Witness "pjau" Update Week 19

in witness-update •  5 months ago

Hello everyone!

So my nineteenth week as a witness is over. At the time of writing my full rank is #134 and my active rank is #109.

I've had no issues with the server, everything is running smoothly still. Since last weeks update I've produced 11 blocks and haven't missed any. I haven't changed any of my witness settings. A few days ago I did update the server to version 0.20.0 in preparation for HF20.

Phishing scams have made a return this week, so be cautious and spread the word. I've made a couple of posts with examples:

Also this week I had an interview with @dhavey which you can read here: Meet Our Steem Witness With @pjau. Episode 25.

Outside of being a witness, I've put in 26 hours with @steemcleaners since last update, processed over 450 user reports and done a lot of Discord chat support.

Anyway, I think that is all for this weeks update! :)

Every vote is a treat for Xander!

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Hey, @pjau.

Looks like you're still chugging along and making some gains as far as the active list goes. How did the witness server fare through this blockchain seizure? Or did the bug only bite the Top 20 witnesses?

Hopefully, you managed to avoid all of that, though I'm not holding my breath. It seems like it would have affected all of the witnesses regardless of placement, but if it didn't that's awesome.


I'm replaying 0.19.12 now, hopefully it works. I missed my first block 😢I couldn't disable the witness before I went to sleep.


From what I've been able to gather, missing a block seems to be inevitable at some point. And in this case, it's not something you or your witness server did. It's the apparent impossibility of ever finding all the issues in anything without it stopping the blockchain. :)

I know. I need to find my happy place. :)


Well I did pretty good though, 19 weeks :)

Anyway I'm on my third attempt trying to get this working, I kept running out of disk space, so now downloading an uncompressed version of the blockchain which will leave me plenty of room. Then its replay time AGAIN.. lol


Well, I hope it works this time.

Third time a charm? I've rarely found that to be true in my case but hopefully it will be in yours.

I'm sure you're not the only one still trying to get things up and running. The last time this happened it took some quite a bit of time to get it figured out.


I think having things happen correctly on third attempt is just coincidence if it does. 🤔 Usually its like attempt 50 💩

Yeah I don't think I am the only one. I bet some people are going to give up completely. A bunch of people quit after the last crash. So it wouldn't surprise me if it happens again.

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