Witness and seed nodes updated to steemd 0.19.2

in witness-update •  last year

I've just updated my machines to todays release of steemd and I've successfully witnessed blocks already :D

The update was fairly quick and trouble-free , but there's no major changes in this release - mostly bug fixes and stability improvements within the p2p network code.

The more important part of this update imo was the clear guide for exchanges to setup steem nodes , that I hope will result in Steem being made available at more exchanges. Or at least, maybe Poloniex will fix their Steem integration issues.

Steem Equality 0.19.2 Release Notes

I now have 1773 witness votes and I'm at rank 24 !

Witness Node Operations

Since my last witness update :

  • I haven't missed a single block since my last report (38 ever)
  • I'm witnessing an average of 57 blocks a day

Seed node operations

I did have some disruption to my seed node a few days ago, but this was resolved quickly thanks to great service by @someguy123 and @privex .

My seed node is available at seed.steemviz.com:2001 and it has been included in steemd seed notes.

My seed node also shares it's performance stats at seed.steemviz.com:19999

You can check out the steem networks current seed node availability via status.steemnodes.com made by witness @wackou .

Price feed and current network parameters

  • I publish an unbiased price feed - last update was $1.466 SBD / STEEM
  • SBD interest rate adjusted to 1% - To increase SBD demand and maintain USD peg
  • Account creation fee remains at 0.2 STEEM - attempting to reduce signup cost (info)
  • Maximum block size remains at 65,536 - Bandwidth issues have subsided, I see no reason to raise this for now.

twitter / gab.ai / keybase / steemit.chat / patreon
steemviz / steemvids / more tools / post index
Please vote for me as a witness here

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This still all seems like magical spells to me... but I'm happy to know good people who know what they are doing are on top of it. thats for all your hard work!


Glad I am not the only one reading this thinking.. omg.. this would have made the same amount of sense to me if it was written in Aramaic.. which.. although I should know.. I, unfortunately, do not. But I do have to say that I GREATLY appreciate all of the support that @ausbitbank has shown me and for that I am very grateful. Hopefully at some point a post like this will make sense to me.. but till then.. thank you for all that you do @ausbitbank.. you are awesome!


Agreed, and I couldn't of said it better myself.

Hi!)) Excellent work))) I wish you success)) My voice is for you! I vote for the post and for the witness))

Great to see that you have updated all your machines now and that you have already starting mining blocks. That was quick haha.

It's great to see you are 24th but I hope we can get you be one of the top 20 witnesses. EVERYONE GO OVER AND VOTE @ausbitbank

Let's hope steem can now get on to more exchanges and also for it to not get its wallets put under maintenance on the existing exchanges constantly

Thank you for all your work as witness and running the platform as smoothly as it is now and trying to do everything to better steemit

That's a good news. From what I understand, Steem deposits and withdrawals will now be available on Poloniex. People who have their Steem or Steem Dollars stuck on Poloniex will surely benefit.

Listing on more exchanges is the most exciting part imo. Currently, Steem's major chunk of volume outside Steemit is on Bittrex and Poloniex. It is listed on Livecoin, HitBTC and Tidex as well but the volumes are negligible and there isn't much trade activity on them.

More exchanges means more investment in Steem and it will lead to rise in value. Merely the news of Steem listing on more exchanges, especially the Chinese ones, can surge the value to Steem to another level. Binance is one such exchange that is going to be big I think.

Steem On!

PS: I already voted @ausbitbank for witness and I support him for your votes as well.


The South-Korean market would be good as well. But fixing the poloniex problems can push Steem easily upward

Now at 24! Good stuff Adam. Thanks for keeping the blockchain running for us. SK.

Not far to go now. Only a few steps from No. 24 to the top 19!

Thanks for everything you do and hopefully this makes it easier for exchanges to integrate.

Hi @ausbitbank, I'm still learning about Witnesses and their role within the Steemit community, as I'm a newbie on here. With so many votes and such a high ranking, I'm happy to back you and vote for you as my first Witness, plus I'll be following you to enhance my understanding of this new world.

