I Love Bid Bots! So Much In Fact...(and some witnessy stuff)

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I Made My Own

Yes, I have a bidbot now. With the help of fellow ally and witness @jatinhota, we have created and set up a new bidbot this week! The vote isn't ginormous with it (yet), but it's a start. I may lose a few followers and may gain some new ones because of it, but before you do that, you have to hear the reasoning behind it. Honestly, I've wanted one since @michaeldavid decided to build @sneaky-ninja. I helped him write the stories, do some of the graphics, and even suggestions as to what to do with some of the income. Our conversations are what led to both @sneaky-ninja and @lost-ninja to donating to @youarehope and @tarc.

So Why DO I Love Them?

Sure, business people make money on them but they also level the playing field on that trending page. I can make a post and barely get to the top 20 for a specific tag with my normal following. I use a few bots and BAM! Instant visibility. You see, bots are a tool. Bots themselves are not evil nor good, they have a purpose. It's the people buying the votes in their abuse or USE of a bot. Just like guns or knives or a tea cup. It's all in the person wielding it and how they choose to apply the tool in their life.

Batman Has Many Tools


That is the bot account. It is live and will continue to be tweeked as it progresses and builds. Anyone can delegate to it with as little as 10 d-SP. 85% of the income generated will be sent to delegators and divided by weight of their delegation. @jatinhota will get 3% for his dedication and hard work. I will get 3%, @thealliance will get 4% to help better support the family and become less dependant on buying delegations, and @killerwhale will get 1% so he can better give back to the community in his contests. I have also chosen four (and by delegating you are 'donating' to them as well) different organizations/initiatives (subject to change to help others grow in the future) that 1% will be sent to:

#thealliance YAH & TARC.png

  • @youarehope - #thealliance and many of our members have been supporting this charity for quite some time, makes sense to help them just a little more :)
  • @tarc - another of #thealliance's passion project supported organizations because - who doesn't love doggies?
  • @welcomewagon - I admire @dreemsteem's passion to foster new Steempeeps that have potential to be fabulous on this platform. The more new people we retain, the better we will grow as those same people will bring their 'like-minded' circles with them.
  • @poetsunit - this is the community curation bot for @poetsunited. Some of you know, I am also a poet (when I have time) and enjoy reading good poetry too. I love that they are trying to help the struggling poets on the platform. Makes me smile :D

Witnessy Stuff

In a recent discussion on github, we had a small victory for the lower ranked witnesses. Myself, @sircork, @roadscape, @quochuy, @nnnarvaez (witness @castellano), @noisy.witness and several others I don't know, all came to an accord to have the witness page on Steemit now show the top 100 instead of only the top 50 witnesses. It will also show whether or not they are inactive, which hopefully will remind people to remove votes from them if they are still placing a vote their way. So that's good news. Don't think I'm even in the top 100, so it won't really do me any good, but it's a step in the right direction to give all witnesses the same visibility in the same place since, you know, we're all helping to secure our beloved blockchain.

Other Witnessy Stuff

I have also been in talks with several other top ranking witnesses and the response so far has been pretty positive in revisiting the decaying witness vote proposal. This is something we want seen with the fast approaching HF20. If accepted, it would remove votes for witnesses from inactive users. Inactive is defined as any account with no activity on the blockchain. Not everyone here posts or comments, some are business minds and sell delegation. Others are developers that don't post but submit various UIs and condensers for the chain. Some simply support various users by voting for them. It's the 950k inactive ones with votes out there we are concerned about. They have no interest in the blockchain and I feel then, that they should have no say in what happens here. I am not alone.

STeeM oN my peoples!


@snook made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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When is it going to show the top 100? Right now it is still the top 50.


They just implemented the dead witness view so should be in the next few days.

I'm looking forward to @alliedforces going live, this will definitely be on my list to use especially as it is going to be giving something back to many community accounts.

The change to the Witness voting page will make a big difference to levelling the field and giving more witnesses the opportunity to climb higher up the ranks. The problem was highlighted very well by @noisy Witness - who struggled to gain votes for a long time - then once he reached rank 50 and showed on the Witness List page the votes started to flood in for him - quite simply the majority of accounts go to that page and select the names they see. So increasing the visible witnesses to 100 is a massive step forward.

@enginewitty is bang on 100 at the moment, so we really need a big #thealliance push to get him shown on that page because it will help him climb quickly then.

