Back at it again with those produced blocks

in witness-update •  9 months ago

My witness nodes are updated to 0.19.5 (latest version) and I've sucessfully produced blocks again.

What happened?

9 hours ago - the blockchain stood still due to a bug which allowed the user @nijeah to withdraw negative vests.

A fix to the steem github was commited about 4 hours ago, which prevents those operations.

But for 5-7 long hours the blockchain was frozen.

Now, at the time everything happened - I was deep in dream-land, fighting bad steemians.

Luckily, I only missed 3 blocks due to my failover script disabling the witness node, until I woke up. Which is totally fine considering that most RPC nodes weren't available.

Long live Steem!


If you believe that I'm a trustworthy witness - then please consider voting for me. Either through a click on the image below or at:

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Awesome! Thanks for the update. Also thanks for staying on top of things. I appreciate all the work you do. I had been setup to have a proxy vote for me, but I think I am going to go back and give a second look at that. I will definitely be voting for you.

Thanks for updating us and fighting bad steemians! What are the current requirements for steem seed/full nodes and what are your server specs?

You've got my vote as I value Smartsteem greatly!


Thank you @theadmiral0!

Currently, the specs are based on 64GB servers. But with future hardforks, this requirement will go down.

Both of my servers have 64GB RAM and are stationed in two different datacenters.

& Who The F... is nijeah?



Chances of it being a "coincidence", about as much as me hitting a bullseye in darts after a bottle of Jack Daniels and a slab/case of beer chasers!



Coincidence it seems. But worth to look into, even though it's important to treat people as innocent until proven otherwise, instead of guilty until proven otherwise.


"worth to look into"

Thank you for explaining why it was frozen :).


Sure thing!

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What benefit would it be to me to do this witness thing, whatever it is?


It's important to vote for witnesses for a stable and secure blockchain.


I did vote for Gerry Banfield but stopped it because I didn't know what a witness was and what it means for me to vote for one


Witnesses are the backbone of the steem blockchain, they are the people that do the "mining" for us. So blocks are produced and everything runs smoothly. With your votes you decide how many blocks are processed by the witnesses. Also witnesses decide which version of the blockchain is running.

So basically you should vote for witnesses that are reliable. That means their servers are always online and in cases of emergency (like this one) the witness is quick to react so steem can go on :)

So that's the bigger picture behind your vote.
For you personally it doesn't really matter if you voted or not. There is no direct consequence for you. But the masses decide :)


OK, thanks; I will think on it a while...

@therealwolf I transferred few SBD from exchange to Steemit.. still waiting for it .. hope i can see them again


Please contact us on discord.

Good Job Mate

Thank You !


Thank you!

i think the transfred sbd is still in trouble as they are not showing in thee histry


Transfers are only displayed after the irreversible block number has been reached - which can take 30 to 60 seconds.

I voted for you for witness, i never really cared or paid much attention to who was a witness but i think it's time i did. Good job

i'm a little late here but thanks for the update!

looks like a simple bug that comprises the entire blockchain.. kinda makes me uncomfortable wondering if there's more that can be exploited 😦