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RE: 19.2 Update + New Backup Server + SteemJ Progress! Witness Update #2!

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I posted this on one of your other posts but it probably got lost in the comments.

If today would be your first day on steemit, how much should someone invest into SP to have a little push? After my first 2 weeks here I feel like I should buy some SP but don't know how much should I invest. I am still a student so I can't really afford to buy 500-600$ worth of SP yet.

Hopefully you'll see the comment. Thank you @jerrybanfield.


@ady-was-here I have put in as much as I can stand to lose which is all of my retirement and everything except a prudent reserve to pay the bills for a few months. $100 in Steem Power is more than 80% of users have!

@jerrybanfield Ok thank you for the help and the fast answer.

to buy 100 stempower would be about 0.03 btc?

0.0301945091 to be exact

thanks ady...
I want to grow in the plataform but it becomes very difficult
my question is if it is appropriate to invest when not yet achieved a good amount of upvotes in my post ... if you have in each post the amount that has jerry I have no doubt that it is appropriate to do ... but in my case not yet I know ... but it's still an option.

I think investing now is the best thing to do, your voting power is small you have almost no SP, investing a little will boost you to a level where you vote will make some cents. That's why I asked @jerrybanfield about investing, I want to get a small boost so I can make every minute of my post count.

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