Witness update and Drawing

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Quick Update


I was talking to @c0ff33a earlier today and he let me know that the witness was in maintenance mode. He had just got done upgrading some hardware. We had been running a 32gb RAM server, but now it has been upgraded to 64gb RAM. He also upgraded to a 500gb SSD in preparation for HF20.

Since we had to do a fresh install of Ubuntu and the Steem Platform, it also required a replay. @c0ff33a is on top of everything, the replay is almost complete and we will be up and running at full speed again.

Drawing Time


So as you all know, @c0ff33a and I do weekly drawings from our list of witness voters and the winners receive shares of @steembasicincome. This week @dreemsteem is going to be doubling the rewards and also rewarding two extra winners on top of the two that are normally chosen.

Now on to the drawing. This week there are 372 witness voters on the list.

The first number drawn was 260 and it was @leomolina.

The next number was 253 and it was @buckaroo.

The next number was 135 and it was @yidneth.

The last number was 106 and it was @flemingfarm.

I have submitted the shares of @steembasicincome for @leomolina and @buckaroo. @dreemsteem is submitting the shares of SBI for @yidneth and @flemingfarm. I want to thank @dreemsteem for being so awesome and supporting others here on the platform. I have also sponsored @dreemsteem with 2 shares of SBI for helping out with this week's drawing. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of the voters of our witness. @c0ff33a and I truly appreciate each and every one of you. You are all awesome.



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sweet initiative. love it! you guys are great ... sounds like a dope upgrade. good luck you two.

hahahahaha i didn't donate the shares so you could donate some to me!!!!!! LOLOLOL

awwwwwww well - . THANK YOU! :)

I'm about the send the two shares to @yidneth and @flemingfarm now :)

thanks again hhehee

Upgrades are the meaning of life :)

LOL @ that picture... that skull update memo with those pastries and the teacup of coffee...

Weee I didn't know this, I honestly did vote cos I know you both and I'm glad to see your witnessing going up. Weee.... what exactly did I win? I honestly have no idea how it works...still my pleasure :) Huggggs!

Wao! .. Excellent! .. but ... what did I win? .. Explain to me.


@steembasicincome is basically an upvote service. Each share you get of SBI increases the strength of the upvote you receive from SBI. Here is more information on it:



Should I only register to receive the votes? ... that is, transfer the steem.


You do not need to do anything or transfer anything. I sent in 1 steem for 1 share of steembasicincome in your name. It takes about a week for them to update everything and get your shares on the list before you should seeing any vote from them.

So cool that you are doing the drawing - and I have no doubt that the two of you are on top of all the tech.