiting to other college universities. Thank you so much for the channel, people makes me happy during my stressful and sad days. 😊

I am really grateful for this project since it helps us, the minnows, to start growing every day.
Your work is really appreciated by everyone


Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by felibaudino from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, theprophet0, someguy123, neoxian, followbtcnews/crimsonclad, and netuoso. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows and creating a social network. Please find us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

Killing it. Thanks for the mention. It's a full time job that's for sure managing all the things.

Looking forward to the future, let's see where we can go from here.

Much loves. <3


You're a wonderful leader in PAL and MSP. Thanks for your service. Looking forward to where we can take this thing!

Team work makes the dream work. Proud to be part of a team lead by such a fearless humble leader! Congratulations! 🎊🎉🍾🎈


Thanks Kubby. I'm stoked you're here!!!

Let's get the first minnows to the moon!



Thanks pfunk!!! I woke up still in shock. Hopefully I can continue to a find a way to add value to my digital home!

Well congrats, I guess you truly were better than those dead witnesses above you ;)


I kept that promise!!! I've come a long way since this-




I had fun with that one. It was my main campaign ad for a while.


That was a really cool ad campaign.
We had quite a bunch of dead witnesses back then to, as today.

Great work @aggroed!


It was def for the lolz, but it helped me climb!

You deserve it man! I know you work hard and put in a lot of time. Congratulations!

Congratulation and I must say you earned it. Remember the valuable lesson you thought me the first time we chatted? Well I do and it is meaningful.

I'm so stoked for you mate, this is huge :D
100% voted and resteemed





Congratulations! It's been incredible to see all the great things you've created here at Steemit. Thanks for making it a better place to be, you've made a huge positive difference here for so many people including me!!

congratulations to you @aggroed. this is well deserved. you have a strong philosophy that is needed for advancement. congratulations once again

You couldn't have said it better.
Keep it simple and be humble and you will see how deep is the rabbit hole.
Keep on steemit, witness, promoting peace, and most of all be yourself @aggroed


This is great. It's good to see. I think you were one of the first witnesses I voted for... glad to see it. Well deserved. Thanks for doing what you do for the community.


Sure thing! It's fun! Thanks for your support!


Congrats mate happy to see one of my top cards on top 20's, Awesome ! thank you for all your service and projects here in steemit.

Congrats aggroed - and keep up the good work.

Wow I am glad that you achieved this success due to your good work here. Keep it up

Due to your hardwork here and top quality posts which are undervalued , I just added you in my steemvoter.com (after reaching a mile stone) in order to better send in my support to your good work and quality posts...keep it up and more success.


Thanks Charles. Be sure to put some minnows in there too. They need it more than me! I appreciate the support though.


Absolutely, I included many minnows who are rising stars . However still have to add some of my established favourite steemians and authors in order to have a balance . Keep steeming to more success, bless you .

What's your PhD in ?

This post has been resteemed by @msp-nomad courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

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Congratulations! I wish you all the best. I am so grateful that I was introduced to this community by my son @lokii and our friend @onlyoneman, and I am so happy to be a part of STEEMIT! I look forward to growing with and within this community. Thank You for your support and promotional efforts.


Glad to have you here. We need boomers! Tell your friends. I'm happy to resteem some posts by our seniors to get them going!

Congrats on progress and success.

Only one minor comment - minnow support project needs to stop upvoting whales. I saw your support project upvoting sweetsssj a few days ago.

Not cool to label the group as minnow support and upvote whales.

I assumed some sort of database SNAFU - and not a normal practice of minnow support to be upvoting whales.

Benefit of the doubt to you



It's up to every member how they want to vote. But we vote 2000 times a day. I think 98% or more go to minnows. The group values liberty. It's a central tenant. It's not in line with that value to forbid how people choose to use their 2 votes per day.


Heads down a dark alley if you pursue the logic too far.

What do you think about the laws on the books about false advertising? Would you say that false advertising is an acceptable business practice, since we don't want to forbid companies on what they are allowed to advertise?

Congratulations and thank you for all you do for the platform.

I am very proud of you , because you have done so much for this community and never gave up along the way . You were able to build the minnowsupport group that has helped 100s and 100s of minnows keep hope . And I have no doubt that you will be #1 one day soon . Keep doing great work and working hard .

Very impressive resume! Congratulations on your achievement. You undoubtedly deserve it. Continue with the wonderful job you're doing!-Stone

This post has been resteemed by @nettybot courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Be sure to go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses, scroll to the bottom of the page, and vote for @netuoso.

Seriously congratz man. You deserve it, keep up the good stuff.

Extraordinary that we are in the same wave I love this community porq gives us the opportunity to express and to grow financially greetings friend and to continue growing in this international community

My mission since day one as a Witness has been to promote Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.

