Question for those who vote for or proxy to lukestokes.mhth on Steem

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Should I continue producing blocks on Steem or should I disable my witness and make a clean break to Hive, leaving the centrally controlled producers here to run this chain as they see fit?


I have great respect for the talent, dedication, and effort of the many witnesses, developers, coordinators, content creators, business owners and more who have worked (some with little sleep) for weeks to make Hive a reality. Some on social media have thanked me as I share posts about this, but for the most part I've just been spreading information, participating in media interviews when asked, participating in some discussions (but less than some who are going without sleep to do so), running my nodes, and helping edit some documents here and there.

Some witnesses have disabled as to no longer produce on Steem. As @gtg said here:

I see no point in supporting the old version, for the same reasons why I didn’t support the parallel versions running HF 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 or 21 code after the updates.

I respect that view and it makes sense, but Hive isn't just anther fork, IMO. It's clearly a whole new chain which leaves the old chain still in place. Yes, it currently has the same chain id, but it does have a different name, token symbol, etc. If (when?) Steem dies completely, Hive will be seen as a clean fork. Until then, to me, it's something different.

My intention for continuing to produce on Steem was stated here:

I don't intend to leave the Steem blockchain entirely right away, so I will, after the fork time on the Steem chain, switch a machine over to producing on v0.22.1. My intention is to keep that running long enough for those who want to power down their STEEM and don't trust the centrally-controlled witnesses to keep the chain running.

I'm now reconsidering this position and want to get your perspective, especially if you look to my account as a proxy or vote for my witness directly. I have a hard time justifying support for a blockchain that is openly centralized and controlled by one individual. By running a node, am I contributing to an illusion of decentralization when there is, in reality, none? I'm currently position 35, but if I disable (and all others disable) it will send a very clear message that the only witnesses here are those who are comfortable with centralization.

What do you think?

I've asked this question of the Hive community as well in a separate post here.


I think you should keep running for the 13 weeks necessary to let everybody break away that wants to. I see no harm in propping up the ship until everybody is clear and free. After that it's up to justin and his proxies but I would hate to see STEEM collapse while there are still a lot of people tied to it.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure there's much I can do as a single node on a centralized chain. If it's going to crash or collapse, it will probably do so with or without me. The consensus witnesses are controlled by one person now.

I will continue to support community "non tron" witnesses as long as they produce blocks on steem.

I appreciate that, but is there much point now? I guess that's the question.

Doesn't seem to be, but who knows?

It would be good to have trustworthy witnesses at least to the end of the 13 week power down and then see what happens.

Yes, but many have disabled, and I respect why. As a single witness there's not much I can do on a centrally-controlled chain.

leave it running if you have the hardware ressources

You have made a copy of a photograph and started to paint on a new canvas. But I think a responsible witness should keep support for Steem (a true, positive as support should be), even if a minimum one, for at least 13 weeks if possible.
Steem supposed to be such a robust, eternal network. I feel uncomfortable seeing 180 degrees change in the hearts of some people in a matter of hours or days. I will keep my little vote on your witness on both chains.

A tricky problem for sure.

I appreciate that input and thank you for sharing it. Unfortunately, with a centralized chain, one witness can't really do anything useful. In fact, they may be doing more harm than good for those who think, "Oh, it's okay. Steem will be fine. Look, we still have some community witnesses left and they are supporting it." The reality is there is one person running this whole thing. The 180 degree change has taken weeks and is a result of daily ridiculous actions by Justin Sun / Tron / Steemit to the point where those who truly support what Steem represents are no longer comfortable doing so on Steem because Hive better represents their principles.

A tricky problem for sure.

All you could have done is enough. When you try to sit down, talk, discuss and try to reach an agreement and get punched, you just focus on what brings value for you and those who you care.
Forking was a great decision, to me, steem dollars will be worthless in a couple of weeks. Lets focus on Hive and leave the old blockchain to his new owner.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not sure if continuing to produce blocks on Steem is helpful at this point. I would make a clean break for Hive.

Thanks for your input. I'm certainly considering it.

Time to GTFO, whether for ideology or by example. Let Justin and his Coronies play in his giant expensive sandbox by themselves.

A conference I was to speak at next month has been rescheduled to the last week in August/first week of September, right on top of our 20th wedding anniversary. I don't want to let anyone down: my colleagues, the attendees, the organizers, or my wife. I have to choose.

I'll be spending the week with my wife.

You've devoted so much time and effort to supporting the community, not just the chain. What best supports the community now?

Devote your energies where they'll have the most long-term impact, and which align most clearly with your values. Our deliberate actions are the best manifestations of our values. They are not always easy, they will have a mix of positive and negative affects on others.

From where I sit, that would be to give yourself a deadline, and shut down that node. Whether anyone like me is powering down, powering up, doing nothing, trying to figure out what to do, whatever; that's up to us, and the sun - no, that that one, the sky one :-) - will come up tomorrow, no matter what we are able to do with our Steem.

Thanks. I think I'm going to write a post summarizing the responses I've received so far and shut down my node on Steem.

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