Davinci Translation Reports: Week 6 — Steemit

Davinci Translation Reports: Week 6

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Greetings from @davinci.witness!

Thanks to @pab.ink for making this fantastic drawing!

This is the sixth report of the translation activity conducted in collaboration with @utopian-io (you can find the previous week HERE). This week has met our expectations by keeping the statistical data almost constant, compared to the previous week. We were expecting a slight drop, due to the summer period, but our team continued to work hard! Well done guys!

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DAVINCI TRANSLATION REPORT 6 - July 22 2018 -:- July 28 2018


  • 84 translations
  • Translators have received rewards for $ 4,854.44
  • LMs have received rewards for $ 441.60
  • CMs have received rewards for $ 293.30
  • 78,602 words have been translated, with an average of 944 words per post
  • Average score received to evaluate the translations is 66.79/100
  • Average translation payout is $ 56.16
  • Number of languages in which translations were made here are 10
  • Number of translators who worked are 33
  • 78,602 words were translated this week with a unit cost of $ 0.06 per word

In this table (click to enlarge) you can find averages, medians, mode, minimum and maximum values related to this weeks.


First chart show:

  • Number of post (translations)
  • Score
  • Upvote (SUM of all % distributed)
  • Payout

Compared to last week:

  • +3.70% Translation
  • +5.27% Total score
  • +6.42% Total upvote
  • +1.57% Total payout
  • -1.75% Words translated

The positive trend continues, we are very proud of our team.

Scores assigned by our LMs


Averages of the scores assigned to the translations by our LMs, the points vary from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 for the following categories:

  1. formatting, language and overall presentation of the post
  2. overall value of this contribution on the open source community
  3. total volume of the translated text
  4. overall difficulty rate of the translated text (this value depends on the type of text to be translated)
  5. rate the semantic accuracy of the translated text

In the first chart, there is overall average score assigned per week.
In the second chart, there is average time taken to review a translation. Calculated between the date and time of publication of the post and the comment left by the LM. It is not intended as time spent in the review, but only after how long the post is reviewed.

Stay tuned for the next report!

The aim of this report was to provide complete transparency
about the development of this project.

votaXdavinci.witness.jpgCC0 Image - Creative Commons, thanks to @mrazura for ITASTEM logo.
If you are the owner of an Open Source project on Crowind platform and you want to translate it with our help and the support of @utopian-io please join our discord server and chat with us.

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