Fyrst-Witness going through Mandatory Upgrades - Will be back up soon!steemCreated with Sketch.

in witness-update •  2 years ago

From time to time we need to do data-cleansing and Mandatory Scalable Upgrades (like adding more physical RAM etc) @fyrst-witness going through maintenance right now, and will be back up soon. 45% reindexed now after tweaking a few more settings.


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appreciate the hard work brother


Indeed, he has a brilliant idea

Thanks for update
Always you did great job
Keep it up

Thank you for always being a good steward of the community! Don't dream it, Steemit!

Thanks or working on it

Thanks for the maintenance,you are doing great by helping minnow..thank you so much team @fyrst-witness

Thanks so much for the news. It's good to know @fyrst-witness is well maintained and updated.

Steemd is pretty ram hungry I heard. Thanks for your work.

Keep Up The Good Work @fyrstikken :)

Very perfect, good post

Many thanks for this news @fyrst-witness

Get well soon

Good luck on your upgrades!
Keep up the good work!