Just voted for u @ausbitbank. Thx for having me in #teamaustralia and keep up the great work 👊😎

Thanks you very much for your help and support keeping steemit.com Alive
Much love
I want to become a witness too soon

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It is very valuable information and great update . thanks your posting.
100% like and resteem

I have to admit I don't understand a single word in this post but I'm so grateful for what you do. Without witness we wouldn't be able to experience a platform like steemit and I just wanted to say THANK YOU :)

Now we have the chance to grow this platform and spread the word even more. Just voted for you so at least I can support you a little bit

amigo #resteemia at your service

'I now have 1773 witness votes and I'm at rank 24 !' okay you got me and now 1774. I wish to see you at top 10 soon. impressive work @ausbitbank

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

Great !
Thank you so much for updates !!

great post i like post thank you

Thank you for the update, my favorite witness.

interesting info and good support. it is really update.

I haven't missed a single block since my last report (38 ever)
I'm witnessing an average of 57 blocks a day

Looks very solid to me

I like ur written

that's a good number of witness votes! :) but im newbie here and i don't know what they are needed for >_<

Very cool.... I hope soon you have 35 :) this is more cool :)

Informative news!

Love your work.. wow 24.. good job...

congratulations ausbitbank, greetings know @ samsuel, I've seen all your posts, you are so amazing, therefore I want to follow you, because I just started in this steemit, your post is very useful hope you can help teach me about deeper know how to use steemit so that we become extraordinary like you, I salute you, a little from me. best regards @samsuel

Great job

Thanks and great assurance a witness of clarity and confidence boosting. We are motivated to invest more in this platform as it's emerging by the day. Hooraaahhh Steemit!!

You are amazing

great update @ausbitbank
I like it

Great Job @ausbitbank i can help you to get more votes on witness:)
thank you so much

Just voted for you as one of my witnesses @ausbitbank. Thanks for all you do.

thank you for upvoting my post, I followed you:)

Enjoy nature!

I don't even understand this stuff but I know we need it and we need your hard work.

Thanks man and keep it up!

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Well, I definitely understood "I publish an unbiased price feed"...ha, actually the only thing I'm still unclear on is blocks. It's time to buckle down and get a handle on that.

I came here to say I appreciate you rescuing @sift666 from the 'Adamant One', lol. I wish I had seen the post when it was first put up.


Well, I definitely understood "I publish an unbiased price feed".

just FYI, it doesn't mean what one would think it would mean just from plain english. Steemit witnesses publish a price feed and some witnesses publish one thats exactly what the market rate for steem is. Some increase or decrease the price feed from the actual rate (which has an effect on, among other things, how many steem you get when you convert steem dollars)

actually the only thing I'm still unclear on is blocks. It's time to buckle down and get a handle on that.

A block is a list of transactions on the steem blockchain (or any blockchain really). Think of it like a page in a ledger (or, i fyou still remember when people used to balance their checkbooks, like a page in a checkbook). Blocks are produced (on steem) by witnesses running nodes.

Block size is how large that block can be -- literally how large the page in our accounts ledger is. The advantage to larger blocks is that if blocks are too small, each block might not be able to contain all the transactions people have submitted (this, btw, is a huge issue in btc right now). The page in our ledger might be filled, and the guy who wants to make a new transaction will have to wait and have it included in a future page.

the disadvantage to larger blocks is that as blocksize increases, the computer power necessary to run a node also increases. So increasing blocksize has the advantage of making transactions quicker, but does so at the cost of making it harder to run the nodes which produce the blocks.

so when aus says "Bandwidth issues have subsided, I see no reason to raise this for now." basically hes saying that out blocks are large enough right now to quickly proccess the transactions that people are submitting.

(side note, on steem, transactions are not just moving money... they are posting, voting, pretty much anything you do, though in other chains like btc are generally just simple ledger transactions)


Your name popping up is always a bright spot in my day ;) I think you may have missed your calling as a teacher. Professor perhaps. You have a way of breaking things down.