That's refreshing to hear. :) You seem like a good person. Good luck with your efforts here on steemit and in general!


Thank you!


You're welcome. :)

Thanks for sharing your big moments with us. It is truly humbling to be alive at this moment in time. We are so damn lucky!

Just read this minutes after I got my own witness server finally up and running. Although you thank your mentors, I suspect many here will see you as theirs. Well done!

Just own up to the fact that you really, really, really deserve it. Atleast in my humble opinion. (((Which is only worth about 2 cents, LOL!)))


Thanks boss!

Congratulations! Happy to be a follower.

congrats!!! I will be coming back to this later to read it more thoroughly! (you know you have my vote)

The future looks bright with honorable, enthusiastic, caring individuals, getting support for all their hard work and integrity.

Warp factor 9, to the moon and beyond @aggroed!

Holy cow, that was fast LOL.

Congrats man, I am a little stunned by this new LOL!!

You are a hard worker --- I keep saying it because I keep meaning it.


it was easy... all I had to do was build a 5,000 person organization....

Thanks for your praise Barry. It means a lot coming from another guy with fingerprints all over the block.

Support me and enter here https://steemit.com/help/@gr3g0r/hi-i-m-from-venezuela your collaboration is important @gr3g0r Follow Me!

congratulations! Hope you like my story

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Congrats! You deserve it! Thanks for your contributions to the community.

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Your profile pic is that of a great leader, yall are doing a great job for other steamers and minnows alike, i hope someday to do the same, great example you are setting and good luck on top ten!

Congrats on the milestone accomplishment! Your passion for this platform is clear and welcome.

Wow congrats!!!! Inspiring...

I appreciate your hard work and dedication to this platform. I also like that I am starting to recognize some of those names on the hall of fame with you. In truth though I don't know much about the witness voting mechanism. Perhaps you or someone on this comment line can point me to a blog post on that topic.

Very nice post thank u for giving the info

gracias por su apoyo que siempre estuvo interesado en eso buen post

Well, congrats on breaking into the "top tier" of witnesses! It's well deserved... you do a LOT for this community... and the MSP offers hope and connections to thousands who come here and feel a little bit lost.

Nice man congrats!, keep the good work for steemit community... :D

Love your sentiments, this is what the world needs now, honesty and integrity, congratulations on your achievements, well deserved. Thank you

Wow @aggroed. Seriously amazing accomplishment.

Keep up the good work!

Brilliant - you are a mentor, champion and general all-round awesome dude for us all - congrats😊

That's absolutely amazing and Congrats! You're doing great work for Steemit, I'm going to cast my vote for you right now :) I'm grateful I saw your post on Discord!

Upvote your nice post. if you like art you can check my post


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Good job @aggroed we are so proud of you! Indeed even if you don't know you personally and only see your name and your message and what you represent, your are very warm and accommodating. Your a very humble person and a man on a mission.

Congratulations! You have done a great job with helping user growth and retention for the platform and will only grow bigger. My hat off to you sir.


Man, I'm honored when the OGs stop by. Thanks! Yeah, hopefully we can grow this place and not lose the people that come. It has so much to offer!!!


Am I an OG? Now I'm honored :)
We can definitely grow this place. As long as we work together collectively, we can accomplish so much.


I would say you are. You wouldn't?

Congratulations to you! And keep on going, you're an inspiration to us little fish!!

Congrats, that's great news and well deserved!!!

Congratulations and thank you for everything you've done for me so far ;)


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I like Your postings

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Congrats! That's awesome!


Thanks Luke!

Congrats! I am very new to all of this and looks like I clicked in just the right place :) Followed and upvoted!


Welcome to Steemit! Glad to have you here!

Nice article .... thanks for share

Congrats :D 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

Steem up a fellow AGRO!!!

Congratulations! So happy to see you get there!

Congrats, you earned it

G'day and well done mate!
I'm still learning this whole concept and system but I've followed you for a while and I guess you are a sort of defacto mentor for me here on Steemit.

Keep up the good work and keep steering us all in the right direction!

Congrats!! Thank you for all you do for us minnows and this community in general!

Congratulations! So cool to see all that hard work pay off and expand your ability to influence the platform.

good luck

Congratulations @aggroed. I have personally benefit a lot from the minnowsupport project. Truely here's a home meeting you and others is a great blessing.

You totally deserve this! Congratulations!

So glad my vote for you as a witness was the clincher. ;-)

Congratulations @aggroed!
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I great you

Was there ever any doubt?? <3 <3


Yes. From the very beginning!


Maybe in your eyes, but not in mine :) Well done!

Congratulations my friend!

Good post, I will follow you and I hope you follow me too; Greetings.