#thealliance #witness


You and @thekitchenfairy too! All of us need to be up there. The bot is now officially live and its a win win if you feel like delegating 😎

Good to see you at the pow wow this morning too bro😁


Definitely my brothers from another mothers

You and @c0ff33a, always thinking of me

Thank you 😘🤗😘🤗


Exciting times! Do you have a guess as to when @alliedforces may be listed at @steembottracker?


Just finished everything for now so should be anytime. @jatinhota would have a more precise answer.

You have gotten a vote courtesy of @enginewitty!
They have enlisted the help of the @alliedforces!
We gladly answer your call!
(@alliedforces is a collaboration of witnesses @jatinhota & @enginewitty)
Have you supported your favorite witnesses?

Love it! and not just because you're supporting Welcome Wagon (which -by the way - wow.... I think every message from me must have a "thank you" in it heheheeh) - and is that a sweet GIF from @snook or what???? I'll be making a post debuting it.... as soon as I get to the other 74 things on my list tee hee heeeee

But - regarding the bots, I did my own research and I absolutely concur with your findings as well. And I have no problem with people making money on bid bots - it's a win/win/win/win situation as long as people don't get greedy.

That will always be a danger - but greedy people will be here with or without bots! LOL

I applaud what you're doing - because I love your heart. If people don't agree, they are free to make their own decisions. I, for one, am happy to ALSO use bidbots wisely.

Thanks for the great post and again - thank you for the support :)


i love the welcome wagon GIF, super sweet!! congrats on the help too!


Is sweet right????


super sweet!!


Snookie did my gif and the welcome wagon one, she has a gift :P and again, you're welcome. Thank you for being you :D

Correcting wrongs and restoring healthy customs with good old-fashioned honor. Hardly surprised to read the context behind this big news. You're a good person. That's clear to see


Well thank you. 😎

Release the Kraken! You got a 43.75% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @enginewitty!

You have been defended with a 83.05% upvote!
I was summoned by @enginewitty.

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The new armour of batman...alliedforce👍 congratulation on tye development👌 its good to have witness vote trimmed with inactive users


Yes yes totally. Thanks for the support!

Awesome to see more people following :P the generous model which actually I believe is the best way for steem to grow by supporting awesome initiatives that give added value to the community. Another awesome project. We are so happy and honored to have you as a Witness for Poets United. God Bless You. Peace and Love. And may the force be with this new project :)

Awesome! Looking forward to trying this out.


Should be a fully operational death star soon lmao

Hey congrats on the creation of the bot! What's the min / max bid ? All the best. E.


All specs will be out soon from the account @alliedforces :)

i love me some bidbots and lost some friends over it ... congrats on your endeavor!! steem on!!


Thanks hun, been wanting to do it for quite a while now :P

All great news. Knowing more about witness activity will help a lot of us. Thanks for your contributions to communities and charities.


Happily. Pay it forward😀

You're amazing @enginewitty -- and a pirate just like Captain Jack Sparrow


Thank you sweetness😊🤗

The changes to witnesses page on Steemit is a first step. We still need to continue fighting and maintain pressure until we get a fair display of all active witnesses. Maybe a button that allows one to hide dead witnesses to make more space to show active ones


Great idea! Wouldn't take much I imagine, simple toggle similar to 'night mode and day mode'. I don't know much about you as a witness, but I do like what I'm seeing. I am going to make it a point to learn more about you :)


I’m relatively new as witness and on Steem, I still have a lot to learn and discover what other witnesses do too. Saw your name several times.

your doing such great work, well done my friend



Thanks bro, am trying hard to start stepping up in the witness 'game' more.


you are doing more than many witnesses on here without a doubt

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Hiya @enginewitty

I agree about the bots. I went through a bit of a wobble, feeling dirty about using them, but I'm back in bot mode now (although I only use them on blogs I think are worth a few readers, like something I've actually put a bit of work into). Like you say, your posts have virtually no chance of visibility without them (unless you have a massive following).

Great job on the witness tweaking. It does make sense to support witnesses that are active in the blockchain, working towards its success.

Thanks :)

anjkaracarve banner.jpeg


Same here with the bots, like this post, i used several smaller ones. Bumped it up a bit. If im just doing a steepshot post or something, I wont use it for that. I also like to use them as gift votes for other people because my vote isnt worth anything right now lol


Yes, the gift vote. I've done that a few times when I've had a bit of spare change in my wallet :D






I knew you'd love it :P LOL!


Hmmmmmmmm LOLLL

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! All good news!!!

Yes! But is the bot pretty?


Well ya, its pretty as a South Carolina peach😇

Good work on expanding the witness list, and good luck with the bot... Not a big fan of them, they never seemed to pan out for me the couple times I used them but maybe I will give it another try sometime.