I took accounting in college, early 2000's so they were still teaching old school everything. Only problem is it was a class where the professor didn't count absences, which was great on one hand, I just had to go to enough classes to get the gist and study the books, do well on tests. But it also meant that I opted for smoking weed on the hiking trail over going lol. I still did well, but only because I have a brain that can pack in a lot of info in a short period in order to take a test, then forget the info as soon as it's not needed. So basically, unless it's something I'm interested in, my retention is shit.

I get the feeling you like this witness. Always something I make note of :)


I get the feeling you like this witness. Always something I make note of :)

I don't have any personal feelings about him one way or the other.

However, i do not (and would not) support him as a witness because of his involvement with a number of people and projects that i consider scams/scammers. I only noticed this thread because i was working on my site and i happened to see your reply (yours is one of the accounts i use to test my interface)

Also, for the record, threads in the 'witness-update' category that accept payment give me pause. witnesses are already paid. And if i did support the OP, i would rethink my support when i saw him taking hundreds of dollars from the reward pool as double payment for his witness duties.


I really do love your strong opinions :) But actually what gives me pause without even knowing or considering what you just told me, is that he didn't bother to respond to or acknowledge my comment again.

By projects are you talking about the vote buying accounts? I'm definitely not happy with those, I've talked a number of people out of using them.

Edit: You know I recently read that the second slash through the dollar sign is symbolic for double entry book keeping...your mention of double payment made me think of that.

good post my friend👍👍👍👌👌👌

I'd give all my votes to you if I could :)

thanks for your efforts


I just came across your post about supporting Wikileaks when browsing the Steemtools. I think this is a great idea and feel it's a real shame that people finding older posts cannot resteem them.

Some posts have a really important message and don't date, so why can't those posts doing good for humanity stay active?

I just voted for you as a witness and you're ranked 21, so gone up a couple! :)

I read earlier that this update includes the ability to edit posts that are older than a week.. is that true?

Hi @ausbitbank, I know this is unrelated to this post specifically, but your magical word on things with Poloniex and Bittrex made me remember I had a question for another Steemit coder so maybe you can help. Do you know if anyone is on top of Steem and SBD integration into OpenBazaar? I seen they had put this up https://github.com/OpenBazaar/openbazaar-go/blob/master/docs/altcoins.md

With as many artists as there are on Steemit among just every day users, it would be awesome to have a decentralized marketplace to use directly. I know I used it when @shapeshiftio took Steem or SBD, but they seem to pick up and drop coins weekly. Just wondering if anyone is working on this integration is all?

@ausbitbank you have been wonderful and I greatly appreciate the support you have shown me with my articles. Is there anything I can do to thank you? I voted for you just now as a witness. Is this something we do more than once? I also do not know what a witness, in this case, would be but am happy to help you any way I can, as a token of my appreciation for the kindness you have shown me :-)

Thanks @ausbitbank for the helpful information of a friend!
Have a nice day!

Thanks for the helpful information @ausbitbank!
Have a nice day!

your getting there mate - hope you make top 20 very soon -rock on

keep up the good work its really apreciated!!!

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interesting and useful post, I love this and I will do it ... enjoy @ausbitbank

How do i vote for you as a witness?


On this page :

Click the upvote icon next to @ausbitbank at number 20 :)
Thanks for your support!


It's that easy? :) Ok, done :) You are welcome and i thank you for yours :)

Thanks for witnessing, and more importantly, thanks for supporting us minnows.

You are awesome @ausbitbank. Always on top 👍👍👍

Thanks for your efforts to make steemit community better for everyone. Upvoted!

Good job, your luck my friend and thanks @ausbitbank

information thanks, update thanks, ausbitbank hello.

Wishing that Poloniex fix their issues now with their STEEM hot wallet @ausbitbank
Thank you for your support too.

Hey mate, just wondering if you know of any way I can purchase bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using paypal?


It's pretty rare because of the chargeback risk with paypal, but I hear virwox works (guide), otherwise you'd have to try and find a vendor on localbitcoins.


Thanks mate!

Thank you for all that you do, your continued support, and I must say you and your wife are a powerhouse team on Steemit. Blessings to your family.

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