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Hi everyone,
my name is Ivano and I was born in Italy-Rome.
My STEEM username @yanosh01 was born from the idea of a cartoon that in my country is called "ASTROROBOT". Yanosh is exactly one of the four robots on this TV cartoon series.


@yanosh01 lives in Italy and works as a System Engineer to support Big Companies on IT Security and infrastructure. However my experience does not reside only on the systems, because i have good knowledge of programming and scripting.

Why did I choose to become a witness?

For a long time i have supported my Italian community with posts about Cryptos, Guides, Interiews, translations and repositories.


What i have done exactly and what i want to do in the future?


1- Computer Technology

  • I explained how it's possibile to reset root linux password when GRUB is password protected
  • I explained how it's possibile to install Ubuntu on a Virtual Enviroment
  • I explained how to schedule backup files on linux
  • I explained how to Create Named Instance on an existing SQL installation
  • I explained some Microsoft Windows Tips and Trics
  • I explained how to protect your network with web protection
  • I explained how to protect your pc by Meltdown and Spectre
  • I explained how to Move Symantec Endpoint Protection Clients to a new console
  • I explained how to create a Windows Slipstream cd/usb - Pre Enviroment Execution

2- Steem Blockchian, Steemit and Cryptos

  • I explained how to mine with CPU and to make some profit
  • I exlpained Nicehash Cloud Mining
  • I explained what is SteemFollower
  • I explained how to transfer altcoin in "real money"
  • I explained how to make some SQL queries to steem blockchain
  • I explained how to mine with HDD
  • I explained some crypto analysis
  • I explained how to backup your google authenticator 2fa
  • i spoke about tether
  • I spoke about Steem blockchain alternatives
  • I explained where to save your steemit password on windows
  • I spoke about some ICOs
  • I explained how to buy a VM with STEEM
  • i spoke about the new e-commerce based on STEEM
  • I spoke about STEEM on Binance
  • I explained how "Steemit More info" works

3- Translations

  • I translated and explained in my native language what is a Witness
  • I translated and explained in my native language what are the Bid BOTs
  • I translated and explained in my native language what is SteemSQL

4- System Engineer

  • I have done a series of articles to explain how to become a System Engineer

5- Witnesses Interviews

  • I made different interviews to steem witnesses

6- Blog inside Blog

  • I created an external Italian Repository for Steem


This are my main goals:

1- Create a series of interiew to witnesses
2- Create a series of guides about my job
3- Create an English STEEM repository with all most important posts

1- Create a series of interiew to witnesses

I'm creating a series of interview to witnesses. What i want to do is to give to other users what's the sense to be a witness, with witnesses help.
This are my first interviews:
Interview 1
Interview 2
my goal is to interview all witnesses...

2- Create a series of guides about my job

I want to explain and to transfer the knowledge I have about my work, creating a series of technical posts.

3- Create an English STEEM repository


I believe that the biggest problem on steem is connected to the fact that often the posts end up in oblivion.
What I want to do is create a repository where all the most important posts written by steem users will be preserved.

I have already created, some times ago, a Wordpress site for the Italian Community.
You can see it at this link:

And i created the same site for GLOBAL STEEM users (with english posts) that will replace the old Italian site.
This is the new address i made. It's empty because was just created:

My Witness Hardware:

O.S.: LINUX Server 16.04 TLS
Ram: 32GB
Processor: Xeon E3
Hdd: 2x240SSD
hosted on: PRIVEX

If you think what I'm doing is something you like, please UPVOTE ME AS WITNESS


Best Regards @yanosh01



welcome to steemit, Ivano!

Benvenuto Ivano, sono certo che diventerai un importante witness nella comunità di lingua italiana ... bella l'idea del nick ;-) keep rolling!!

grazie mille. Nella comunità italiana ci sono già due Witness e non voglio assolutamente sostituirmi a loro. Vorrei fare qualcosa di diverso per l'intera comunità di steemit, dando visione non solo a tutti i witness mediante una serie di interviste, ma creando anche un semplice repository per trovare facilmente i post che finiscono nel dimenticatoio. La repo è pronta e la devo solo popolare. a breve avrete maggiori info. Thank you very much. Se ti va di votarmi come witness sarebbe cosa gradita...

@lokya12 se ti va di supportarmi mi farebbe molto piacere. Se percaso mi avevi già dato il voto avevo fatto un pò di casini all'inizio e forse l'ho perso.... Se ti va di supportarmi mi faresti un grosso favore!!!


voto aggiudicato, scusa il ritardo ma ... ho avuto tempi difficli.

Buon Lavoro.

grazie mille!! tranquillo, siamo tutti super impegnati :-D

Welcome to the witness mix.

ty very much

Thank you @yanosh01 . You seem like you have a lot to offer so I just threw in my vote for you as Witness 👍

I think the repository is a fantastic idea. And I look forward to seeing that. Thanks again :)

upvote follow bunny.gif

My apologies @yanosh01 . Yeah , I get so excited sometimes in finding someone I want to Follow and Upvote and go to find that little Bunny to download in my Comment and I end up forgetting the most important thing ( to Follow and Upvote that person lol)

So sorry, my bad

Robert Andrew 😊

Glad to have you. If all the witnesses are this active this platform will take off. Keep up the great work

ty very much Sir..

Ovviamente avrai il mio supporto!corro a votarti! In bocca al lupo!

bella frate!

bella zio.. :-D

Welcome to steemit.I`ll check all your Tips and Trics. :)

ty. rembember to vote me as witness

How can i do this?

go to this page and put my name on the vote field. After this click VOTE. It doesn't cost you nothing. Thanks

Hello,Nice post.I am also new and would appreciate an upvote on my First post.Please motivate me...Thanks.

Welcome to steemit...i will visit your posts because i think is interesting to know more about cryptos, steem... i hope that you will also find something interesting in my posts!

Hi Ivano, glad you're with us. Have a good time here! You have a Croatian name, are your parents from Croatia or? Because that's where I live..

Hi @whack_science no parents from Croatia..

Welcome to steemit yanosh, I love your profile picture; I will be aware of your publications!

Welcome to Steemit from Indonesia, this is an amazing platform for creativity and imagination. Share, comment and make friends

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Welcome to this wonderful world ... a hug I invite you to visit my blog

Hi,,, welcom to steemit...

I just threw in my vote for you as Witness
I wish you success =)

ty very much ;-)